Trans Rights vs. Common Sense: Rejecting the Blessings of Allah

The promotion of Trans Rights has seen a major uptick in recent times. And this uptick has resulted in bizarre situations, where what would normally be understood and accepted is now a topic of controversy. An article on Forbes reports:

Lambda Legal, the American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Tennessee filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee on behalf of Luc Esquivel, a 14-year-old freshman at Farragut High School in Knoxville. Luc, a trans boy, said he was hoping to play on the boys’ golf team at Farragut, but the law will bar him from doing so. 

Imagine being sued over acting according to common sense. Those who understand basic human biology, know that males past puberty (and even before, but the difference after is more pronounced) are much more muscular than females. They have more athletic bodies, can run faster, lift heavier objects, fight more aggressively, and the list goes on.

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Males are physically dominant over females. This is an objective truth that has remained unchallenged throughout human history. Then why do such groups exist? Why have such nonsensical views that go against common sense garnered so much support in these modern times? An article on Reuters states regarding the barring of the ‘trans-boy’ from playing golf on a boys’ team:

Supporters of such legislation say it is aimed at protecting fairness in school sports by eliminating what they see as an inherent physical competitive advantage of transgender athletes playing on female teams. 

In sports, it is quite common for the coach to select his team based on certain prerequisites. And often, those prerequisites include the state of health, as well as physique of the candidate. They have to be a certain weight, a certain height, etc. Then why the double standard when it comes to transgender people?

But it’s okay, right? As long as no one is being harmed, why do you care?! To better understand this, let me provide a hypothetical scenario to illustrate the danger of men thinking they are women and vice versa.

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Imagine a woman who thinks she’s a man. Now imagine, that this woman sees her belly growing, and feels certain changes inside her. She decides that this means she is simply getting obese. She spends a long amount of time ignoring many red flags of what is actually happening to her body. One day, she gets severe “abdominal” pains and decides to finally go to the hospital. The hospital sees her listed as male and never even considers the clear truth staring them in the face until it’s too late.

That this woman is pregnant. The fetus is still-born. Isn’t that a tragic and horrific hypothetical to imagine? Unfortunately, this scenario isn’t a figment of my imagination.  USA Today published an article covering this very event:

When the man arrived at the hospital with severe abdominal pains, a nurse didn’t consider it an emergency, noting that he was obese and had stopped taking blood pressure medicines. In reality, he was pregnant — a transgender man in labor that was about to end in a stillbirth. 

This, is what happens when we start ignoring the truth. When we start living in denial and blatantly rejecting important truths, just to satiate our perverse fantasies. Because when these lies are put to the test by the needle of objectivity, they pop like bubbles, and the long-time-coming consequences spill out.

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These people are unsatisfied with what Allah gave them — and with the recent propaganda in media to make vulnerable youngsters think that yes, indeed, they might also be gay or lesbian or transgender — the problematic mentality has only increased.

Is it a mental disorder to be ungrateful for the gift Allah has given us? This life that He has bestowed upon us? The countless mercies we have been blessed with? Is this how we thank Allah for everything? By rejecting what He made us?

Surely, those of us who might have these thoughts from Shaytan should ponder on this verse:

Battle has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah knows, while you know not. (2:216)

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Baz (SL)

The ultra-liberal extremists promote the idea that a person with anatomic features of one gender has the right to be legally treated as the gender with the anatomically opposite features. So they say that a man with a biologically masculine body has the right to be legally treated as a woman and to use the female bathroom and be called “she” just because he self-identifies as female. They claim this man is born as a girl but was trapped in the “wrong body” (trapped in female body) so therefore he has the right to “correct the mistake” by undergoing transgender surgery.

Some western conservative and right wing people mock this idea by saying in a satirical way “I self-identify myself as a duck/toaster/rock (or any other animal or inanimate object)”. One pervert men says “I self identify as 6 year old girl” to try and mix with little girls for creepy purposes. Regarding the trans extremists’ so-called right for men to self-identify as women and be legally treated as such, I have thought of an even more effective savage way to reply to them and refute them.

People in poor or war-torn third world countries (including the millions of migrants desperately trying to flood into Europe, and the millions of Central Americans desperately trying to reach the United States) can say;

“I self-identify as a US-American/ Canadian /British /German /Dutch /Swedish /Australian (etc.) so therefore I have the right to get the passport and citizenship of that western country I identify as a national of. I was born originally a westerner but I was born in the wrong body, a body of a poor third world national, so therefore I have the right to correct that mistake by changing my citizenship and passport to a rich western country.

So you must also refer to me as “US-American/ Canadian /British /Australian / German /Swedish /Dutch/ European, instead of calling me Iraqi or Syrian or Afghan or Arab or African.If you don’t give me your western country’s nationality and citizenship or at least the permanent residency (Green card) and if you don’t call me by my correct western nationality then you are discriminating against me because of who I am.”