A Brief History of Pedophilia in France

I feel sorry for the Church.

As we experience in our time unparalleled assault on Islam, it is easy to forget how our neighbors are no better off. For about 200 years, the liberals have been waging a bloody conflict against the bastion of European tradition, the Church.

Today the Church stands like a ruined vestige. It has been emptied of its power and is a toy in the hands of the secularists to humiliate Christians always more. 

Last Saturday, under the pressure of the association “From Word to Acts,” the Church publicly confessed in Lourdes its responsibility in the cases related to the molestation of children. Lourdes is one of the most important places of pilgrimage for Catholics. To illustrate the demeaning nature of such an act, imagine that Muslims lead a group prayer in front of the Kaaba to repent before the world of their “guilt” for conquering Egypt, Persia, etc.

This is unimaginable because we have `izza, alhamdulillah.

Europe 1:

The bell rang today in Lourdes in memory of the victims of pedo-criminality within the Church. Yesterday, the bishops of France acknowledged the institutional responsibility of the Church in the sexual abuse of tens of thousands of children. In March, Lourdes will become a place of remembrance for the victims estimated by the Sauvé report to be within the Church. The religious – without their liturgical vestments – and some of the faithful gathered in front of a photo and held a prayer of repentance at the shrine.

This ceremony had an important symbolic significance, according to Father Hugues de Woillemont of the French Bishops’ Conference (CEF). The idea “was already to make the first gesture of remembrance for the victims,” explained the secretary-general to Europe 1 [French radio channel]. The photo unveiled today “will now remain in the sanctuary of Lourdes,” he said. A text accompanies the picture, “a stone statue in a church,” which “represents a child crying.”

The purpose of this article, of course, is not to defend the Church’s pundits in these cases of molested children. The first victims of these machinations are the kids who have been deprived of their chastity because of perverts who have violently abused these innocent souls.

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The Church is at fault in several ways, firstly for having instituted monasticism; a constraining innovation that alienates man and puts him in a position contrary to his sane nature. Secondly, because when it became clear that this monasticism incited man to do atrocities, they remained firm on their heresy and sought to silence the scandal.

As mentioned in the Quran:

Then We sent following their footsteps [i.e., traditions] Our messengers and followed [them] with Jesus, the son of Mary, and gave him the Gospel. And We placed in the hearts of those who followed him compassion and mercy and monasticism, which they innovated; We did not prescribe it for them except [that they did so] seeking the approval of Allah. But they did not observe it with due observance. So We gave the ones who believed among them their reward, but many of them are defiantly disobedient.

Quran 57:27

If the Church is at fault, you ask, what is the problem with this public ceremony?

The problem is that France’s handling of this affair is entirely hypocritical. There is a relentlessness to force the Church to do its mea culpa in a country where pedophilia is freely practiced in the highest spheres.

France’s Double Standards on Pedophilia

As a reminder, here are a few elements that the secularists in France have to deal with.

Let us begin by quoting the words of some French elites. All the following are either politicians or close friends of politicians.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, European deputy:

It happened to me several times that some kids opened my fly and started to tickle me. I reacted differently depending on the circumstances, but I had a problem with their desire. I would ask them, “Why don’t you play together? Why did you choose me and not the other kids?” But if they insisted, I would pet them anyway.

Le Grand Bazar (P. Belfond, 1975)

When a little girl of five and a half starts to undress you, it’s fantastic.

Interview on French Radio

Frederic Mitterand, former minister of culture:

I took the fold of paying for boys […] Obviously, I have read what has been written about the trade of boys here.[…] I know what is true. I know what’s true. The misery, the pimping, the mountains of dollars made when the kids get nothing but crumbs, the drugs that take their toll, the diseases, the sordid details of the whole business. But that doesn’t stop me from going back. All these rituals of the ephebe fair, of the slave market, excite me enormously […]. One could only judge such a spectacle abominable from a moral point of view, but it pleases me beyond reason […] The profusion of beautiful and immediately available young boys puts me in a state of desire that I no longer need to curb or conceal. Money and sex, I am at the heart of my system, the one that finally works because I know I will not be turned down.

The Bad Life, 2005

[On TV while having a laugh with other people] “Above 14 years old, it’s disgusting.”

Tony Duvert, French novelist close to politicians:

Kids like to have sex like they blow their noses.

L’amour en visite, 1982

For me, pedophilia is culture: it has to be a willingness to do something with this relationship with the child. If it’s just a matter of saying he’s cute, fresh, pretty, good to lick all over, I’m of course of that opinion, but it’s not enough…

Interview in the French Journal “Liberation”

Gabriel Matzneff, French novelist close to politicians:

Sometimes, I’ll have as many as four boys — from 8 to 14 years old — in my bed at the same time, and I’ll engage in the most exquisite lovemaking with them, […]

Racing Forward, 1985

What captivates me is less a determined sex than the extreme youth, the one that extends from the tenth to the sixteenth year and that seems to me to be – much more than what is usually meant by this formula – the third real sex. Sixteen is not, however, a fateful number for women who often remain desirable beyond that age. (…) On the other hand, I can’t imagine myself having a sensual relationship with a boy who has passed the age of seventeen. (…) Call me bisexual or, as the ancients said, ambidextrous, I don’t mind. But frankly, I don’t think I am. To me, extreme youth alone forms a particular, unique gender.

Under sixteen years old, 1974

This same author was recently accused of rape of minors. The trial was canceled under strange circumstances.

Let’s not forget that in France during the 70s and 80s, the left-wing parties openly advocated for the “right” to pedophilia. A petition was signed by major figures of French intellectual history such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Michel Foucault, Simone de Beauvoir, Jack Lang (former minister of culture), and Bernard Kouchner who occupied many offices in France as a minister, and whose son, Victor Kouchner, was molested by his father-in-law, Olivier Duhamel, also a European deputy.

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Should I mention the controversies over French politicians who were involved in a child orgy in Yves Saint-Laurent’s villa? 

Perhaps it is necessary though to recall that Jeffrey Epstein himself lived in Paris and frequented the rich French milieu

More could have been learned about these pedophilic practices of the elites from Epstein, but, alas, he conveniently “suicided” himself. Surely.

There are too many instance of pedophilia amongst French elites, I can’t possibly mention everything. I will conclude with a recent news item which incidentally took place on the same day as the grand ceremony in Lourdes.

Look at the stark difference in media portrayal when the aggressor is secular rather than religious: 

A 25-year-old man living in the Paris region was sentenced this Friday by the Annecy correctional court in Haute-Savoie to five years in prison, two of which were suspended for acts of pedophilia. […]

In 2017 and 2018, this animator and director of leisure centers and summer camps, among others at the Youth Center des Romains in Annecy, engaged in sexual assaults on boys aged 9 to 11, including in La Clusaz and Thônes. Twelve victims have filed complaints.

The man was also convicted of recording and possessing child pornography. One hundred seventy thousand pictures were found on his computer. Some of these photos and videos were taken by the adult himself during shower sessions and without the knowledge of his young victims.

As punishment for his child rapes, the man will be under house arrest for two years and receive psychiatric monitoring.

The law is proof enough: In France, it is not pedophilia that is seen as a problem. It is religion.

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They should lower the legal age of consent to six for sex touching and nine for sexual penetration. The prophet pbuh married Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine and he was in his 40s.

They should legalize that today and make it commonplace in western society for middle aged men to marry and have sexual activity with little girls.

Hatsune Ibnu Mustaqbal

I’d say remove age of consent overall.

age of consent to me feels like restricting teen marriage but encourage adultery mostly at 18 years old.

The rule should be get married whenever you are ready regardless the age (i.e. mutually ready in biological, mental, and financial sides) and avoid premarital sex at all costs.

Baz (SL)

“To illustrate the demeaning nature of such an act, imagine that Muslims lead a group prayer in front of the Kaaba to repent before the world of their “guilt” for conquering Egypt, Persia, etc.”

This is a false analogy comparison. Why do you compare the private act of molesting children behind closed doors, with the public act of militarily conquering countries? Instead, the real Christian analogy for Muslims repenting at the Kaaba for past Muslim conquests, would be for the modern Christians to gather at the Vatican and praying to repent for the medieval crusades and their other historical Conquest wars which made deaths of millions. This is something that they don’t seem to be interested in doing.

Baz (SL)

Since the modern patriots of most countries (let alone modern Christians/Catholics) are not at all interested in repenting or apologising for their past crusades and conquest wars and empires (except maybe Germany being forced to whip themselves for their Nazi past), we Muslims also don’t need to repent or apologise for our past Islamic conquests and empires.