The United Nations Rats Out Uyghurs

The United Nations is truly a beacon of human rights and has never failed the international community: said no one ever.

Emma Reilly, a former UN human rights officer who now works as a whistleblower, gives important insights as to how the UN has placed dissidents of China, and their families in danger.

Newsweek Reports:

The United Nations, the very institution created to “reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights,” is assisting China in its violent efforts to wipe out the Uyghurs by helping the CCP cover its tracks.

China has requested the names of Uyghur and other Chinese dissidents who were scheduled to speak. And despite this being explicitly forbidden by the UN’s own rules, the UN, according to Reilly, has made it a practice to share this information with Chinese authorities, who use it to harass the dissidents’ families who are still based in China.

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Imagine escaping the claws of the CCP only to have your family members endangered by the UN, an organization that seems to consistently throw away its own idea of “human rights” when it comes to Muslims in distress.

Le Monde reports that Reilly suggested that the request be rejected, just as the UN had rejected Turkish demands regarding Kurdish activists.

But leaked emails appear to show Reilly’s superior, Eric Tistounet, head of the Human Rights Council Branch of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), advising staffers that the names be shared with China because the meeting was public, and delaying sharing the names would merely “exacerbate the Chinese mistrust against us.”

It is double standards like these that should enrage Muslim nations. Why kowtow to the UN when it’s just going to sell out the oppressed anyways and have them and their families tortured by the godless CCP?

Shockingly, world leaders are also aware of the practice.

…UN Watch Executive Director, Hillel Neuer, sent letters to the Geneva delegations of the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, France, Germany, and Sweden, detailing instances of Chinese dissidents’ names (some of whom are citizens of Western nations) being shared by the UN.

You’d expect at least one of these “civilized” and “morally superior” countries to understand that divulging the names of Uyghurs who are set to speak against human rights violations of the CCP to the CCP itself is rather laughable and a recipe for injustice.

So, did any of them reply back?

Not one country responded to Neuer.

Yeah, of course not. Not a single country of the Geneva delegation bothered to reply. But why?

It could be because the US, UK, France, Australia and other Western nations are pretty big war criminals themselves. Why would they have issues with China trying to genocide the Uyghurs when they occasionally genocide Muslims themselves?

For years and with total impunity, UN officials have aided China in covering up one of the greatest human rights atrocities of our generation. It’s high time for world leaders to press the UN for answers and bring those responsible for such an abject betrayal of the UN’s guiding principles to justice.

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If you think about it closely, the UN is more of an amalgam of war criminals that back each other up than anything else.

It is rather disturbing when you consider this game of “house” being played: the criminals are judge, jury, and executioner whereas the Muslim nations are taught to idly sit by and watch the world burn.

Despite the misplaced hope that world leaders will address the UN’s utter incompetence, perhaps it is best if Muslim nations form their own coalition that gives them actual representation and ability to stop innocent lives, whether they be Muslim or non-Muslim, from being lost en masse because of blood thirsty countries like China and the United States.

May Allah keep the Uyghurs safe and destroy the abomination known as the Chinese communist regime.

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What’re you talking about? Muslim nations have their own coalition. It’s called OIC.

Baz (SL)

In that case, since OIC already exists as a “Coalition of Muslim nations”, maybe they should be doing what the author has suggested above to do, instead of sitting idle?


I was being sarcastic. My point was that we have a dud of a coalition that the author is talking about. Their worth is just to see the atrocities on the ummah and chant ‘Oh, I see!’.

Baz (SL)

There is no such thing as “Muslim nationS” (more than one Muslim nation). There is only one Muslim nation (ummah=nation) which has been balkanized into 50 smaller independent states over the last century or two. The word nation means the body of people who share a common national identity, not a political entity which is actually called a state or country. Instead of having a so-called “coalition of Muslim nations”, there should be a union of Muslim countries into one big country.

If the American ummah (Amreeky nation) can unite their 50 States into one big country called the United States of America, then the Muslim nation (ummah Islamia) can also unite their own 50 States into a United States of Islam like how Muslims used to have from 622 to 1922. That would be far more effective to solve the problems of the Muslim nation (ummah) than having a coalition of artificial pseudo-muslim “nations” who can only watch atrocities and say “Oh I see”.

Baz (SL)

I humbly suggest the authors of this blog to avoid using the misnomer “Muslim nationS” with the S on it, because it implies that there is such a thing as more than one Muslim ummah (ummah=nation). Instead, it is more appropriate for the writers of this blog to use the more accurate term “currently existing Muslim-majority countries” to call those countries which are member states of the OIC.