Israeli Forces: The State-Sponsored Terrorism Continues

Israel has a knack for giving itself a bad reputation. In 2020 B’Tselem rights group compiled 451 instances of violence against Palestinians from Israeli settlers.

Al Jazeera Reports:

An Israeli rights group has said it documented 451 incidents of settler violence on Palestinians since early 2020, with Israeli forces not intervening to stop the attacks in the majority of cases.

In 170 of the cases where the army did arrive, troops either chose not to intervene to protect the Palestinians or actively joined the attack.

While its no surprise that the Israeli army is morally bankrupt, Muslims have a duty tnot to be desensitized, even though we know committing atrocities is the established norm for this apartheid state. There is a sense of normalcy when it comes to reporting horrific Israeli conduct against the Palestinians that is frustrating, especially if you’re a Muslim.

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“When the violence occurs with permission and assistance from the Israeli authorities and under its auspices, it is state violence. The settlers are not defying the state; they are doing its bidding.”

Israel does its best to paint an image of a cornered victim surrounded by evil Muslims that are set out to destroy it. In reality, it is an illegitimate state that relies on underhanded means of survival and state-sponsored terrorism.

From abusing child workers to harvesting organs from who they murder at a whim, Israel is pure savagery personified.

Shepherd Jummah Ribii, 48, of the Palestinian community of Al-Tuwani, told B’Tselem that assaults by settlers were pushing him away from farming that had sustained his family.

He said settlers attacked him severely in 2018. “They broke my leg, and I had to spend two weeks in hospital and continue treatment at home,” B’Tselem quoted him as saying.

“I had to sell most of our sheep to cover the cost of treatment.”

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When reading stories like this, Muslims should be glad that Islam teaches a sense of justice, where someone who’s been wronged is rightfully entitled to justice within the Shariah. Unfortunately, Palestinians are forced to make do with the idea that Israeli jurisprudence entails anarchist violence when it comes to their illegal occupation.

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have moved to West Bank settlements that are regarded illegal under international law.

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It seems like Israel not only has freedom to terrorize its Palestinian neighbors, but it is also dismissive of international law. Not so surprising.

In fact, Muslims aren’t the only ones that seem to have issues with Israel. In the international community, Israel is a sort of a problem child.

The UN General Assembly condemned Israel today in two separate resolutions, concluding the world body’s 2020 legislation with a total of 17 resolutions that either single out or condemn the Jewish state, and six on the rest of the world combined.

For “being the only civilized Middle Eastern state,” Israel has a funny way of showing it.

Muslims should also realize that Israel by itself would not be able to maintain racist and genocidal policies without the direct support of key western nations that let Israel continue its rabid behavior unchecked.

Muslim nations must consider the poor track-record that these human rights organizations have when it comes to actually solving international issues and begin to realize that participating in them only pacifies the oppressed and perpetuates the oppressor.

May Allah protect the Palestinians, ameen.

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