Travis Scott Rap Concert Deaths and the Muslim Stance on Satanism

The existence of satanic cults and their practices of horrifying and bizarre rituals in order to appease shayatin is a reality that is very easy to prove. Despite that, some Muslims are averse to accepting this truth, much less fighting against it.

Consider the recent deaths that occurred during Travis Scott’s Astroworld rap music concert. For those who were not aware, here’s a brief description from Reuters:

Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert on Friday was meant to signal the resurgence of his hometown with an epic live event after the global pandemic paused the popular annual hip hop festival.

But disaster struck during his headline performance as, over the course of the Grammy Award-nominated rapper’s 90-minute show, at least eight of the 50,000 attendees died and many more were injured as fans surged toward the stage.

People were getting hurt, some were dying, an ambulance even showed up. So, how did this celebrity rapper respond as the death and injuries were happening, in a situation that would clearly get further out of hand if nothing was done?

Moments later, Scott continues the show, re-energizing the audience: “Two hands to the sky, I want to make this … ground shake.”

The number of reported deaths continues to rise. Even while writing this article, another death has been reported. Apparently, a nine year old boy was also trampled to death.

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The fiery portal to hell set as the stage, the zero effort put into preventing the deaths, the satanic nature of the music itself, and the overall demonic presence felt by the people present at the concert has led many to believe that this event was a satanic ritual, and that the deaths were meant as a sacrifice to the Devil.

It is no secret that the music industry and the modern entertainment industry as a whole are filled to the brim with occult practices and satanic symbols. Popular celebrities are the champions of such practices. Then why has there been a concentrated effort by major news sources and media in general to brush the well-founded concerns about this concert under the rug as crazy conspiracy theories?

report from Utah State Task Force on ritual abuse reads:

Perpetrators maintain prolonged concealment, not only of their acts, but also of their membership in the secret society which is united in the commission of crimes. For many, their continued existence as successful, prestigious, and powerful persons in outer society depends upon absolute secrecy of the inner group activities. Survivors report that such groups are extremely careful and highly skilled in destroying evidence of their crimes.

This article also provides a rough description of the accounts of morbid child abuse. But how do these perpetrators escape accountability? Widespread denialism is one factor.

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Perform a quick online search for yourself and see firsthand how much information you find denying the existence of these satanic groups.

Yet, one such satanic group was actually caught red-handed recently. Authorities investigating the abuse of children by adult men in Tallahassee discovered ritualistic evidence:

Officials of the U.S. Customs Service, called in to aid in the investigation, said that the material seized yesterday includes photos showing children involved in bloodletting ceremonies of animals and one photograph of a child in chains. Customs officials said they were looking into whether a child pornography operation was being conducted.

As Muslims, we know that our biggest enemy is Shaytan:

O humanity! Eat from what is lawful and good on the earth and do not follow Satan’s footsteps. He is truly your sworn enemy. (2:168)

Shaytan, our enemy, has already declared his war on humanity.

He said, “For leaving me to stray I will lie in ambush for them on Your Straight Path. I will approach them from their front, their back, their right, their left, and then You will find most of them ungrateful.” (7:16-17)

How can we hope to defend ourselves if we don’t even acknowledge the existence of this attack? Surely, a soldier who doesn’t even have his shield up is doomed from the start.
This is why we, as Muslims, need to arm ourselves with knowledge. Arm ourselves with the awareness that yes, these satanic forces exist and they have ulterior motives that we need to protect, not just ourselves from, but the upcoming generations as well.

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As we get bombarded by more and more of these types of satanic media, we need to keep refining and making our own defense stronger. In times like these, we must always remember to seek refuge in Allah from the outcast Satan.


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Didn’t a Muslim die at this event? Terrible way to go and a very bad sign. Imagine being resurrected in that state.

When you do haram, at the very least, reduce the chances of you getting killed.