America’s Essential Workers – From Heroes to Villians: Where Do Muslims Stand?

Because America is so morally fickle, yesterday’s friends can be today’s enemies. Which is exactly why American Muslims should begin to worry about the emerging political atmosphere that is beginning to encroach on the freedoms of even the most educated and privileged members of American society.

Considered as “heroes” battling COVID-19 at the front lines, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in America have now been given an ultimatum: either get the vaccine or lose your job.

In essence, it’s similar to crippling foreign sanctions but instead of them being imposed on innocent civilians in Muslim lands halfway across the world, these sanctions are aimed at domestic healthcare workers that have decided to hold out against the experimental vaccine.

ABC News:

Hundreds of health care workers across the country are being fired or suspended in droves for not complying with COVID-19 vaccine mandates. President Joe Biden announced earlier this month a vaccine mandate for health care facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, impacting some 17 million health care workers in the nation.

States including New York, California, Rhode Island and Connecticut also set vaccine mandates for health care workers that take effect this week.

Hundreds? More like tens of thousands. Clearly, we should take all covid-related numbers reported by the mainstream media with a huge grain of salt, especially since their numbers are often proven to be complete fabrications.

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It’s ironic to note that many of the same people who played a part in spreading the initial hysteria of COVID-19 must come to odds with the tough choice of subjecting themselves to an experimental vaccine with many unknown short- and long-term side effects (including death) or having their ability to feed their families taken away from them.

Because of their willingness to comply and parrot the WHO, CDC, Fauci, and Big Pharma narrative without a second thought, many of these healthcare workers have unknowingly dug their own graves while simultaneously assisting the government in pushing its agenda to the detriment of everyone else.

For the nurses and doctors that have decided to take a stand against the mandates, there is very little support from their fellow colleagues. More often than not, this perceived insubordination leads to these “heroes” being fired and readily replaced. The Novant Health hospital system in North Carolina gives a disturbing insight to the crushing pressure that healthcare workers must submit to.

In North Carolina, the Novant Health hospital system, which has over 35,000 employees across 15 hospitals and over 800 clinics, fired around 175 of its workers for failing to get vaccinated, officials told ABC News.

Approximately 375 team members were noncompliant with the vaccine mandate last week and were given a five-day suspension period to get a COVID-19 shot.

Over the course of the week, nearly 200 additional team members became in compliance, Novant Health said Monday. The hospital system now has a vaccine compliance rate of over 99%, officials said.

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The reality that the hospital system is able to subject doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to coercion of this magnitude gives off the idea that the balance tips heavily in favor of the establishment and that there is very little recourse for even medical professionals to turn to. If these doctors and nurses can’t sway the medical world to have open discussions and cross examine the overresponse to the pandemic, what chance does the average citizen have when the medical mafia comes after them?

American Muslims should begin to realize that the current political landscape could potentially foreshadow how the government, in the future, could stifle what it deems as nuisances that don’t willingly comply in a much bolder sense.

At Cedars-Sinai, based in Los Angeles with almost 17,000 people in its workforce, about 97% to 98% of staffers are projected to comply by the deadline. About 1% applied for medical or religious exemptions.

Those who don’t comply by Friday will be suspended for a week and ultimately fired on Oct. 8 if they refuse the vaccine, The Associated Press reported.

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In an earlier version of this report, it was projected that only 75% of staffers would comply with the vaccine mandate set by their employer. The story was then updated to indicate that approximately 98% of staffers would comply. Has corporate pressure caused this dramatic shift? Are these numbers even accurate? Or are they just fabrications to give the impression that vaccine mandates haven’t caused a mass exodus of essential workers in the country?

Though there aren’t any insights as to how the projected compliance rates are established in the report, California Hospital Association spokesperson Jan Emerson-Shea tells ABC that these mandates come at a time “when hospitals are facing serious staffing shortages” and that “It’s hard to predict how the vaccine mandate will play out…”

Considering that hospitals are already reaching their breaking points and that the projections show that a sizable portion of the health force may be non-complicit with vaccine mandate deadlines, does it seem smart to test the waters by imposing risky vaccine mandates at this crucial point in time?

“We staffed up prior to the mandate so that we would be much better prepared when our June 7 deadline arrived, and then we had the fourth surge in Houston starting in July.

We continue to hire positions as needed, so we’ve not had any major turnover or staffing concerns,” hospital spokesperson Lisa Merkl told ABC News.

Similar to how America treats its war veteran “heroes,” healthcare workers have become statistics. That’s all they are in this grand scheme of nation-wide lockdowns that have deprived people of their ability to work, socialize, and worship in a country that’s touted to be the beacon of freedom and liberty. If individuals begin to ask questions about the circumstances around the mainstream narrative and become too self-aware, the system will punish them by installing, essentially, Manchurian candidates in their place that are all too willing to serve their masters for a paycheck.

American Muslims ought to stop exhausting their faith in these meaningless systems that are built to lure in the naïve and to perpetually divide and conquer. If this is how the United States treats its “heroes,” then Muslims should shudder to think where they rank in the proverbial hierarchy of this country.

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