Kenya, We Demand to Know: Where is Muhammad Abubakar Said?

Pictured above is our brother Muhammad Abubakar Said. He has been missing since October 14th of this year after he was abducted at gunpoint by a group of armed individuals suspected to be undercover Kenyan police in Mombosa, Kenya.

According to Mombosa’s Senator, Mohammed Faki, abductions of Muslims like these seem to be the norm in Kenya.

Senator Faki in a phone interview with The Star:

“We believe he was abducted by security agents. That is their modus operandi. But they are insisting they are not involved in his disappearance,”  Faki said on phone.

The circumstances surrounding Muhammad Abubakar’s disappearance are concerning to say the least.

Shockingly, Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations, at this point, has labeled him a terrorist shortly after his abduction and has now placed a bounty on his head. What a coincidence…

On Tuesday, the DCI released a list of five individuals whom they said are armed and dangerous and put a Sh10 million bounty on each head.

One of the individuals was Said who is suspected to have joined the Somalia-based al Shabaab terror group.

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Because of prior records of extrajudicial killings reported in Kenya against Muslims, it’s hard to believe anything the DCI has to say on Muhammad’s supposed radicalization.

The Washington Post reports:

 A string of unexplained abductions and killings of Muslims is worrying faith leaders, who now demand action and answers from the government.

The kidnappings, which have focused on Muslim scholars and businessmen, have left some of those abducted traumatized after they resurfaced after a few days; others have disappeared without a trace.

Its notable that Muhammad was known to be active at his local mosque and occasionally led prayers at Masjid Ibrahim. He was also a Nasheed artist under the name “Minshawar.” Considering his vocal love of Islam, Muhammad would “fit the profile” for these undercover state agents who are targeting pious Muslims.

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Muhammad’s mother, Zahra Mohammed, gives disturbing revelations on the bounty poster of Abubakar that the DCI has produced.

The Star reports:

Zahra further said the photo they used on the poster is new since he has never taken such a photo meaning he is in their custody.

The mother further said the clothes Said wore in the police poster are the same clothes he had when he was kidnapped.

She said the background of the photo was a police station.

“The picture shows my son has been beaten, his face is worn out and wounded. They have my son in custody yet they claim they are looking for him,” she added.

Here is a Twitter post using the supposed picture in question:

This is absolutely bone-chilling and unacceptable.

Not only has Muhammad been abducted by agents of the state, he’s been viciously tortured. When a prayer rally was scheduled to raise awareness for Muhammad,and others that have disappeared, the Kenyan police began to disperse the crowd with tear gas after preventing congregants from placing their prayer mats.

Kenya’s approach to terrorizing Muslims is no different than other regimes such as China abducting Uyghurs into concentration camps or Israel caging Palestinian children in dungeons.

If Kenya wants to emulate these oppressive regimes, they should equally be condemned by Muslims and the international community and made to answer for these crimes.

Kenya has to account for those that have gone missing and be held responsible for allowing these crimes to perpetuate. A person, whether he be Muslim or non-Muslim, should not be abducted and tortured without due process.

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We sincerely pray that Allah bring Muhammad Abubakar back to his family, and that Allah give the Ummah the power to stop these tyrannical regimes.

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Maybe you can investigate the Kenyan government links with the Ismailis. They’re quite hunky dory together.