YouTube Censors Genius of Islam: Ep. 3 – Can You Help?

ACTION ALERT: Can you help us spread Genius of Islam Episode 3? Can you tweet at @TeamYoutube on Twitter? See section below for details.

As some of you have noticed, Youtube has age-restricted Genius of Islam Episode 3. This makes it harder for viewers to watch the episode and limits the spread of the video, even to our own subscribers!

We believe this is a clear mistake. We went to great lengths to ensure there was nothing that came close to violating YT content guidelines.

Look for yourselves. Is there anything in our video that violates these guidelines?

Some might argue that the scenes of Aztec and Hindu religion at the beginning of the video are graphic. Mind you, these are educational images found in grade school textbooks that teach about these religions. If they are images used in grade school textbooks, they are by definition age appropriate.

Furthermore, if you search “aztec human sacrifice” and “khajuraho temple” on YT, you will find dozens of videos with MILLIONS of views that have the EXACT SAME images we used in Episode 3, but those videos have no age restriction.



Hindu Temples:

Why is there this inconsistency? Why is our video being targeted? Is it because Hindus don’t like factual details of their religion to be spread online?

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There are tens of thousands of videos with no age restriction that depict Islam in the most unfair and vile way, using vulgarity, using all kinds of graphic imagery, etc.

But one video that shows academic citations from textbooks and peer-reviewed journals about Hinduism and other religions, and it gets censored by YT.

We have appealed the restriction and will inshaAllah keep you updated.

Action Items:

1. Please share the episode with all your contacts ( Clearly, this episode has hit a nerve. We have to do much more to spread it to the world.

2. Let @TeamYoutube know on twitter that their age restriction of Episode 3 is not fair. If you know one of these languages, please tweet in Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Pусский, 日本語, Bahasa.

Overall, this censorship means we need to spread more educational material on Hinduism. I think we need at least 10 more videos on the dead horse intimacy ritual (Ashvamedha) alone. What do you think?

You can also watch the episode on Odysee:

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Vimeo also seems somewhat better than YT.

Bilal Rauf

We won’t find out the reason behind this because there isn’t one. Though we can easily assume what it is by the looks of things. I guess the least we can do is share this video as much as we can.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

As salaam Alaikum!
Absolutely right about the Ashwamedha yagya (dead horse ritual). Interested readers can read more about it on It is an excellent resource on Hinduism.