The Fall of Fed-Approved Celebrity Dawah

We Muslims are good little boys and girls.

We will sit quietly and only speak when we’re given permission to speak.

Islam is 100% compatible with liberalism, feminism, American values.

There is no contradiction between Islam and anything that good modern people believe.

Islam is exactly what the US government defines it as, and everything else is hate/radicalism.

^^ All this has been the main message of the celebrity dawah for the past 20 years.
Muslims are SICK and TIRED of it.

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Alhamdulillah, we are breaking away from this fed-approved, defeatist dawah.

Islam is the singular truth.

Islam is the solution.

Islam is not compatible with these modern ideologies and ways of life (which, by the way, are destroying the human race).

Islam is superior.

This has always been the purpose of dawah. To establish the haqq, not to make everyone feel comfortable with their batil through cheap public relations tactics.

“The word of Allah — that is the highest.” [Quran 9:40]

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