We Support Aboutrika! Star Athlete Reprimanded for Comments on LGBT

Alhamdulillah, there are still Muslim celebrities who are willing to speak the truth in the face of modern-day Qawm Lut.


With human rights groups already critical of staging the World Cup in Qatar, Mohamed Aboutrika, a retired Egyptian soccer star who appears regularly on BeIN, described homosexuality as an affront to the Muslim religion.

His remarks came in response to the station’s airing of games last week featuring players wearing rainbow-colored laces in support of the gay community. BeIN broadcasts the league’s games in the Middle East and North Africa and has covered the campaign extensively.

Aboutrika was reprimanded for his comments by BeIN, a source familiar with the situation said. The network also issued a statement defending its programming.

Our brother Mohamed Aboutrika, the famous footballer, has spoken the truth about LGBT, and now he is being maligned by the global media.

As you may or may not be aware, LGBT is about men putting their penises in the rectums of other men. This is something, we are told, is beautiful and must be celebrated every second of every minute of ever day of the year.

Aboutrika had the audacity to say, “Nah.”

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Now he is going to pay the ultimate price for not happily cheering for rectal penetration.

Listen to our brother Aboutrika’s wise words:

So proud of him, mashaAllah.

Meanwhile, the Arab sell-outs who are busy trading their deen for a cheap price, are distancing themselves from him.

Aboutrika was reprimanded for his comments by BeIN, a source familiar with the situation said. The network also issued a statement defending its programming.

“As a global media group we represent, champion and support people, causes and interests of every single background, language and cultural heritage across 43 hugely diverse countries, as we show every day,” BeIN said.

The so-called multi-culturalism that the West peddles as some sort of mark of enlightened superiority does not allow diversity of opinion when it comes to man-on-man sodomy. In that domain, all people of the world must bow their heads in solemn reverence to this fecal-adjacent act.

By the way, Brother Mohamed’s defense of Islamic values does not end with LGBT. On gender roles, he is also clear-cut and unapologetic:

In a 2009 interview with BBC Arabic, the footballer took issues with women’s soccer leagues and “would not accept” his wife or daughters playing the sport due to his personal and religious beliefs that a woman’s place is in the home.

The Koran clearly states: ‘And stay in your homes,'” Aboutrika said at the time. “It is better for a woman to preserve her dignity and stay at home, where she has a special mission. There are certain activities that are her responsibility, in my view.”

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Let’s all support Aboutrika. He is going to be triple cancelled for saying no to Qawm Lut, so we should not stay silent about it. And ultimately, his reward is with Allah.

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LGBTQ: first they beg for tolerance, then they push for acceptance and after that they demand participation.

If LBGTQ is natural it wouldn’t have to be pushed top-down by the UN, Western governments and pressure groups.

The fact that this previously widely denounced phenomenon has found rapid acceptance (within decades) infers brainwashing or another unnatural cause; and honestly…highly effective gay activism.

Well said

May Allah reward him for standing firm for justice, and may Allah humiliate those who sell out His religion.

Actions like these has several functions:

  • It exposes who are the believers (supporters of truth) and who are the hypocrites. For example the news outlet BeIN have shown that they are inclined to disbelief, something their viewers may have not understood before this incident.
  • It strengthens the Islamic position in the world by placing the Muslims head to head against tyranny and injustice. This conflict empowers Muslims and weakens the tyrants. Strength is born from conflict and struggle.
  • It humiliates countless of weak Muslims who have not spoken up against LGBT when they should have.
  • It empowers other Muslims to speak out as well.
  • It reveals the tyrannical nature of the LGBT agenda and how cruel and unforgiving it is to anyone who opposes it. The more the cancel culture reveals itself the more negative PR these tyrants receive.
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