Afghanistan: Hijab Requirements Enrage Feminist Journalists

Recently, female Afghan Journalists have taken an issue with hijab mandates imposed by the Taliban. These mandates, based upon the Shariah, are under attack by said journalists and international human rights groups.

Aljazeera reports:

Afghan journalists and activists have expressed concern over a new “religious guideline” issued by Taliban rulers, saying the move is yet another form of control over women.

The Taliban, which took over  Afghanistan roughly 100 days ago, on Sunday urged female journalists to follow a dress code and called on TV stations to stop showing soap operas featuring women, sparking fears over women’s rights and media freedom.

It’s odd to think that there are Afghan women that seem to support the secularization of Afghanistan. Have they forgotten the amount of destruction the last 20 years of the war on terror has caused?

How is this even pressing concern when Afghanistan is currently faced with humanitarian crises that may cause millions of Afghanis to starve?


The Taliban has been accused of backing down on its pledge to protect women’s rights and media freedom. The latest move, which called on women to wear the hijab while presenting their reports, does not specify which type of covering to use.

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In other words: the Taliban are being accused of enforcing Shariah and following Islam. Well, guilty as charged. Its important to point out that these journalists seem to be grasping at straws. What difference is the hijab from a dress code expected in corporate America?

In fact, these journalists shouldn’t have to wait for someone to tell them to wear the hijab; they should want it by default as Muslimahs. Unfortunately, these types of sell-out feminists give the western secular world a means to interject liberal and feminist propaganda to destabilize Muslim nations.


Commenting on the move, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Monday that the new strict guidelines will especially harm women.

“The Taliban’s new media regulations and threats against journalists reflect broader efforts to silence all criticism of Taliban rule,” said Patricia Gossman, an associate Asia director at HRW.

“The disappearance of any space for dissent and worsening restrictions for women in the media and arts is devastating.”

Muslims should not buy the idea that these guidelines will harm women. These societal regulations can only benefit and protect women as per Allah’s superior wisdom and guidance. The hijab promotes a lifestyle of piety that prioritizes a woman’s dignity.

What has harmed Afghan women are the Western imperialists that have destroyed Afghanistan through the use of military intervention and propaganda that focused on blaming the Taliban for the plight the civilian population faced.

According to Patricia Gossman herself:

Throughout, U.S. policy was guided by a number of myths. One was that the Afghan strongmen, warlords, and militia commanders the United States chose as allies in ousting the Taliban could help to provide security and stability, despite their records of abuses.

In fact, the opposite proved to be the case. Persistent human rights abuses by warlords were a source of insecurity, and worse, over time, they fueled widespread resentment

In late 2001, after Northern Alliance forces ousted the Taliban from the north, their militias – some led by men holding office today – carried out systematic attacks on Pashtun villages, raping women, summarily executing civilians, and stealing livestock and land.

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So, Ms. Gossman, what is more “devastating” to the Afghan woman: being told to put on a piece of clothing to maintain their modesty and virtue or appropriating a type of Stockholm Syndrome that brainwashes Afghans in allowing Western regimes to violate women and murder civilians?

It is overexaggerated and biased comments like Gossman’s that leave a bad taste in your mouth. They reveal that these human rights activists don’t actually care about disenfranchised and poverty-stricken women. They only care about whether or not these women end up supporting feminism before they’re droned or starved to death.

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Zahra Nabi, a broadcast journalist who co-founded a women’s television channel, said she felt cornered when the Taliban resumed power, and chose to go off-air the very same day.

“All the media is under their [Taliban] control,” Nabi, who established Baano TV in 2017, told Al Jazeera….

With most of the network’s crew members now gone, Nabi has remained adamant about doing her job, and like many other established journalists in Afghanistan, she has had to work under the radar.

Does Zahra Nabi understand that in the midst of a governmental power transfer, her crusade for women’s representation is the least of her country’s worries? People like Zahra Nabi are the type of selfish and arrogant individuals feminism breeds. They have no problem looking past western atrocities on their own countrymen if it means progressing their own meaningless careers.

But women like Nabi said the restrictions will not deter her from doing her job.

“We are working, we will not stop, and we will continue what we are doing,” she said. “That’s our plan.”

Unfortunately, individuals like Zahra Nabi and Malala Yousafzai end up causing some of the most damage to the Ummah. They infiltrate and spread this poison to their own communities without much pushback and ultimately end up damaging the fabric of Muslim society.

Though Nabi and her ilk make it clear that they plan to continue on harming the Ummah with their feminist garbage, they should remember that Allah is the best of planners.

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If a country can force a diaper on my face, then they can insist on a scarf on a woman’s head


Then they’ll reply with “the face mask requirement doesn’t discriminate between men and women”.

I understand your point, put the comparison doesn’t stand.

The hijaab is objectively good, functional, correct, effective and moral. The face mask is dubious at best.


If you’re angering Feminists (or any other kind of fasiq) you’re most probably on the right path.

Insh’Allah in the future they’ll get angered even more.

The funny thing is…many Afghan women (like most Muslim women in the world) don’t even wear the hijaab in an islamically correct manner.

Women who wear the hijaab in its intended way are a tiny tiny minority….even in the Islamic world. I would say 5% or less i.e. very rare. Which tells us that the default impulse for women is to show off their physical beauty. This urge has to be offset by a strong limiting principle such as a hijaab requirement.


To yuman Khan,

The face is indeed awrah. It’s not about neo Salafism. The evidence for the face being awrah and the niqab being obligatory is too strong.

There is logic behind this, and rational evidence is enough:

Hijab is meant to create a barrier between a woman and the outside world; one reason is to protect the woman from lustful and evil gazes. Merely covering the hair, and not the face will not do anything. Even if a woman’s hair is hidden, her face, especially if she is beautiful, will provoke desires and lustful feelings in men, and may potentially also lead to evil.

Secondly, if you as a man even have a sense of gheraah, how can you let your wife or your daughter walk outside with her face uncovered and ready to be looked at by non mahram men?


This is wonderfully worded!!!! I can’t say it enough