Media Hypocrisy: Christian Terrorist (Ex-Muslim) Gets Sympathetic Portrayal

Now and then, the Western policy in the Muslim world fires back and brings destruction where they did not expect. Sadly, chaos brings chaos, and in a globalized world, you can’t avoid that some crazy individuals will want to take revenge for themselves. These terrorist fools are responsible for their acts, and Islam has no accountability for that. Yet, if we had to look for the next person on the scale of responsibility, it would be the West, for they are the generators of these monsters and their outrageous acts.

BBC News:

David Perry was injured when a homemade device exploded shortly after he pulled up outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital on 14 November.

Iraq-born asylum seeker Emad Al Swealmeen, 32, who was a passenger in the taxi, died when his bomb exploded.

Mr Perry thanked the public for their “amazing generosity” since the blast.

Since 2001, terrorist attacks have risen in non-Muslim countries. This eventually became so current that Islam is now a central theme in every democratic and non-democratic government. In every election, politicians are expected to take a position in handling the “problem of Islam.” The candidate’s stance on Islam is as essential for people as his position on economics and societal issues.

Every time a new terrorist attack occurs, the media and the political sphere use it to promote their liberal secular agenda. The way they cover any suspicious miscellaneous news item is the following: they suspect that it has a link with Islamism. If the culprit has any connection whatsoever with Islam, the suspicion is confirmed and politicians use it to exercise harsher policies on innocent and unrelated Muslims and force them to comply with their secularist standards.

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This strategy becomes very obvious when we see how media cover terrorist attacks committed by Christians:


Speaking to BBC Radio Merseyside on Tuesday, Mr Hitchcott said he first met Al Swealmeen at Liverpool Cathedral while running an Alpha course for asylum seekers, and that he said he wanted to be a Christian.

He got to know Al Swealmeen further in 2017 after his asylum appeal was rejected, and Mr Hitchcott and his wife put him up.

“He was on the streets, basically… he arrived here on April 2017, he was with us then eight months. During that time we saw him really blossoming as regard to his Christian faith. Every night we used to pray, my wife and him and if there was anybody else in the house we prayed for half an hour or so and studied the scriptures and we had a great time together.

“And I was in no doubt by the time that he left us at the end of that eight months, that he was a Christian.”

Mr Hitchcott added that “he was absolutely genuine as far as I can tell” – but said he last saw Al Swealmeen four years ago.

What a sympathetic portrayal of this alleged Christian terrorist? We can feel the embarrassment in the tone of the writer. Does he expect us to pity a terrorist ready to kill many people violently?

The same week as the Liverpool attack, a policeman was stabbed in France. Within the hour following the event, every media outlet was spewing the Islamist terror narrative.

Isn’t it weird that nobody’s shocked by such a blatant double standard?

I can recall that when I was young, everybody would have been outraged by this kind of hasty stereotype. 

Slowly, the official discourse changed.

First, it was: “Terrorists are the enemy.”

Then it became: “Radical Islam is the enemy.”

These days it is: “Political Islam is the enemy.”

Finally: “Islam is the enemy.”

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National and private channels incessantly repeat this chorus of hate and rage every day on television until people are numbed.

For Muslims, there is no compassion. They are the real target of this Satanic plan to liberalize the World. We were targeted because we refused to submit to anything besides Allah despite all the struggle we suffered.

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