The Feminization of Modern Men Reaches New Levels

This is an indisputable fact of the times we live in. We are witnessing the process of the changing of men. This is part of the modern subversion of the natural order.

It starts with vilification, villainization, and pathologization of maleness and men.

Being a straight man has been turned into a hate crime, essentially. The patriarchy is evil and all that. Boys need to be given massive doses of Ritalin and Adderall so they can be turned into little girls because boys are just too loud and noisy. Boyhood is a disease we need to treat with a drug.
Then as they get older, these boys are shamed into acting more feminine. Because masculinity is toxic.

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Abuse. Violence. Testosterone is terrible.

After enough years and decades, we get the inevitable result of men in skirts, high heels, makeup.
Dajjal is not far off. Up is down and down is up. Right is left and left is right. Good is bad and bad is good. Men are women and women are men.

Alhamdulillah for Islam and its crystal-clear precision on sex and gender, and its division of gender roles.

Every day I become more thankful for the blessing of Islam.

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Every culture that stoops to this level is done for.

Today’s world has three major competing ideologies:

Liberal secular (formerly the Judeo and Christian world) i.e. the West
Confucian i.e. the Far East

The weakness in the first two is in their godlessness. Non-theocentric systems inevitably devolve into navel-gazing. Which in its turn results in pictures like we see above.