Omar Suleiman Continues Promoting Pro-LGBT Activists and Politicians

As the Messenger ﷺ said: “Among the words from the Prophets is this: If you feel no shame, do as you wish.” [Bukhari]

Tonight, CAIR and Omar Suleiman are going to honor Ilhan Omar as “American Muslim Public Servant of 2021.”

Let us not forget Ilhan Omar’s amazing achievements over the years:

Introducing legislation to Congress that condemned the Sharia as “barbaric” and “draconian” in 2019.

– Dancing in gay pride parades

– Celebrating at transgender dance parties.

– Voting for unconditional aid to Israel earlier this summer after Israel’s attack on al-Aqsa and Gaza.

– Slamming Palestinians for not embracing LGBT groups in 2019.

And on and on.

This is the person Omar Suleiman and CAIR are going to honor in their event about “Building a Just Future.”

Tell me, Omar Suleiman, what does Ilhan Omar know about a just future? Should Ilhan be teaching Muslims anything about justice? Should you?

Omar Suleiman has a lot in common with Ilhan, so it is no surprise he has consistently supported her over the years. Suleiman’s achievements:

Performing pagan water rituals and a Christian oil ritual standing shoulder to shoulder with LGBT rabbis and priestesses

– Attending a gay night club vigil and declaring: “We are determined to cry together, to pray together, to stand together – straight, gay, Floridian and Texan.”

– Publishing articles on his Yaqeen site about the necessity for Muslims to affirm and advocate for LGBT rights and gay marriage.

And much, much more.

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CAIR and Suleiman have been long-time supporters of Ilhan. Suleiman was so thrilled when the LGBT-pride-marching Ilhan won her seat in Congress, he wrote an article praising it as “historic.”


He also has declared #IstandWithIlhan.

White knighting for Ilhan “The Sharia Is Barbaric” Omar.

No Shame

Many in the American Muslim community were shocked when they saw Omar Suleiman engage in shirk rituals, especially after he vehemently denied it (not knowing that there was video footage of the whole thing). Rather than be apologetic, Suleiman offered a lukewarm statement excusing his behavior as a “lapse.”

Sadly, some confused fanboys tried defending his shameless behavior.

But even some of these confused fanboys have changed their tune in the past year.

These Muslims are seeing how many Muslim youth are becoming LGBT. How many Muslim youth are deeply confused about feminism, about homosexuality, etc.

Do you know any Muslim youth who have recently announced that they are gay, lesbian, or trans?

Do you know any activists who have demanded that your masjid or Islamic school implement pro-LGBT policies?

Do you know any youth who have left Islam because they don’t see how Islam’s stance on LGBT is “compassionate”?

If so, you should thank Omar Suleiman and CAIR.

They are the ones who have doggedly promoted Ilhan Omar in the Muslim community and continue to do so. They are the ones who promote Ilhan despite everything she stands for being contrary to Islam. They are the ones promoting her despite all the blasphemy and outright kufr she spews on a regular basis.

Give credit where credit is due.

Oh, and let’s not forget the deviant Linda Sarsour, who Omar Suleiman has also promoted for years. There is no shortage of heretics that Suleiman and his friends push onto the Muslim community.

Those who want to defend Omar Suleiman, et al., go right ahead. Follow in the footsteps of the wife of Lut `alayhissalam. See how that works out for you.

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The modern Western world as a civilization always feels that they need to have their own unique ideology that they developed in their own lands, so that they can export it to the rest of the world in order to make themselves feel superior to the rest of the world. Before the 1990s it used to be capitalism (and secular democracy to a lesser extent). But then they suddenly won the cold War and managed to successfully export capitalism to the rest of the entire world. So after their triumphant success in the 1990s, the modern Western civilization feels like they need a new ideology to export to the rest of the world to make themselves look and feel superior and stay “relevant” on the world stage.

That’s why they developed LGBT+ along with its sidekick radical feminism (feminazism) to be their new export-oriented ideology to replace capitalism as the distinguishing feature which makes modern Western civilization look superior to everyone else. Because of the Western civilization mentality that they always need to make themselves (western civilization) look superior to the rest of the world, I’m sure that if the west managed to successfully export LGBT+ to the entire world like how they did with capitalism, they would come up with some new vulgar or anti-human ideology to impose on their own society first then export it to the rest of the world so that the west can feel superior again.


True, but feminism and LGBTQ ideology are fundamentally meant to reduce population growth. “Empowered” women are by and large barren en homosexuals obviously don’t procreate. This is also why the West structurally wants to relatively reduce male socioeconomic status in comparison to that of females. Once they are on par, or women supersede men, most men won’t be viable marriage prospects… because women marry al least across and preferable up the status hierarchy.


It all comes down to fearing Allah. Those who truly fear being questioned by Allah on the Day of Judgement would not be promoting Pro LGBT activists, and LGBT itself. May Allah save us.