Manufactured Crisis: The Continued Genocidal Aggression Against Afghanistan

Afghanistan can’t seem to catch a break. After being subjected to “The War on Terror” for the last 20 years, Afghanistan now faces a humanitarian crisis that could affect half of its population.

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CNN Reports:

Representatives from the United States, Russia, China, and Pakistan met on Thursday to discuss Afghanistan amid the deepening humanitarian crisis on the ground and months after the Taliban seized power.

The representatives of those four countries — known as the extended troika — also “met with senior Taliban representatives on the sidelines” of that meeting in Islamabad, according to a 15-point joint statement released by Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The representatives of these countries voiced their concerns over the impending humanitarian crisis that Afghanistan seems to be headed towards. According to the “extended troika,” the threat of economic collapse requires a need for immediate humanitarian assistance as well as economic relief. But are these concerns genuine or another ploy to attack the iman of Muslims considering that the majority of the countries comprising the troika have a track record of human rights abuses?

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David Beasley of the World Food Programme said Thursday that “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis is unfolding” in Afghanistan, where more than 22 million people could be at risk of starvation.

Even with the possibility of 22 million people at risk of starvation, America has opted to make the situation worse by preventing the Taliban from having access to the Afghan central bank’s assets that are currently frozen in the United States.

The Taliban does not have access to the Afghan central bank’s billions of dollars in reserves, the bulk of which have been frozen in the US.

How can you claim to be concerned about a country’s wellbeing when you have systematically ravaged the country through military intervention and are now, in a sense, sanctioning said country by holding their assets hostage? Is this western human rights in full display?

In the midst of all this, the troika seem to have much more superficial concerns in mind as per their joint statement.

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In the spirit of the discussion, as well as building on previous outcomes of Troika and extended Troika meetings, the four participating States:

Called on the Taliban to work with fellow Afghans to take steps to form an inclusive and representative government that respects the rights of all Afghans and provides for the equal rights of women and girls to participate in all aspects of Afghan society…

Emphasized that access to education for women and girls at all levels is an international obligation and encouraged the Taliban to accelerate efforts to provide for full and equal access to education countrywide…

At this point, the idea that these nations have a genuine humanitarian concern for Afghanistan is moot. Instead of tackling the potential loss of life as a primary concern these countries would rather leave the lives of the same women and children they are trying to liberalize in limbo and let them starve.

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Rather, the real goal is to impose a feminist framework upon the country to dissuade the implementation of Shariah by pressuring the Taliban government to accept a liberal line of thought went it comes to governance. This type of moral espionage aims to conquer the iman of Muslims in a subversive way that is sometimes hard to recognize and has led to Muslim majority countries shying away from Shariah and embracing godless secularism.

Muslims should be aware that the West does not have their best interests in mind when it comes to both their physical well-being and their iman. The sooner Muslims realize this, the less susceptible they are to these type of ideological trojan horses.

May Allah bless the people of Afghanistan and the rest of the Ummah.

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They are scared

It seems to me that these kuffar Zionist western Liberals are afraid of Muslims and the Taliban. What do they fear? It seems to me that they know that if the Muslims return upon the deen, that they we will be a force to be reckoned with, I guess this is why they fear an independent Afghanistan that is not the puppet of the west and who follows Islamic law.

Just look at Iran, which is a deviant twelver shia government, the Zionist state does not like it, however, they are twelver shia, so their goal is not to liberate al Quds, but to kill muslims and take over Makka and Medina. And Iran’s government is becoming unpopular to its citizens, and twelver shiism is becoming less popular. If Afghanistan becomes powerful and independent similar to Iran, I think the Zionists and liberal west are scared of something like that happening.

This seems to be a reason why they are trying to starve the Afghans like they have starved the Iraqis


As a right wing Westerner mulling conversion to Islam, I can say that Western governments don’t have the best interests of westerners in mind either (and probably have not since at least the 1940s)

Mohammed Afzal Shaikh

How should we tackle such humanitarian crisis in muslim majority countries which were directly or indirectly created by the west which controls the majority wealth in today’s time?