Disagree with Feminism? Be Prepared to Hear These 16 Accusations

The feminist mind is so weak that rather than make substantive points, it can only engage in ad hominem attacks.

Feminists claim that anyone who disagrees with feminism:

  1. doesn’t understand what feminism is

2. is being abused by her husband, who “I’m pretty sure is at best spiritually abusive!”

3. lives a privileged life

4. lives in a bubble and is naive

5. is a self-hating woman

6. is just a puppet

7. suffers from false consciousness

8. suffers from Stockholm syndrome

9. has been brainwashed by the evil patriarchy

10. has been “reduced to her biological function as a uterus”

11. is judging other women and is holier than thou

12. is a desperate “pick me”

13. is pitting women against one another and being divisive

14. is attacking women

15. doesn’t understand that Khadijah (رضي الله عنها) was a CEO and that `Aisha (رضي الله عنها) was a professor

16. doesn’t know real Islam.

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If you don’t subscribe to the feminist propaganda, brace yourself for them to predictably, right on cue, hurl at you any one of these handy-dandy personal attacks, or any combination therefrom.

Sadly though, feminist ladies, no amount of ad hominem attacks are going to bolster an inherently flawed position. Maybe you should simply rethink your position.

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Mohammad Talha Ansari

Oh, yeah! You got ’em good!
As salaam alaikum

Umm Adam

What are the odds the two women in the same parade would be missing a leg?