Do You Think Everyone Is Happy and Going Along with the Program?

Social media companies are removing all signals that could indicate mass discontent in the population.

Removing dislike buttons
Removing user reviews
Blocking videos of mass protests
More stringent content policy
Comically aggressive “fact checking”

Obviously, the mainstream media has long ago decided not to depict modern society as anything other than a happy, thriving civilization of consumers.

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But social media bypasses old forms of mass media, allowing a light to shine on the dystopian reality that CNN and BBC won’t cover.

Now it’s time to plug that gap. This is exactly what authoritarians do when they want to shut down mass protests in their countries: They block social media in the entire country. That is essentially what is happening now with Big Tech; they’re just being more subtle about it to maintain plausible deniability.

In the end, though, the goals are the same.

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They don’t want you to realize that the overwhelming majority of the population is very depressed, angry, confused, and broken by the system they are violently imposing on you. They want you to believe that everyone is happily going along with it, and if you are anything other than enthused by the situation, that means you’re an outlier, a weirdo.

Well, you’re not alone.

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