What a (Virtual) World: Satanism and VR Are Coming

The easiest way to sell people an ideology is to have everyone consume that ideology through one medium. And the easiest ideology to sell is Shaytan’s, for it pertains to base desires.

This is the nefarious dream of globalization plotted by the New World Order that is on its way to being realized.

By this point, many of you are familiar with Metaverse and the harms it presents to Muslims and society as a whole.

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But surely, the threat isn’t that tangible, right? Money is still a product of the real world, and where there is money, there is power. People by nature, flock towards it. And there is no money to be found in Metaverse. No business or economy to be heard of whatsoever. Right?

Based on NFT and metaverse sales over the past week, the demand for digital land outpaced all other items, art and collections.

The Sandbox traded a total volume of $70.5 million for 4,433 assets over the past week — making it the metaverse collection that raked in the most cash.

“Undoubtedly, Metaverse land is the next big hit in the NFT space.

But, what does this all even mean?

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are basically digital assets (like digital artworks, video clips, and even gifs) that can be purchased, and the owner is given a unique key.

Now, how is this different from regular currency? Suppose you have $100. Each dollar here is the same as the other 99. But with NFTs, each one is different. That is what is meant by ‘Non-Fungible’. And you make a profit by purchasing NFT at a high price and then selling it at an even higher one.

It’s similar to how the rich exchange modern art. In objective value alone, the piece is absolutely worthless, but these elites assign high values to them, and even use it as a means of money laundering.

Now, simply put, Sandbox is a virtually generated space. People in this virtual world can make, buy, and sell NFTs. This could be anything from a digital painting to an entire game.

Already, about 16,000 plots of digital land have been bought in Sandbox. And the cryptocurrency these plots were bought with has quadrupled in value in a very short time. So, clearly, business is booming.

But, what does the co-founder of Sandbox have to say about this?

“We’re aiming to make this world fully decentralized over the next two to three years, allowing users to participate and bring value to this world; To govern it and own it,

Money makes the world go round. Those with money, have power. Those with power, have influence. Those with influence, can convince the people of what is right and what is wrong. What to believe and what not to, regardless of whether or not it’s true.

And who will be the owners of this world? The general population? Gamers? Will this be the pure version of democracy? No, all of that is a complete lie. Instead, this will be a corporate sponsored world run by heartless satanic organizations.

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Let’s look at two of the partners for this project:

The first is a satanic death metal band called ‘Avenged Sevenfold.’ They’ve produced many songs relating to demonic ideas and present themes against God. Their most popular song is literally about a spurned lover who murders his girlfriend before spiraling into necrophilia, followed by all sorts of unholy happenings.

(I have purposely not given any links related to them as this is content Muslims need to especially keep away from, and try not to be exposed to at all.)

The second, also music related, is ‘Deadmau5’, who is one of the most paid electronic music producers in the world, with an upcoming concert in Riyadh.

Think back to the Satanic Travis Scott concert.

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These will be the people championing the induction of this New World. They will have the most power, and so they will be the most heard. And what, you think that those ideas won’t be imposed on us once we’re in there?

Facebook (now known as Meta) already owns four of the most downloaded apps of the decade, and they are all social media related (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram).

Disney already owns more than a third of the film industry, also raking in over 33% of the total shares of these entertainment businesses.

All of it merging into one massive spider, and Islam is the last holdout.

The real world isn’t controllable enough for them. They need everyone to be trapped under the same web, consuming the same filtered lies, the same Haram ideologies that tear down an individual’s soul.

Are Muslims to take part in this? Are we to do the bidding of these satanic forces in this world? Where we will receive good brownie tokens for thinking the “right” way, doing the “right” thing, and taking part in all the Haram activities this world will have to offer, like good little pets?

Is that what Muslims are? Slaves to a false world?

No. Muslims are, and always will be, the champions of truth.

And say, “Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is surely bound to vanish.” (17:81)

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This is why I have been saying so many times on this blog comments and I reiterate again, the only solution for Muslims to avoid those problems from day 1, is to do an Islamic version of what the Amish and Mennonite peoples have been doing for centuries. Make self-sufficient rural villages, grow your own organic food there, and live LOW TECH and OFF THE GRID. This is the advice of Resoolullah PBUH, and its perfectly legal too (at least in the US).

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Soon the best property of a Muslim will be a flock of sheep he takes to the top of a mountain, or in the valleys of rainfall, fleeing with his religion from tribulations.”
Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 19
Grade: Sahih (authentic)


It’s not good enough to talk of only the problem, without also promoting the solution. Islamic preachers like Muslim Skeptic who specialise in warning the Muslim ummah against these kinds of modernist sociocultural and ideological fitna, should also be more often encouraging and spreading this suggested solution of “ruralization” or “Amishization”. Being settled in the big cities is extremely dangerous for Eemaan and safety because of the exposure to the mainstream urban culture where all these cultural/ideological problems become normalised, as well as the high crime rates.

Whereas those isolated Amish and Mennonites and Haredi villagers don’t have any of these sociocultural problems like Sodomism or feminazism or secular liberal mentality brainwashing their youth, and even their villages have very ultra-low or rate crime rate. In fact they and their religious Conservative patriarchal culture and lifestyle are almost exactly like how the Muslim skeptic suggests Muslims should be living. It is a shame that these Amish/Mennonite/Haredi cuffar/mushricks are humiliating the Muslim ummah by following a large part of the Sunnah (of not most of Sunnah lifestyle) and doing what urban Muslims should have been doing since a long time.


Also prophet sollollahualeihiwecellem adviced us to read sura 18 (Al Kehef) for protecting against dajaal.
The main story of sura 18 is that a group of pious guys relocated to a cave to isolate themselves from the mainstream society to escape the massive fitna of their anti-Islam mainstream society.

Nowadays (when we are near Dajjal’s era or on the brink of his emergence), I’m not saying that modern Muslims should go and literally become cavemen by living in a cave. However, our modern equivalent of living in a cave to escape the big fitna of mainstream society, is to relocate to those Amish-style isolated self-sufficient low tech villages and living there off the grid.