Canada Bans Gay Conversion Therapy as “Torture”

Recently, Canada has coined legislation that would effectively ban conversion therapy under the premise that such a practice is “torture.”

The National Post:

At a press conference Monday, Justice Minister David Lametti said the practices were “horrific” and tantamount to “torture.”

The federal government tabled a new, tougher bill Monday to ban conversion therapy in Canada, comparing the practice to “torture.”

The legislation, if passed, would make practices designed to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity illegal.

It beefs up a previous bill which only banned conversion therapy for children and unconsenting adults.

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Torture? That seems like a rash classification. But it’s always nice to know that Canada, a country that has a track record in employing torture and systematically covering it up, are trying to turn a new leaf. After all, what greater terrorism than forced heterosexuality?

There are some notable points to be made such as how conversion therapy is any different than propaganda peddled on a national level to convert susceptible youth into homosexuality.

Conversion therapy procedures aim to change an individual’s sexual orientation to heterosexual or to change their gender expression to match the sex they were assigned at birth.

Isn’t this just the opposite of what is being employed in schools via LGBT curriculum? Consider this: Canada’s own Ontario had to recently cancel plans to implement sex education curriculum that heavily promoted LGBT dogma among other grotesque material.

BBC reports:

A Canadian province has cancelled a controversial sex education curriculum that taught children about gender identity, consent and social media.

Some parents and religious organisations especially objected to parts of the curriculum that taught children about different sexual and gender identities and masturbation.

For instance, one lesson plan designed for children around 11 years old suggests describing masturbation as “something that many people do and find pleasurable”.

Wouldn’t this be considered a type of state-mandated conversion therapy, and in the same vein, torture? Is this only excusable due to the fact that pedophilic curricula help implant the idea that children are just as capable of making decisions as adults, and hence, allow for their exploitation?

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It seems like even the conservatives in Canada seem to agree with these propositions

The National Post:

…Conservative spokeswoman Josie Sabatino: “Canada’s Conservatives agree that conversion therapy is wrong and should be banned. No Canadian should be forced to change who they are.”

I guess conservatives are to liberals what Coca-Cola is to Pepsi.

But the bill goes further than that because with the legislation comes proposed Criminal Code offences that make sure anyone dabbling in conversion therapy is choked by an ever shorter leash.

It proposes four new Criminal Code offences, including “causing another person to undergo conversion therapy” and “removing a minor from Canada to subject them to conversion therapy abroad” carrying a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

The offences of “profiting from providing conversion therapy” or “advertising or promoting conversion therapy” would carry a penalty of up to two years in prison.

These provisions make it clear that the idea of these countries representing a democratic paradigm is a sham. How in a democracy are you threatened imprisonment for advocating therapy? And in what democracy is the government allowed to queer your children unopposed? These are questions that die-hard patriots and politically charged citizens have to ask themselves in the mirror.

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Randy Boissonnault, minister of tourism and former adviser to Prime Minister Trudeau, attempts to justify the bill’s rationale.

“They will say this bill harms religious freedoms — it does not. They will say this bill harms freedom of expression — it will not,” Boissonnault said. “Our bill does not criminalize a personal value or belief.”


Of course this bill harms religious freedoms and even the Western idea of freedom of expression!

How are orthodox religious practitioners going to operate if these bills pass? Homosexuality is a grave sin within Islam, Christianity, and Judaism (which all prescribe punishments that include the death penalty for the male-to-male homosexual act itself).

And this raises the question: How is the Canadian government going to enforce this bill? According to law faculty member Florence Ashley of the University of Toronto, the bill would need a high standard of proof to decide if conversion therapy has taken place between two parties.

They said to fall within the scope of the ban a practice would have to be intentionally designed to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

The critical part is the intentional element. It has to be designed for that purpose, which is far from having a conversation or being generally homophobic or transphobic,” they said. “There is a threshold that it has to be …. a practice, treatment or service.”

This alone should make the legislation extremely suspect in terms of its ability to be judicially executed. But apparently, Big Brother has just the solution.

The RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] would be able to gather private communications, such as emails, to help prove that it had happened, the government said.

In other words, monitor everyone’s email to make sure no one is discouraging homosexuality. Would it be fair to call this homosexual authoritarianism?

It all boils down to creating an issue and then proposing a solution that leads to a win-win for the police-state. The issue being conversion therapy hampering their satanic LGBT agenda, with the solution including legislation that prevents push back of said agenda with the addition of further infringement of privacy.

Muslims, of all people, should not subscribe to any part of the legislation posed and should voice their concerns before the noose tightens around everyone’s neck. It’s imperative that Muslims (and really the world in general) realize these strategies and the long term implications because with these corporations and states censoring voices that don’t passively submit to the pervasion of the dunya, the balance tips in technocratic states into the hands of Shaytan.

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These ultra-liberal woke regimes are becoming more and more fascist regarding LGBT+. Their so-called democracy, at least regarding this issue, is looking more and more like the self-proclaimed democracy of the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” (North Korea) or the fake democracy of those autocratic presidents of some countries who hold rigged sham elections to pretend to win the election by 80% to 99% of the votes.


This is a war that you (minority Muslims in the west) cannot win, so fighting the LGBT supporters is not an option because you will lose anyway, just like how the Christian conservatives lost the culture wars before. So the only option for Muslims in those western lands is to hide or flee, not try to fight back against the sodomists.

As I suggested before, the only solution for Muslims in these Western lands is “Amishization”. Relocating to an isolated self-sufficient village to live low tech and off the grid should be perfectly legal in all Western countries. However, the only legal issue is that in many Western countries, the rulers may legally restrict or ban homeschooling and mandate all children to attend schools which teach the pro-LGBT national curriculum.

But even in this case, if Muslims in Canada and other western countries try out Amishization (and forced to have a rural village school which teaches the national curriculum), even in their rural village schools teach their village kids about LGBT ideology and lifestyle just to follow the legal mandate, the pro-LGBT radicalization will still be far less effective compared to if those kids got the exact same LGBT education in a big city school.

This is because in those Amishized rural villages they are not exposed to LGBT culture all around them (unlike in the cities) and also they don’t watch media such as TV to influence their thinking. And in the countryside where the state has a much weaker presence compared to cities, it will still be easier for the rural parents to “de-radicalize” the kids at home to counter what the rural school is legally mandated to teach them.


P.S. Also they can’t snoop on you if you live low tech off the grid like the Amish, or if you have phones and computers but at least avoid discussing sensitive or politically incorrect subjects on electronic communications.