Sell-Out “Scholars” Using Sialkot Incident in Pakistan for Reform Agenda

You see the Crypto Reformists out in full force, using this event to push two main ideas:

1. Prevent/CVE/Counter-Radicalization Agenda

2. Reforming Islamic Law

This is not a new tactic. EVERY sell-out “scholar” of Islam since the beginning of colonialism uses this tactic of pointing to an instance of mob violence or crime and leveraging that to silence traditional scholars and push reform.

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Look at what the Crypto Reformists are saying now. They are saying that this recent incident was due to “preachers who preach hate, not tolerance.”

What does it mean to preach hate? What does it mean that they don’t preach tolerance?

They mean preachers who don’t teach liberal values. Preachers who don’t spread liberal tolerance. That is what they mean.

This is how they criminalize everything that opposes liberalism. If you don’t promote liberalism, that means you are promoting hate which leads to violence. Therefore the government and its security agencies are justified in cracking down on these “hateful” preachers, even if the preachers do not explicitly promote criminal behavior.

Those of you in the US, UK, and Canada may already be aware of the CVE/Prevent program and how it has been used to police the Muslim community. If you preach anything that opposes liberal sensibilities, you are considered a radical or potential radical who must be surveilled, detained, harassed, etc. Many Muslims continue to be targeted.

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Crypto Reformists are now heavily pushing this program. They want to get rid of all their opposition by painting their opponents as extremists who need to be stopped. They are explicitly calling for this in their khutbahs and speeches. This is nothing other than Prevent garbage. Why isn’t it being called out?

Once their opposition has been neutralized, these Crypto Reformists will have less difficulty foisting their reform agenda on the Muslim community. They are being very open now, in multiple talks and lectures, preaching that Islamic law needs to be reformed in modern times.

They use cherry-picked examples from the sirah to justify these reforms, and sadly, naive, trusting Muslims who are not aware of this reform agenda buy into what is being said.

Those of us who see what is going on have a responsibility to call it out and show the fallacious reasoning and outright lies of these shameless deviants.

Allah protect us all.

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With all due respect brother, I’m not sure if you understood the context what’s happening in Pakistan for the last few years or decades. In that country, a large proportion of the population have a khawarij mentality, and they have an epidemic of falsely accusing innocent people (especially nonMuslims) of insulting Resoolullah SAWS or burning Quran, then lynch mobbing them, or making communal riots against innocent nonMuslims.

I’m not unfairly singling or Pakistan or Muslims only. In much of the third world, including the whole South Asian Subcontinent, they have this widespread culture of the religious majority community constantly blaming an entire religious minority community for the real or perceived crimes or blasphemy of one member of that minority community, then they make communal riots or lynch mob attacks against that minority.

What happens in Pakistan frequently is basically the Pakistani version of the same thing that hindutva mobs do to Muslims against India. Make sudden lynch mob attack on innocent person or communal riots against entire minority community on fake blasphemy or crime accusations. It has become part of the mainstream culture just like forced marriage, or like FGM in Africa. Many of these third world people cannot understand the basic concept of “rule of law”, “due process” and “innocent until proven guilty”.

That’s why I call those Pakistani lynch mob thugs “blasphemy khawarij”, because they support or incite or carry out attacking or murdering innocent people while pretending to be the best Muslims or defenders of Islam. There may be some people who try to exploit these blasphemy khawarij attacks to promote a secular liberal agenda, however in Muslim countries like Pakistan it should be perfectly possible to combat the blasphemy khawarij culture without pursuing any secular liberal reforms at the same time.

This khawarij culture mostly happens because of personal or ideological disagreements. Imagine if Daniel Haqiqatjou walks outside his home, and a gang of men suddenly shout “Daniel Haqiqatjou insulted Resoolullah or burned the Quran!” and they suddenly attack him and try to murder him while they chant “Allahu Akber!” or “Labbayk Ya Resoolullah”. And it turns out that those attackers are from the types of Muslims that Daniel criticises (such as shiites, sufies or crypto-liberal reformists, or even madkhali salafies) and they want to show off that they are better Muslims by lynching someone in the name of Islam, but in reality they just want to get rid of him because they hate him and his salafi views. That’s what happens in Pakistan every day with these blasphemy khawarij attacks.


One of the most prominent and well-documented examples of Pakistani blasphemy khawarij culture is that Junaid Jamshed, a Conservative Deobandi Islamic preacher and nasheed artist who has nothing to do with secular/liberal/feminist thought, was suddenly attacked out of the blue by a Barelvi (sufi) mob at Islamabad Airport in 2016, while the mob was chanting barelvi’s favourite slogan “Labbayk Ya Resoolullah!” and accused him of insulting prophet PBUH and Aisha rodiallahuanha.

It was most likely because of a deobandi-barelvi sectarian difference, since many sufies/barelvies overpraise Resoolullah to the point of semi-worshipping him or attributing god-like superpowers to him. So the most extreme sufies/barelvies accuse deobandi and salafi of insulting the prophet for not over-praising him or making him a demigod. So if Junaid Jamshed can get thrashed like that, it is much worse for nonMuslims in Pakistan (future Zimmies of the United States of Islam) who don’t get as much popular sympathy or legal support as a high profile Muslim like Junaid Jamshed.

Just because there are some secular liberals who try to exploit these incidents to promote their own secular liberal agenda, doesn’t mean that the problem of blasphemy khawarij violent culture should be ignored. It is a problem that needs to be addressed and dealt with.