The Pope Says Adultery Not a Serious Sin While Christian Apologist Mocks Hadith

The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad ﷺ said: “Whoever can guarantee what is between his two jaw-bones and what is between his two legs, I guarantee Paradise for him.”

This hadith is relaying a profound truth in just a few words: Two of the greatest sources of evil in this world are what is between the jaws and what is between the legs.

An interesting coincidence is that one of the most popular Christian apologists, David Wood, wants to criticize this hadith and project his own perverse thoughts onto it.

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Meanwhile, the Pope makes this infamous statement minimizing the gravity of adultery.


Yes, I realize that Wood is not a Catholic. But a noteworthy coincidence nonetheless.

Christianity is in large part to blame for the state of sexual degeneracy in the world today. If Christianity had been a more compelling religion, it would not have birthed secularism. And if Christianity had been more capable of keeping Christians committed to sexual mores, rampant fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and other sexual crimes would not spread throughout Christendom.

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Yet, they have the audacity to criticize Islam on these matters!

If only Christians had followed the simple, yet profound statement of Muhammad ﷺ, they would not be mired in their current state.

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Could explain why zina, prostitution, children out of wedlock and single motherhood are very common phenomena in Catholic nations. Just look at Brazil and the Philippines and all the nations in between.

Latin America, the most Catholic continent, leads the world in bastardization.

“Latin America is now the region that has the highest percentage of children born out of wedlock. In Colombia, 84 percent of all children are born to unmarried mothers. Argentina, Mexico, Chile and other countries throughout the region have similar numbers, with well over half of all children born outside wedlock.”

source: npr


While Zinaa of course remains a major sin (I’m not denying or reducing the gravity of how sinful Zinaa is), Actually, the pope is technically correct, and you can’t deny that. Because even in our Islam, Zinaa is not actually the most serious or biggest sin, because it is in fact SHIRK (which the pope’s religion is based on) which is the most serious and biggest sin.

“And if Christianity had been more capable of keeping Christians committed to sexual mores, rampant fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and other sexual crimes would not spread throughout Christendom.”

There are many isolated rural Christian communities like the Amish and Mennonites whose people are overwhelmingly chaste and don’t have large scale Zinaa being popular and widespread in their society. So this proves that the large scale Zinaa of nowadays is not because of Christianity, but rather because of the globalized modern secular liberal urban culture. That’s why even in non-Christian societies there is large scale Zinaa in society, including far Eastern/Confucian countries and in Muslim countries like Turkey. The most effective solution to reduce Zinaa in society is maximum ruralization and socio-cultural isolation from mainstream urban society, and preferably living low tech and off the grid.


I think you’re missing the point. The pope is downplaying the seriousness of this sin, which in its turn will only encourage Catholics to partake in it. Zina and its consequences are already a huge issue in Catholic nations. If anything he should get more strict on this issue.

The Amish and Mennonites have a practice called “Rumspringa”. Which literally means “jumping or hoping around”.

“When Amish children turn 16, the rules change. They’re encouraged to experiment and explore. The idea is that teens will come back to the church after tasting the modern world. For most, this means a tentative foray — a trip to the local movie theater, or driving lessons. But for some, the experience, called rumspringa, is all about sex, parties and fast cars.”

Source: NPR (Rumspringa: Amish Teens Venture into Modern Vices)


Regardless of whether or not pope is downplaying it, doesn’t change the fact that he is technically correct from our Islamic viewpoint since according to Islam Zinaa is not the biggest sin but instead shirk is. Zinaa and its consequences is a huge issue and mainstream culture all over the world including far East Asia and parts of the Muslim world, not only the Catholic world.

Only some Amish communities have Rumspringa, not all of them. And the whole point of it is that they purge or get rid of the unwanted secular liberals or would-be sinners from their community in this way, by encouraging them to get out and leave the village for the cities if they want to abandon the religious Conservative lifestyle in favour of the secular liberal sinful lifestyle.

That means they end up keeping their village pure and chaste, and successfully prevent the outside world’s secular liberal culture polluting their village society culture, by effectively kicking out the wannabe sinners and secular liberals or pressuring them to not come back unless they want to repent and live only the Conservative religious lifestyle.


Not disagreeing with the technical aspect. The point is his wording could easily be used as an excuse, in the sense of “I might just do it, it ain’t that serious”. He should instead emphasize the sinfullness and evil of the act. Especially since particularly Catholic nations are getting rekt by it.

 And the whole point of it is that they purge or get rid of the unwanted secular liberals or would-be sinners from their community in this way,..”

90% stay. They aren’t getting rid of the would-be sinners. You can’t get rid of them by allowing sin. Evil is reduced by consistantly speaking and acting against it. It’s a well known pedagogical fact that consistency is a prime factor in succesfully raising children.

This is why the Amish have a serious drug and alcohol problem.

And there where there are drugs and alcohol, it’s save to say, there is also zina.

Alcohol consumption and fornication go hand in hand. They come as a pair.

This is also why zina is relatively common in Turkey in comparison to other Muslim nations. Turks on average have a laxer attitude towards alcohol use.

Alcohol isn’t called the mother of all evil for nothing.


I’m not saying that Muslims should copy them 100%, of course there will be cultural differences. However the main idea that I’m promoting and which is compatible with both the hadeeth advice for end times and its proven in real life all over the world, its that it is better for Muslims to be settled in rural isolated areas compared to urban areas. Because the fact and reality is that all over the world, including Turkey and in America, the population who are born and brought up in the countyside and rural areas is still generally more Conservative and religious than the population who are born and brought up major cities where liberalism is more likely to take root in the population. This is also reflected in election results in many countries where the more comparatively Conservative religious party gets more votes in the countryside and the more Liberal secular party gets a lot more support in the cities. In many countries, more or less all the support for LGBT and radical feminism is coming from the cities, with very little support from the countryside. So if you bring up your children in rural areas, they are LESS LIKELY to get affected by the modern secular liberal decadent culture and brainwashed by LGBT/feminazi ideology compared to if they are brought up in the cities. That’s why you don’t see any popular support for LGBT and feminazism in Amish and Haredi Village communities.


When Muslims set up their own rural villages, they should learn the lessons from the experiences and mistakes of the Amish, Haredi and other similar isolated insular communities.

Regarding this drugs problems, if Muslim youth in our proposed villages start getting into hard drugs like cocaine and heroin and crystal meth, then the Muslim villagers can still call the cops from the outside world (there should be one phone in the village HQ used only by the chief or elders for essential communication with the outside world) to come in and take away the druggies from the village, since those hard drugs are still illegal by law and will remain so for a long time.

To avoid a new problem starting with the legal drugs of alcohol and cigarettes, this is why I suggest that all the property (houses and land) in the village should be legally owned by one man (the village chief or Emir, or a few elders who are pious Muslims) as his legal private property, and most of the villagers are his tenants. Private property owners have the legal right to restrict alcohol and cigarettes on their private property.

The landlord can make a tenancy condition of “no alcohol and tobacco on my property”. So if any villagers start alcohol and cigarettes problem, they can be legally evicted by the landowner. The most important precaution to avoid the drugs problem is to preemptively educate those youth about the harms of drugs and how bad the drug culture is in the outside world. I don’t think the Amish people do much stringent anti-drugs education in their homely village schools, because they are largely unaware of the culture of the outside world to begin with.

The youth of the village should always be taught “if you want to live a haram lifestyle like the city people, then get out of here and go to the cities like Las Vegas or New York to do your dirty lifestyle there instead of here!” in that way, the village remains pure and free from the unwanted people and their decadent lifestyles.


So this proves that the large scale Zinaa of nowadays is not because of Christianity, but rather because of the globalized modern secular liberal urban culture.”

It is because of Christianity. Christian sexual mores used to be so unnaturally suffocating that it didn’t leave enough room to properly satisfy sexual urges. Their outlawing of polygamy and divorce basically left people stuck in intensly unsatisfying marriages. This produced grounds for all kinds of sexual deviancy like wide spread prostitution. Brothels have always been central institutions in Christian societies before the advent of the sexual revolution of the sixties…which made every Western woman a potential prostitute.

BTW: the ubiquitousness of sexual immorality within the Catholic clergy is one of the reasons that pushed Martin Luther to stand against the Church. Which resulted in the Protestant revolution.

Westerners either go to one or another extreme. It’s either total deregulation of total overregulation of human sexuality.

Islam again takes the middle position: regulation with options.

Liberalism is an outgrowth of Protestantism. In its turn Liberalism is a pathway to atheism.

“…Zinaa in society, including far Eastern/Confucian countries and in Muslim countries like Turkey.”

Turkey has a huge secular orientated population. Try doing this with more traditional Turks and you’ll be putting your life in danger. Honour killings are still a thing there.