Are You Ready for Microchip Implants? The Conspiracy Theorists Are Right Again

Today, I am not happy.

For 20 years, thanks to the media, anti-Muslim propaganda had become so commonplace that no one would have thought that one day a challenger would dethrone us. All the negative spotlight was on our community.

Yet this Covid crisis has allowed the unthinkable to happen. Today, a group is competing with us for the honor of “most hated.” They are the so-called “non-vaxxers.”

Everywhere, they are generating hate. All the big shots of the intelligentsia spend their money and energy to mock and demonize them. In the media, in parliament, and even in the White House, the non-vaxxers are accused of being selfish, irresponsible, or a “danger to the nation.”

Ironically, the hate for conspiracy theorists is at its peak when conspiracists have all the arguments in their favor.

They predicted the pandemic, the vaccines, the boosters, and now another of their predictions is starting to be actualized:

“Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have invented nanoparticles that can be injected under the skin and emit a fluorescent light that is invisible to the naked eye but visible to a smartphone and could one day be used to confirm that the person has been vaccinated.

The Gates Foundation, which is funding the project, has also launched opinion surveys in Kenya, Malawi, and Bangladesh to determine whether people will be willing to adopt these microscopic quantum boxes or prefer to stick with the old vaccination cards.”

Microchips under the skin! What will the pro-vax, anti-conspiracy theory crowd say in reaction to this news?

They didn’t believe in the grip of medicinal lobbies on Covid treatment. They didn’t think that the virus originally came from a laboratory. They didn’t believe that eventually the gene-therapy “vaccines” would be mandated or that “vaxx passes” would be enforced.

Yet, they were wrong again and again. When will they stop with their absurd skepticism?

They may say that embedded chips under human skin could never be required of the entire world or that governments would never dare to compromise individual liberties by forcing people to alter their bodies in this invasive, horrific way.

Obviously, these people don’t know history.

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Only a century ago, the relation between people and the State was very different. For example, the identity card is a document introduced relatively recently and was initially fiercely opposed. For our great-great-grandfathers, it was unthinkable that the state could collect our personal information, even if it is allegedly “to protect us.”

But the arguments used in the past to justify its implementation remain the same today. They claim it was for people’s security. It is much easier to find a missing citizen, to prove murder, or charge a thief if people constantly carry a card that attests to their existence within the state.

No one is outraged by the existence of an ID card anymore, and maybe soon no one will be outraged by the institution of a subcutaneous vaccination pass. The governments are aware of this and are slowly working to erode our rights and bring us into a society where they will have complete control over every little thing we say and do.

For anti-conspiracy theorists, there is one important question to answer: “Why would the Gates Foundation spend millions of dollars on a technology that it has no intention of implementing?”

The language used in the article answers this question:

“The Gates Foundation is pursuing the project and funding opinion surveys in Kenya, Malawi, and Bangladesh to determine whether people will be willing to adopt these microscopic quantum boxes or prefer to stick with the old immunization cards.”

The survey seeks to determine if the population is “ready” because it’s only a matter of readiness. These people never ask the question of the ethics of this technology.

For them, it is only a matter of time.

“And thus, We have placed within every city the greatest of its criminals to conspire therein. But they conspire not except against themselves, and they perceive [it] not. “

Quran 6:123


By the time I finished the writing of this paper, an article has been published indicating that this embedded microchip pass has been implemented in Sweden:

Following Sweden’s announcement that the coronavirus vaccine passport requirement will be put into practice, the number of people who got microchips inserted under their skin rose, according to local media.

Swedish daily Aftonbladet reported on Sunday that a rise was recorded in the number of people who had microchips inserted in their hands following Sweden’s announcement that a vaccination passport will be required at all events with over 100 participants as of Dec. 1.

Citing a resident, Hannes Sjoblad, the daily reported that he had a microchip with his vaccination passport inserted to his left hand.

This indicates the scary speed at which things are progressing.

Be careful and take care of your family.

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“No one is outraged by the existence of an ID card anymore, and maybe soon no one will be outraged by the institution of a subcutaneous vaccination pass.”

This is part of a natural trend that throughout history, every time something new comes which significantly affects society, there is always one Conservative section of the society (especially in rural and tribal areas) who always fiercely oppose the new change, but then after a few years or decades, everyone (or almost everyone) gets used to the change and don’t challenge it anymore.

When this happens in the Muslim world (introduction of something new which significantly affects society), then there is nearly always a reactionary group of hardliner mullahs or Oulemaa who angrily issue fatwas to declare that thing to be haram (one of the most frequently given excuses to haramize it is تشبه بالكفار or “imitating the infidels”, or “bid-ah because Resoolullah PBUH did not do it”), only for the majority of Muslims and Oulemaa to accept that thing as non-haram a few years or decades later when it is not considered so controversial anymore.

Some examples of this are; the printing press in the Ottoman empire, cameras and photos of humans and animals (which come attached with ID cards), loudspeakers in mosques, and girls schools outside the home. Even today there are still a very few Oulemaa or mullahs who still declare some of these things haram or at least makrooh. There were even some clerics who called bicycles as the “devil’s horse” when it was first introduced in Saudi Arabia. Recently, bitcoin, vaccines and social distancing in salah are experiencing a similar trend, with some Oulemaa angrily haramizing these things and some declaring it halal or even wajib.