Westminster: The Chicest Drug Den in London

It turns out, members of parliament indulge in hard drugs, even on Parliament grounds. While looking at modern British policymaking this may seem obvious in hindsight, there are nevertheless conclusions to be drawn.

RT reports:

Unnamed sources in Parliament told The Times it was common knowledge that some MPs used cocaine, with evidence found “in 11 out of 12 locations tested in the building, including places accessible only to those with parliamentary passes.” Such passes allow their holders to enter the building without having their bags searched by security. According to reports, among the drug hotspots in Parliament were the lavatories near Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s and Home Secretary Priti Patel’s private offices.

The report alleges that some members of Parliament have indulged in illegal substances at house parties too, even in the presence of journalists. One brazen ex-minister reportedly put his dealer on the parliamentary payroll, claiming the man was a member of his staff. “That same former MP is rumored to have dealt drugs himself,” The Times claims.

A government rife with politicians using drugs.

The first and most obvious angle to look at this is seeing it as the proverbial log in the eye of the democracy advocates when they go on and on about how corrupt undemocratic regimes are. While there are, obviously, corrupt undemocratic regimes, the claim tends to be that democracy is the great solution to government corruption, with various arguments to that affect having been drawn since the start of the liberal movement against the traditional monarchies.

We know in historical hindsight that both the “Glorious Revolution” of the UK and the French Revolution brought about regimes orders of magnitude more corrupt and opaque than the ones they toppled. The fact that an evil degenerate like Marquis de Sade had found a place right at home among the democratic revolutionaries can be seen as a most amusing foreshadowing of the debaucheries we would come to see democratic regimes champion.

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As it was then, so it is now: the oldest democracies in the world continue to show their corruption even as they revel in their unfounded claims of moral superiority. And while this recent episode is one of the most visceral and shocking cases of corruption, it is by far not their gravest.

The amount of corruption on the policy level far exceeds most if not all undemocratic regimes criticised under this false narrative of democratic morality. While the US and its Military Industrial Complex tend to be the most cited, a British example is called for here, and in my eyes, none can beat the profiteering Theresa May’s husband achieved from her support of military intervention in Syria.

The second aspect of this is the fact that the law does not seem to apply to MPs. The possession of class A drugs, which includes cocaine, is punished by up to 7 years in prison and is a strict liability crime. The supply of such drugs is punished by up to life in prison. I don’t believe there is a single person who can say they expect any MP to be investigated, let alone be punished. Unfortunately, I also do not believe this will deter any of these MPs or any democracy fanboys from making grandiose claims about the supposed intrinsic links between rule of law and democracy.

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Finally, there is a point to be made about inhibiting substances in general. While secular law has to some extent shared our opposition to drug use, we should do well to remember that Churchill, arguably the most famous face of British democracy throughout history, was an alcoholic. The enlightened democracies of the world were always fine with being ruled by these sordid degenerates, whose career includes creating the Bengal famine which killed around 3 million people, most of which were Muslims.

For them the drug use can only be regarded as a mere step in a road they were always on. We, as Muslims, ought to do well to never stray from our righteous path into that one.

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The 7 yrs punishment thing is for trafficking perhaps. Consumption of hard drugs like cocaine or methamphetamines is done by near tawatur in the west. They love it in “moderation” and call any abuse as “substance abuse” as if it’s just the same thing as letting pretzel crumbs falling in your car seat.

But why didn’t you bring up the topic of sexual grooming of preteen and teenage girls by British MP’s and judges, and Scotland Yard even covering it up.

Just like Catholic clergy, a fair number of judges in western democracies are pedophiles.

Also, you forgot to mention that Churchill was a son of a whore who gave the world his “valuable” comments on women in Islam. According to their own British newspapers and historians, his mom had slept with more than roughly 200 men for social, political, and business pursuits.

Last edited 11 months ago by Ahmad
The Muslim Theist

Do you have references for any of this? I’d like to investigate further


Which topic brother?


All of this can be easily known by some elementary googling.


The Prophet (peace and blessings be on him) stood up and addressed the people, saying, “O people, those who came before you were destroyed because if a person of high status committed theft among them, they would spare him, but if a person of lower status committed theft, they would apply the punishment upon him. By Allah, if Fatima the daughter of Muhammad were to steal, I would have cut off her hand.”

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 1688
Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Muslim


The same principle mentioned in this hadeeth also applies to this drugs scandal


The sad reality of the world is that any type of corruption and abuse by an untouchable invincible ruling elite, whether of innocent children, women, drugs or illicit money, can happen in any country of any majority religion and under any type of regime or political system, regardless of whether it is democratic, autocratic, communist, fascist, secular liberal, libertarian, or even those who claim to be shariocratic Islamic regimes. It is seemingly unavoidable everywhere.


Which other country is heavily involved with hard drugs at the official state sponsorship level? It is the state that Muslim skeptic tacitly supports (seemingly blindly and unconditionally) and refuses to criticize like how he criticises other states, maybe because he believes it is the country that is most ideally governed by the only true Islamic sharia. Just look up on YouTube “Afghanistan’s booming drugs trade under taliban rule”. They are only now openly selling drugs in public markets and not they’re even trying to hide it under the carpet anymore.

Yes I know that in the Quran it says that Muslims are allowed to consume alcohol and pork in extreme emergency survival scenarios to avoid starving to death, and the Afghans may apply the same principle with their opium, heroin and crystal meth that they are growing to survive and get enough cash to avoid starving to death.

However the Tali-BAN had the past 2 decades to openly invoke this Islamic emergency survival rule to justify their involvement with the drugs trade, and they failed to do so. Instead, they lied and covered up their drugs involvement for 20 years for for the sake of reputation, just like a particular church is notorious for doing to hide their activities with children.

If they openly admitted their drugs involvement for the last 20 years and justified it Islamically with the quranic emergency survival rule, that would have been much better and made them less hypocritical.


With all due respect, my comment above is not meant to criticize or belittle Muslim skeptic, and I do heavily appreciate the work he does to defend Islam and Muslim ummah from the increasingly belligerent radical Liberal-feminazi-sodomist fascism.

But I’m only just suggesting in my above comment that it’s not a good idea to have a soft spot for any particular current political Islamic faction or rеgime, including even the highly overrated “Islamic Еmirаte” of Аfghаnistаn, because even they can’t keep their hands perfectly clean in everything, whether it’s drugs or foreign policy or compromising (Liberalizing) from some of their previous 1990s policies to appease secular Liberal foreigners.

I have to mention this because someone who criticises you for your criticism of western elite druggies may resort to the whataboutism argument of “Hey Muslim skeptic, who are you to denounce the Western political elite druggies when your beloved Tally-BANG-bang whom you support are the world’s biggest drug dealers? It’s because of them and their current refusal to destroy the opium/meth growing industry that millions of people outside Afghanistan suffer from drugs today.”