Prominent CAIR Director Outed as Spy for Zionists

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has released a notice that should concern Muslims in more ways than one.

The notice from CAIR’S national executive director, Nihad Awad, alleges that Romin Iqbal, the executive director of CAIR’s Ohio chapter, was found to be spying for an anti-Muslim hate group and relaying insider information.


I am reaching out today to share important news about CAIR’s fight against Islamophobia.

As you know, a critical part of our work is monitoring and combatting anti-Muslim groups…

Last year, our national office received extensive and unprecedented information about the inner workings of one of those organizations, the so-called Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT)

The local chapter’s Board of Directors has fired Mr. Iqbal–who confessed to working with the hate group after being confronted with the evidence against him…

For years, Mr. Iqbal was secretly sharing confidential information about our civil rights work—including surreptitiously recorded conversations, strategic plans and private emails—with anti-Muslim extremists.

The IPT, headed by Steve Emerson, is an organization that is based on promoting Islamophobic rhetoric and employs clandestine approaches to spread it’s anti-Islamic message that are disturbing to say the least.

One of the malicious ways this group spies on the Muslim community is by working with Israeli intelligence to record and monitor imams and Islamic organizations.

The Columbus Dispatch:

IPT had moles within multiple Muslim organizations and was collaborating with the Israeli government, said Edward Ahmed Mitchell, deputy director of CAIR’s national office in Washington, D.C.

“We alleged these things publicly … and Emerson has not denied these allegations,” Mitchell said. “That is telling.”

These allegations come as a result of an independent forensic investigator (hired by CAIR) who shed light on Emerson’s connections with Israeli officials.

The Columbus Dispatch:

Evidence found by a forensic investigator hired by CAIR found that…Emerson communicated with and provided information to Israeli intelligence with the office of then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to CAIR.

Emails provide by investigators during the news conference showed Emerson asking questions to members of Netanyahu’s staff as well as those same staff members seeking information from Emerson and IPT.

Given it’s alleged use of “moles,” Islamophobic propaganda, and joint collaborations with intelligence agencies, the IPT seems to operate a lot like an intelligence organization itself.

But What About CAIR?

Despite the revelation, news of moles like Iqbal shouldn’t be surprising to Muslims who’ve grown up in the post-9/11 political atmosphere that has been ripe with governmental spies in mosques and Muslim organizations.

But what should be surprising is that organizations like CAIR, that claim to represent Muslims and fight for their civil rights, seem to have somewhat of a close relationship with intelligence agencies themselves.

Fox News:

The FBI is severing its once-close ties with the nation’s largest Muslim advocacy group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, amid mounting evidence that it has links to a support network for Hamas.

All local chapters of CAIR have been shunned in the wake of a 15-year FBI investigation that culminated with the conviction in December of Hamas fundraisers at a trial where CAIR itself was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator.

The question has to be asked: why does CAIR have a history with the same governmental agencies that send agents to entrap and hunt Muslims?

Does CAIR have a working relationship with any intelligence or security agencies today? Are they passing any information about the Muslim community to such agencies?

According to a review of the FBI’s ties to CAIR, published by the U.S. Department of Justice, the involvement of CAIR with the FBI was done in an official capacity. Joint events such as “Bridging the Gap between Law Enforcement and the Muslim Community” were cosigned by high ranking CAIR officials despite the FBI’s official stance of “sharply circumscribing FBI non-investigative outreach activities with CAIR.”

U.S. Department of Justice:

CAIR was selected as one of the representatives of the Muslim community to provide training at this event. The CAIR speakers were identified on the training flyer as the Executive Director and Board Member of the Council on American Islamic Relations, Connecticut Chapter, confirming that their participation was in an official, not individual, capacity.

In this joint event, other Muslim representatives and organizations aside from CAIR were found to attend these junctions such as the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut (MCC).

Have CAIR and other Muslim organizations forgotten that the FBI and CIA are some of the most Islamophobic and hostile entities to the Muslim community, both domestically and abroad?

Something else to note: despite the FBI’s hard-stance of not interacting with CAIR as per their 2008 directive, the U.S. Department of Justice’s report concluded that this policy was at times not followed properly or even ignored entirely.

U.S. Department of Justice:

According to the former AD [Assistant Director], the ECs [electronic communications] contained “kid glove” language to make it more palatable to the [FBI field officies], who did not want to be controlled by… policy and were interested in protecting their own community outreach activities with the Muslim community, which they also regarded as good sources of information.

In essence, individual FBI field offices went rogue when it came to establishing a consensus for dealing with CAIR; what’s really disturbing is CAIR’s own response:

According to FBI documents…CAIR wrote to the Attorney General seeking information regarding the FBI’s suspension of formal relations with CAIR. Additionally, a coalition of Muslim American groups issued a public statement claiming that the FBI’s treatment of CAIR, among other issues, disrupted attempts to grow trust between the FBI and the Muslim community.

Why in the world would CAIR, an organization under investigation of possible ties with terrorist groups, want to maintain ties with the FBI; the same agency that sends plants that goad Islamic organizations to commit terrorism?

The FBI seems to both want to distance themselves from CAIR on the grounds that they might be a terrorist organization but still simultaneously conduct joint outreach programs with them despite their official stance of non-communication with CAIR. On the other hand, CAIR takes it upon themselves to strive for a relationship with the FBI.

Not only does this sound like a recipe for disaster; it doesn’t add up from either side.

Update: Another Mole!

After news initially broke of Romin Iqbal working for the IPT, CAIR has now given additional updates on twitter and the revelations are concerning to say the least.


In short, CAIR claims to have found an additional IPT mole. He was not part of CAIR officially and was only an active volunteer in a mosque that was invited to national community meetings and events.

This second unnamed mole has revealed that he was paid by IPT’s founder and executive director, Steven Emerson, to conduct similar reconnaissance in mosques by spying on other Muslim leaders and organizations.

CAIR alleges that this individual had not targeted CAIR directly and that he is an external mole that primarily concerned himself with organizations other than CAIR.

Which other organizations?

CAIR also reiterates evidence of IPT’s connections with Israeli intelligence officers such as Yossi Kuperwasser, an IDF General, and former Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

E-mail correspondences between Emerson and IPT moles are also revealed. These emails contain tasks assigned by Emerson to said moles and status reports from the IPT spies.


Questions arise regarding these unfolding events.

One of which is CAIR’s selective attitude towards moles paid by non-governmental organizations. One of their point of contention is that these moles and Islamophobic organizations are threats to Muslims because of their close relationship with Israel. If that’s the case, what about CAIR’s extended relationship with the FBI?

FBI’s stance on Israeli cooperation:

In this and other overseas cases, FBI investigations are greatly helped by having strong relationships already in place with host countries. In Israel…the FBI has a long history of working with the country’s national police and intelligence agencies.

Considering FBI programs that have been exposed for using spies in mosques as mentioned earlier in this report and their close relationship with Israel, why does CAIR have a history of advocating for a close relationship between the Muslim community and the FBI?

CAIR’s Texas Chapter:

Shariq Abdul Ghani, who directs the Houston office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said he hopes the communication between the FBI and Houston’s Muslim and Arab communities continue.

“One of the governmental organizations our community fears the most is the FBI,” Ghani said. “If people feel they can have a relationship with the agency, I believe people are more likely to report tips and be more cooperative.”

This is an extremely dangerous position to take given the FBI’s abhorrent track record in American history in general (let alone their track record with American Muslims).

Not only is it dangerous, its hypocritical as well. The FBI, much like the IPT, has strong relationships with Israeli intelligence, uses moles to conduct surveillance, and entraps Muslims.

What’s the difference?

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Not surprised at all. For everyone keeping tabs on CAIR the last few years it is crystal clear that that organisation has been compromised.

His name is the first red flag. What halfway religious Muslim parent would name their son “Roman”? This alone would tell me that that person wasn’t raised by people with even moderate imaan.

Your imaan will reveal itself in many ways. One of those ways is in how you name your children.

Giving your children non-Muslim of religiously ambiguous names is terefore very telling.

John Doe

I think his name is based on romman meaning pomegranate un Arabic. Not sure though.


Point still stands. Parents are tasked with giving their children good and meaningful names. Naming your son ‘pomegranate’ is neither meaningful nor is it from the adat of the Muslims.

If ‘promegranate’ was indeed the intension why spell it in the exact same way the kufar write ‘Roman’?

Why not give your child a name which is unmistakably Islamic like Muhammad or Abdallah?

I’ve noticed this trend among young Muslim parents in the West where they give their children ambiguous names like Adam, Rayan, Zackary(yah), Sabrina. Dangerous trend. Names are a huge part of identity. Messing with them is messing with the kid and his attachment to the Muslim community and faith.


It is common sense why many Muslims parents in the west increasingly prefer to give their children ambiguous name; to avoid or at least reduce the chances of their children getting future bullying and discrimination in an increasingly islamophobic society, Duh!

And likewise a similar thing may be happening regarding clothing and grooming (e.g. Muslim men preferring clean shaven look or fashionable stubble or goatee beards instead of long beard and trimmed mustache) to blend in and avoid standing out as Muslims.

Only those who are either ignorant of the Islamphobia or otherwise brave and defiant and not afraid of getting persecuted (like you) prefer to conspicuously stand out as Muslims because you’re not afraid of getting discriminated or getting harassed on the streets by far right thugs. Not everyone else is as brave and fearless as you are.

Similarly in some Muslim countries like Pakistan there are minority nonMuslims who try to blend in with the Muslim majority with their names and appearance (such as sikh men not wearing turbans anymore) because they are scared of constant harassment bullying or 6om6 attacks or riots by the khawarij.


Me and my parents already regret adding Muhammad in my official name, as I’m highly confident that it is one of the main reasons I was rejected for literally every job I applied to despite my high qualifications and job suitability. Also there is the hassle of getting held up and interrogated and getting your phone and all its data forcibly intruded by the officials when you travel through airports with your big beard and turban and long white robes accompanied by your niqabi wife and your name is overtly Islamic such as Mohammed or Abdullah.

And please don’t spread any hatred against our sisters who chose to not wear headscarf out of fear, please emphathize with them. Despite being a Conservative Muslim, I have already decided to give my future children ambiguous names, it is for their own good so they won’t blame their parents for giving them names that cause them extra problems in life. And by the way there is nothing islamically wrong or haram with ambiguous names which are common for both Muslims and nonMuslims, like the examples you mentioned.

Also I want to point out that when the Spanish inquisition happened, the Catholic monarchy banned Islam entirely and all the Muslims were not able to escape abroad, so some Oulemaa made fatwas supporting the right of those Muslims still stuck in Spain to completely blend in with the Spanish Christians in every way while practicing Islam secretly in the closet. The same could apply today in one particular far eastern superpower country who has banned Islam. Also don’t forget Nejashi the Abyssinia king was secretly Muslim which means he would have had to blend in with the ways of his nonMuslim society in every way.


Wear your name proud, Muhammad is a wonderful name worth more than any salary.

If Muslims regret anything they should regret selling out their deen and stifling their countries back home by bringing their well needed expertise here.

Aside from that, may Allah reward you and the ummah for having to deal with the western corporate world.

Last edited 6 months ago by Ramzan

You complain about Muslim parents giving their children ambiguous names as if that’s a bad or haram thing, When the main leading personality behind this Muslim skeptic blog is literally called DANIEL, which is one of the most typical and common names for European/American nonMuslims. And Haqiqatjou is a Persian or Magian name, not an Arabic/Islаmist name. And then there is another author on this blog called (Hud) LeSpirit, which also doesn’t sound very conspicuously Islamic. And the world’s biggest Islamic preacher is (or was) Zakir NAIK (Naik is the name of an Indian/Hindu caste that he descends from, and it sounds like the sportswear corporation who is named after a Greek Goddess). There are plenty more prominent Islamic personalities who don’t have full Arabic islаmist names.


All the examples you mentioned are names given to them, your argument would be better if you look at the names they gave their children.


I’ve seen your comments quite frequently on here calling for Muslims to become like the Amish or Mennonites and lead a simple, secluded life away from modern secular society and technology as if that would end all the problems for Muslims in America and the West. I have also seen your comment proclaiming that the government should do its job and protect its citizens (this was in the Kyle Rittenhouse article), instead of allowing citizens to own firearms privately. However, I’m not sure if you’ve ever read the history of the West in the past 100+ years, and how they have been the sole perpetrators of the destruction of the Islamic world; to oppress anyone effectively, you must first effectively disarm them, as history has shown various times. To have self-determination, one must first have means of self-defense. This is a very basic concept which applies from the individual level to the national level. Western leaders provide their people with the 1st world lifestyles they have through making geopolitical deals (raw resources and cheap labor in exchange for money, guns, and phony “democratic” social programs) with corrupt leaders of 2nd and 3rd world countries in the Middle East/North Africa and Latin America, which is typically at the expense of the poorer peoples of those countries. Your proposals are all fine and good but you’ve forgotten to ask yourself a few critical questions: what makes you think the western countries are going to allow us to rule in our hypothetical and small, secluded reservations using shari’ah when they’re the ones that brought forth their definition of “human rights” around the world through the creation of an international organization like the UN? If you’re an independent country and you don’t live to the UN’s standards when they want you to, they then place sanctions upon your government and people until you do, meanwhile your economy and livelihood continue to suffer year by year. Another crucial question to ask yourself is whether you think you’ll actually be left alone as an individual by these oppressors if you made yourself seem any less Muslim despite still practicing the religion. You can be a Semite, Indo-Iranian, Asian, or African who was named with the most European/”Judeo-Christian” of names and dressed with the most European/”Judeo-Christian” of dress, but so long as you believe in one thing: La ilaha illaAllah wa Muhammadur Rasullallah, then the truth is that they will never see you as one of them. What the secular world order really wants from Muslims is for us to no longer fear or believe in Allah (SWT), and to renounce Islam so we no longer care about the things that make us stand in their way.

{Many of the People of the Scripture wish they could turn you back to disbelief after you have believed, out of envy from themselves [even] after the truth has become clear to them.}[Quran 2:109]

{And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion. Say, “Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance.” If you were to follow their desires after what has come to you of knowledge, you would have against Allah no protector or helper.} [Quran 2:120]

Brother, despite them discriminating against you and your family for your name and religio-cultural appearance, changing all this stuff for them isn’t going to make them accept you more. Their goal is to make you think, believe, talk, and dress the way they do because they think they are the “higher culture” and “saviors of the world”, thereby they think they know what the highest mode of living is and want to preach their secular system to the entire world. Yet, they’re wrong, because as Muslims, we have Allah (SWT) and His Deen, and we know that Islam is the highest mode of living for those who fear and love Allah (SWT), because this is what was prescribed by Him to us, the believers that submit to Him. They want you to secularize, they want you to huddle into a corner and be at their mercy. They want you to be sorry and ashamed for being Muslim, and a follower of Allah (SWT). You may fear being persecuted, but if you give in to their demands through your fear, they will subjugate you even further until you or your family become the way they are. I mean no offense, brother, but your proposals would be swiftly rejected by the Sahaba and all the Caliphs that came after. We Muslims belong to a proud heritage, from the most magnanimous and just of leaders, most fierce and disciplined of warriors, and most gifted and intuitive of scholars and scientists. Our Prophet (SAW) foretold of the taking of Rum and Persia, and the prophecy wasn’t fulfilled by us becoming like the Amish and Mennonites and relying on some other government model from the kuffar to take care of us and/or to be relied upon to effectively leave us alone. We stood up and fought for our beliefs, despite the worst of persecutions and military defeats (see the Mongol era). It’s time for us Muslims to be proud of who we are and to fear Allah (SWT), rather than fearing what the secular world order might do to us. It’s becoming of a Muslim to maintain his or her Deen and to believe in Allah (SWT), who will deliver us from all trials and towards the final victory.

Ne mutlu Türküm Müslümanım diyene! 

Karim Adel

This guy Baz is a troll, he is always commenting her to stir controversy and pass veiled (as he thinks) devil advocacy. I am on to you weirdo.