Saudi Hosts Huge Satanic Music Festival

One of the strongest weapons of Shaytan is music. And its foremost proponents in the modern world are popular musicians well-known among youngsters. Many of these famous purveyors of poison were recently invited to Saudi Arabia in order to perform in an out-of-control rave:

The four-day food and music festival called MDL Beast Soundstorm, was endorsed by the government and included performances by global DJs like Tiesto and Armin van Buuren. Organizers say more than 180,000 people attended the opening night, pushing boundaries as the kingdom transforms.

And while these 180,000 Muslims paid for and attended this Satanic event, only 60,000 “vaccinated” Muslims were allowed to perform Hajj this year.

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180,000. Let that number sink in for a moment. Imagine hundreds of thousands of Muslims, both men and women, dancing and partying to the sounds of Satan so close to the city where they are supposed to perform pilgrimage. So close to where the Prophet ﷺ was born. So close to where the Qur’an was revealed. So close to where the Prophet ﷺ and his Companions suffered day in and day out in order to fight against the evil lifestyle set by Shaytan.

“Allow us progress, allow us to represent ourselves in the way that we feel fit,” said Prince Fahad Al Saud, a royal family member and entrepreneur who attended in a psychedelic-patterned jacket and sparkling eyeliner.

But hey, at least they stopped the music for the adhan, right? Did guilt or remorse penetrate the hearts of these Muslim youth upon hearing it? If so, they just went back to business as usual the moment it ended.

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The status of music in Islam is clear. Take just this Hadith as an example:

Narrated Abu ‘Amir or Abu Malik Al-Ash’ari:

that he heard the Prophet (ﷺ) saying, “From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of musical instruments, as lawful. And there will be some people who will stay near the side of a mountain and in the evening their shepherd will come to them with their sheep and ask them for something, but they will say to him, ‘Return to us tomorrow.’ Allah will destroy them during the night and will let the mountain fall on them, and He will transform the rest of them into monkeys and pigs and they will remain so till the Day of Resurrection.” (Sahih-Al-Bukhari: 5590)

In the above Hadith, music is very rightly put beside haram activities such as alcohol consumption and zina. Both of these share a common link with how music affects people. They all induce a loss of self-control.

Consider this research on music:

Many physicians, psychologists and critics have wondered whether its effects can go beyond the powerful group dynamics and behavioural changes related to music in the context of religious ritual and warfare and actually ‘hypnotise’ or ‘brainwash’ an audience.1 Although most observers now follow French anthropologist Gilbert Rouget’s view that the relationship between music and hypnosis and trance is psycho-social rather than physiologically deterministic, over the past 200 years the idea of musical hypnosis has been the basis of a variety of discourses about music leading to involuntary hypnosis, robbing listeners of autonomy and making them sexually vulnerable.

Meerloo wrote more about music in his later book Dance Craze and Sacred Dance, where he displayed a very ambivalent attitude to rock music. He explicitly stated that ‘the contagious rhythm of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is ‘a form of rhythmic mass hypnosis’.

Larson was part of a long tradition when he wrote that, ‘heavier rock groups’ can make listeners surrender their ‘volitional authority’ (i.e. their will), and that, ‘live performances can rhythmically manipulate an audience until they reach a zombie-like state’.

Music causing mass hypnosis and a “zombie-like state” sounds incredibly damaging.

You just have to take a single look at these concerts to see the effect they have on people. Just like alcohol and drugs, these sounds induce a state of ‘losing oneself’. And when that part of yourself that can think and analyze a situation critically and intuitively is switched off, then you are much more prone to forgo the rest of Allah’s commandments as well.

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Nightclub in all but name, just like how the malls there nowadays are selling a lot of pine trees and red Holly and snow decorations in December while being very careful to avoid openly using the name Christmas.


With all due respect Muslim skeptic brothers, the Muslim Ummah including the non-Liberal anti-LGBT traditional/Conservative/orthodox Oulemaa are not all universally or unanimously agreed on the idea that all music is haram per se. This is one of those things where there is a real ikhtilaf or valid difference of opinion. I suggest you look up and read the fatwas of Al-Azhar and sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi regarding music.

First of all, not all scholars accept the authenticity of that hadeeth. And some of them insist that the hadeeth is only talking about the music in combination with the alcohol and haram sexualization (meaning the thing that they do in rave and nightclubs), and not just the music by itself. And also the fact is that music is a huge integral deep-rooted traditional part of more or less every culture and society in history, so why didn’t Allah clearly declare in the Quran that something as huge and universal as music is haram, with a verse saying something like “الموسيقى حرام”? Alcohol and fornication (a huge part of many cultures) are clearly mentioned by name in the Quran but music is not. The phrase “vain talk” or “لحو الحديث” is not the same word as music and can be arbitrarily interpreted to mean many things.

Secondly, you stereotype all music as being the exact same thing (you claim that all music is the same decadent sexualized vulgar obscene stuff like what mainstream pop and rap songs and nightclub rave dance music with their sexualized dancing and lyrical references promoting haram things). But everyone knows that not ALL music is like that. There are plenty of music types which does not have these haram-promoting lyrics or sexualized dance movements. For example instrumental-only classical music and soundtracks for films, and also traditional tribal or folk songs and dances such as Al-Ardha which is Saudi Arabia’s traditional sword dance with drums, halal lyrics and gender-segregated non-sexual dancing.

Then there are Islamic nasheeds which have halal lyrics and no accompanying dances, both the ones which have musical instruments (such as Sami Yusuf, Maher Zain and Fateh Nusrat Ali Khan), and the male voice A-capella nasheeds (with plenty of autotune but no instruments) which are officially supported by most Salafi groups as well as your favorite government (Afghanistan) that you blindly support. If the mainstream vulgar pop and rap and rock and rave music is hypnotic and addictive, then many of the A-capella nasheeds of Salafi/Deobandi hardliners that you support are also “hypnotic” or addictive as earworms. It is also possible for someone to make a dance party with these A-capella nasheeds.

And thirdly, even if we suppose for argument sake that all music is haram per se, where in the Quran or hadeeth does it mandate any kind of state-enforced punishment or hudood for doing it? Not everything which is haram must be criminalized by an Islamic government, especially if there is no punishment mentioned for it in Quran or hadeeth. Those who go to these vulgar events like nightclubs and bars and casinos are not harming other people like religious conservatives, nor are they forcing their Liberal lifestyle on religious conservatives such as threatening jail or whipping for refusing to sing or dance with them. But rather it is regimes like druggie Tali-BAN-bang who act as fascists by forcing their puritan austere lifestyle on everyone else and torturing and beating up and jailing or killing people for privately doing things like music which don’t harm others.

I’m not defending this new rave or nightclub culture in Arabia, but I am insisting that if something is haram, Muslims should abstain from these things voluntarily out of their own free will or self-discipline (self-control), and NOT just to avoid getting jailed or tortured by the state like what Afghanistan is forced to suffer now. While an islam state may prevent open public raves or nightclubs, it is not necessary for it to completely criminalize and eliminate ALL music per se, especially music which don’t have haram elements like alcohol and sexualization (e.g. Islamic nasheeds, instrumental soundtracks for videos or films, and traditional or tribal folk music/dances with drums, which Saudi allowed for centuries before this new rave culture came up).


anything that is haram will be criminalised by an islamic government.


Guess what, you and the Muslim skeptic and even the Таlibаn are not the strictest or most Conservative or harshest Muslims in the world. There are Islamic scholars and mullahs/muftis who are far more Conservative and stricter than you are, to the point of making even Muslim skeptic and Таlly-BAN look like westernised woke secular liberal feminists in comparison. In particular I suggest you read the literature of Majlisul Ulama South Africa who are the strictest most Conservative Muslims in the whole world.

Some of the things that the most Conservative hardine strictest Oulemaa declare to be haram are ;
– photos and videos of humans and animals (idolatry)
– using any kind of social media platform at all
– playing any and all kinds of sports and games including all the ball games and board games
– sitting at table on a chair and eating with knife and fork
– women driving, going to mosque or weddings or graveyards or female only venues outside home
– girls schools and colleges even without men there
– Daniel letting his wife show herself and talk on camera
– wearing suit and tie or T-shirts and jeans
– many medical procedures including blood donation and transfusion, organ transplants, husband-wife IVF, and even emergency abortion to save life of mom.

If you believe in this idea that everything which is haram must be criminalized (meaning the state jails, beats up or kills people just for doing these things) then YOU and the authors of this blog and the majority of the population will likely get beaten up or jailed or executed for a lot of the things that you consider halal and take for granted in your life, if those ultra-orthodox hardliner Oulemaa who declare nearly everything haram manage to take over power in the islamic country.

Those “everything is haram” mullahs and their fans will consider and treat people like you the same way that you consider the “music is halal” Muslims since you refuse to be as strict or Conservative as them. In fact they will accuse you of making “haram into halal” (the same Charge you accuse on the pro-music Muslims) because you refuse to consider the abovementioned extra things haram offenses worthy of jail or whips or gallows.


I have no problem with the Muslim skeptic declaring that music or almost anything else is haram, because I’m aware that he is very Liberal compared to far stricter and more Conservative Oulemaa who make almost everything haram and worthy of criminalizing. The problem is that these people who declare something haram, if they come to power in a state they are obsessed with trampling over everyone else who disagrees with them and ignoring valid ikhtilaf, and they are obsessed with jailing or beating up and murdering and torturing people for following a different valid opinion, including regarding the non-vulgar non-obscene types of music like the types I mentioned above.

They are not willing to tolerate other opinions like how vegetarians and non-vegetarian people tolerate each other perfectly fine respectfully and politely while each one still maintains their own beliefs. Vegetarians believe that killing animals for meat is haram, but when they come to power ruling a country (for example the current rulers of India) they don’t jail or kill or torture non-vegetarian people just for eating meat or openly refusing to believe in vegetarian ideology.


In the USA, the federal government has granted the native Americans their own autonomous regions called “Indian reservations” which are officially recognised as “tribal sovereign nations” and don’t have to follow all the federal and state government laws because they are allowed to have their own native American government and make their own laws for their own area. The largest Indian reservations are so huge that they are bigger than several US states like Connecticut, Massachusets and Rhode Island. So these Indian reservations are like a state within a state or country within a country.

So similarly, islamic country could or should make a similar deal with those ultra-orthodox “hardliner” Muslims with the Tаlіban mentality, where those hardliners are given their own reservations (autonomous regions) where they are free to make their own laws and impose their stricter harsh draconian version of sharia which I call “hard sharia” where they haramize and criminalize almost everything (including music, movies, men’s clean shaven faces, women’s uncovered hair, women doing many things like working and hobbies).

Meanwhile the so-called “moderate” tolerant cosmopolitan Muslims have the rest of the country outside those hardliner reservations to themselves (especially major cities) so they can implement there the more tolerant and less strict version of Islamic law that I call “soft sharia” (as opposed to the Tаlibаn-style “hard sharia”) where the soft sharia is not so restrictive.

After this system is implemented, all those hardliner Muslims like the Muslim skeptic with the Таlіbаn mentality of “almost everything is haram and must be crime” should simply do “domestic hijra” to relocate to those hardliner reservations and live their dream lifestyle there peacefully, instead of making violent rebellions or seditious riots pestering the “moderate” Muslims and nonMuslims who are the majority in the big cities and don’t want to live under the cruel “everything is haram crime” regime. Both types of Muslims (the “moderates” and hardliners) agree to not invade each other’s areas or impose their own system on the other type of Muslim.

This “multiple sharia system” that I just explained (as compared to a single sharia system and one-size-fits-all set of laws uniformly imposed on everyone everywhere nationwide) is a win-win deal for both types of Muslims, because both of them get to live under their own preferred ruling system/ideology while living surrounded by like-minded people, and both types of Muslims feel that sharia is already firmly established in the country.


“Soft shariah” or “hard shariah” doesn’t exist. There is only one shariah.


someone who doubts the authenticity of bukhari is not a “scholar” to begin with, only a wolf in sheep’s skin trying to deviate weaklings from the deen


Not everything in Bukhari or Muslim is necessarily Sahih. The Quran over rides everything else.


the sahaba unanimously agree on music being haram, the 4 imams agree on it being haram, greeat muhadithun like imam bukhari agree it is haram, but yeah sure lets use a narrator that all 4 imams rejected to make music halal…

Al Ribat Media

All of the points you raise are addressed by the ulema and daees who take the view that music is haram. Nevertheless, the ikhtilaf is not the point here nor should it be the focus of the feedback following this article.

Are you suggesting what is going on in “Saudi” is potentially ok?

Of course not. So the difference is not relevant here nor should people be exposed to these shubuhaat out of context.

Even the scholars that said musical instruments are not haram per se would agree on the prohibition of alcohol, drugs, free mixing and the kufr of mocking the deen and the kalimah and the symbols of Islam (as happened at this concert and numerous other ones since October when Riyadh Season started). And moreover they would ageee upon the kufr of legislating new laws against the Qur’an and Sunnah.

We need to see these people for what they are and inform the Muslim community about their status. It is important that they protect themselves.


What I’m concerned about is that some hardliners like Muslim skeptic may want to use these vulgar obscene types of music events as a bogeyman or Trojan horse to justify and promote attacking all the other harmless types of music I mentioned above which are not so vulgar or haram. Like how some Western regimes use Da3esh/IS1S as a bogeyman or Trojan horse to justify their restricting and cracking down on islam in general, especially Conservative Muslims who refuse to be woke.

Are you demanding that people must be beaten up, jailed, tortured, have their body parts chopped up, or even killed JUST BECAUSE of singing lullabies or nursery rhymes for children, or for making a trailer with an instrumental background soundtrack for an event or film, or their Nokia phone ringtone, or for Sami Yusuf or Maher Zain performing their Islamic nasheeds without vulgar obscenity or dancing, or for the Arabs doing their traditional tribal dancing with swords and guns (no gender mixing), or even just for privately listening to music through headphones in one’s bedroom? If you think ALL music is haram per se, Why don’t you condemn Таlibаn and other similar salefi/deobandy groups for making catchy A-capella nasheed music songs?


Dancing isn’t Haram. There is a hadith which says the Prophet allowed an Ethiopian delegate that visited him to celebrate their culture while they were singing and dancing. In the Kavkaz region there is a type of dancing between men and women that is cultural and not sexual. It is called Lezginka and even many strict Muslims do it. So even dancing with the opposite gender can’t be forbidden if it’s not sexual.


There wasn’t any gender segregation in early Islam. You need to know this for a fact.


LOL. Al-Qaradawi. A Mufti for hire. A chameleon who changes color based on where the money is. A bankrupt mufti who made a fatwa that it is OK for Muslims in the Western armies to kill Muslims in 3rd World countries. A tool used by intelligence agencies since the 1960s. A Mufti who tricked an Algerian girl 50 years younger to leave her family and marry him, only to abandon her after he satisfied himself.

Bankrupt and corrupt individual.

His fatwas stink, as in faswa.


 ‘Al-Azhar and sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi’
Say no more.


problem in that topic is not about which musics are halal or haram or music is haram or halal? the music festivals which held on saudi arabia is totally satanic(you can see that from internet), musicians are not doing nasheeds, but rather meaningless fahsh musics


have you seen taliban killing someone for listening music? why you keep insulting anyone you want without any proof. taliban killing people who abusing children and little girls which US looked as tradition on their invasion period.


Yes, an Afghan singer Fawad Andarabi was murdered last year, and in 2016 Pakistani singer Amjad Sabri was murdered, both by either Таlіbаn or someone who supports Таlіbаn views. Google search their names. Their music is not haram or vulgar or obscene faahisha. Why were they murdered by Таlіban? Because some mullah declares something haram, then some of their followers think that they have the right to act as vigilante and literally murder other people who do those things that mullah declared as haram. Just like how Khalid Hameed, a professor of a co-ed college in Pakistan was suddenly murdered in his college by a kharijee student in 2019 because that student Listened to some mullah who said that mixed gender college event is haram.

I used to support that Таlі-bang-bang until about 2 years ago when I slowly started realising that they are just overrated and hyped-up too much. Get off this bandwagon of hype about them, they are not the Imam Mehdy nor the khulafaa rashidoon. They are just another ruling regime in the Muslim world, who have their fair share of good things and bad things (mistakes) like everyone else. They are NOT perfect like you may think. If you like to claim that all accusations against Таlіban are lies without proof because you refuse to accept that Таlibаn are humans who make mistakes, then I could say the same about anyone else, including the US or Russia or China, maybe all your accusation of them doing bad things is just false accusations without proof.


Dude we don’t got gangbangs and orgies in nightclubs. People are more likely to do real Zina and Fahisha in a whore house or with a mahram relative or their neighborr’s wife than a one night stand from a night club and even then we can try and classify it as mutah. Stop exaggerating and lying man.


Excellent detailed article by Mufti Zameel dismantling the nonsensical arguments of the deformists who claim music is permissible:


King Faisal of Saudi Arabia was assassinated in 1975, 2 years after the 1973 oil crisis, which he was primarily behind from withdrawing Saudi Arabia from the world oil market, due to the Wests support for the Zionist state during the 1973 Arab Israeli war.


But we shouldn’t criticize the rulers. We should smile, laugh and embrace whatever dumb stuff they do. Otherwise we are Khawarij. Isn’t that right?