The Rohingya Muslims Versus Facebook: Accountability for Genocide?

The Rohingya have a lot in common with the Uyghurs. Both are some of the most oppressed Muslim populations on the planet with the Rohingya facing systematic extermination of their people by Myanmar Buddhist nationalists.

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The Rohingya have now sued Facebook on the grounds that Facebook’s platform has knowingly enabled the Myanmar extremists to coordinate and carry out acts of genocide.

Aljazeera reports:

Rohingya refugees have sued the social media giant Facebook for $150bn over claims the social network is failing to stem hate speech on its platform, exacerbating violence against the vulnerable Myanmar minority

The complaint, lodged in a California court, said the algorithms that power the US-based company promote disinformation and extreme thought that translates into real-world violence.

The case itself has merit. The idea that Facebook, at best, would turn the other cheek when it comes to genocide is well supported and documented.

In its pursuit of profit and data manipulation, Facebook has come under fire for noncompliance and corporate misconduct inside the United States and at the international stage prompting record breaking fines.

The Federal Trade Commision:

Facebook, Inc. will pay a record-breaking $5 billion penalty and submit to new restrictions and a modified corporate structure…

The $5 billion penalty against Facebook is the largest ever imposed on any company for violating consumers’ privacy and almost 20 times greater than the largest privacy or data security penalty ever imposed worldwide.

“Despite repeated promises to its billions of users worldwide that they could control how their personal information is shared, Facebook undermined consumers’ choices,” said FTC Chairman Joe Simons.

Clearly, Facebook has some deep-rooted issues when it comes to transparency. But these issues won’t likely be solved by the FTC fines. Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms, generates over 100 billion dollars per year in revenue; a 5 billion dollar fine is nothing more than a drop in the bucket and a slap on the wrist.

In truth, these fines are formalities performed to placate public outrage and allow these too-big-to-fail corporations to continue their monopolies under the guise of being “regulated.”

Consider this: Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce giant that rivals Amazon, was fined 2.8 billion dollars by Chinese regulators for employing practices that stifled competition and other monopoly-esque conduct. Stunningly, after the fine was announced, Alibaba stock had dramatically increased in value largely due to the fine’s relatively negligible effect on the company’s finances and operations as a whole. To these Big Brother conglomerates, billion dollar fines are equivalent to a parking ticket which renders them useless in dissuading misconduct and monopolization.


Whistleblower Frances Haugen told the US Congress in October that Facebook is “fanning ethnic violence” in some countries.

In addition to the Rohingya, Indian Muslims have also been affected by the ethnic violence that spreads on Facebook.

The Diplomat:

…the Wall Street Journal published a damning report revealing how Facebook India’s head of public policy, Ankhi Das, “opposed applying hate speech rules” to at least four figures from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) who had posted violent, Islamophobic content on their profiles.

Das did so to remain in the ruling party’s good books and protect the social media giant’s business prospects in India.

But the story gets more interesting: Ankhi Das, was forced to step down from her position due to pressure from the general public and even Facebook employees themselves for ironically spreading hate speech herself. This was due to her sharing Islamophobic posts and shielding T. Raja Singh, a BJP extremist (among other prominent Hindutva scum), from censorship who subsequently called for the mass slaughter of Muslims, and for the Rohingya to be shot en masse.

Unfortunately, because of Ms. Das’s seal of approval for the BJP’s call for ethnic violence and her double-standards regarding hate speech, Muslims have been killed by radical Hindu extremists.

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On Tuesday, a committee with members from both the BJP and the New Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party will question Das on Facebook’s role in riots in New Delhi in February where two-thirds of the more than 50 people killed by Hindu mobs were identified as Muslim.

And this is just one of the many instances of Facebook’s complete disregard for the loss of human life directly due to it’s platform being knowingly used for mob violence.

When Gambia, in a case filed at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), asked Facebook to provide documents that would help identify and indict Myanmar officials in the mass extermination of the Rohingya, Facebook refused.


The case before the United Nations’ International Court of Justice in The Hague accuses Myanmar of violating the 1948 U.N. Convention on Genocide.

Facebook has objected to a request from Gambia, which has accused Myanmar at the World Court of genocide against the Rohingya Muslim minority

Facebook said the request… of “all documents and communications” by key military officials and police forces was “extraordinarily broad” and would constitute “special and unbounded access” to accounts.

Extraordinarily broad?

You’d think Gambia was asking for access to all of Facebook’s userbase, but they specifically asked to subpoena key actors in the Myanmar government. That’s hardly unreasonable or broad, especially given the atrocities that are being committed by these war criminals.

Of these people, Min Aung Hlaing (now Prime Minister of Myanmar) and five other Burmese generals were later found by a U.N. fact finding mission to have committed genocide and grave war crimes under international law.

150 billion is nothing compared to the damage Facebook has and is currently causing the Ummah and the rest of the world. Real accountability in the form of criminal proceedings should be pressured from Muslim nations to hold Mark Zuckerberg and the Burmese government accountable since fines and strongly worded letters do absolutely nothing.

This is the only way to provide the Rohingya actual restitution for the ruthless treatment they’ve experienced at the hands of Buddhist extremists in Myanmar thanks, in large part, to Facebook.

May Allah help the Rohingya and give strength to the Ummah.

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That’s expected from Mossad asset Mark Zuckerberg. Anyone who thinks FANG corporations are actual enterprises, is deluded. They’re commercial faces for governmental operations. Same for alibaba.


“Real accountability in the form of criminal proceedings should be pressured from Muslim nations to hold Mark Zuckerberg and the Burmese government accountable since fines and strongly worded letters do absolutely nothing. This is the only way to provide the Rohingya actual restitution”

No, I will tell you the only REAL long term solution. First of all there should not be any such thing as “Muslim nationS” (with an S on the end), because there is supposed to be only ONE Muslim nation or “United States of Islam” or USI (established in 622 AD by its founding father prophet Muhammad PBUH) instead of the ummah being balkanized into 50 separate countries.

Secondly, the Muslims should have their own giant rival social media platform, which can only be based inside this United States of Islam since all the current countries won’t allow such a blatantly pro-Muslim-ummah social media platform to exist and operate from their land.

Thirdly, all the Rohinyga people are granted immediate citizenship by this United States of Islam, which will end their stateleas legal limbo and grant them the right to live freely all over the county. It is up to the ruling establishment of this country (USI) to decide based on pragmatic national interests and analysis of pros and cons, whether they are going to formally stake a territorial claim on the Rohngiya’s traditional ethnic homeland Arаkan (Rаkhine state) and whether they were willing try to enforce that territorial claim to finally liberate that land and give the Rohngiya’s the “homecoming” opportunity to let them live freely in their own ancestral homeland.


I humbly suggest to the Muslim skeptic authors to abandon using the misnomer “Muslim nations” (with the S on the end which implies that there is more than one Muslim ummah since ummah literally means nation) and instead replace it with the more appropriate phrase “currently existing Muslim-majority countries”.


My uncle calls that website by “fasadbook” and not “facebook” , now I understand why


The author of this article is calling for Facebook and Zuckerberg to be prosecuted for the social media rumor-fuelled Genocide, which used to occur during a period when the social media platforms used to be a wild west allowing absolute total free speech to say anything and everything.

However the fact is that they have already since learnt the lessons from those communal violence and genocides, which is why they have changed their policies recently to now carry out their aggressive censorship which includes restricting or banning right wing people online. They have already deplatformed the Burmese generals and officials who are complicit or responsible (these same generals are also under western sanctions now).

So now the real emerging threat which could cause more communal violence against Muslims is unlikely to come from Facebook or its woke Liberal allies (YouTube, Google, twitter, Instagram), but instead this threat will likely come from the new breed of alt-right/far-right social media platforms, in particular Donald Trump’s upcoming “TRUTH social” platform.

Expect all the spreaders of anti-Muslim crime conspiracy theories, (especially Hindutva and Burmese/Buddhistva ones) to e-migrate from the Liberal woke platforms to the far right ones like Truth Social, Parler and Gab. Then a new round of anti-Muslim pogroms will likely begin, fueled by the far-right social media platforms.

Then these two rival cartels of social media platforms (one for the woke ultra-liberals, and the other for alt-right and far-right) will become like an online version of the Democrats and Republicans and their street supporters. Like Gog and Magog (Yejooj and Mejooj), both opposite extremes whose passionate rivalry against each other is causing collateral destruction and devastation in its wake (mufsidoon fil Ard). The fitna for Muslims from the left wing or woke platforms is their Eemaan, while the fitna for Muslims from far right platforms is their lives.