What Muslims Should Keep in Mind for Every Election

Every 5 years, in the French presidential election season, a strange creature comes out of its lair and starts haunting the pulpits of the mosques. Obsessed with political news, this hominid hijacks the microphones and meddles in the conferences and Friday khutbas.

“Don’t forget to vote!” he repeats tirelessly, never learning from his past mistakes.

This is the French Imam, who aspires once again to save Muslims from electoral disaster.

In 2012 they had encouraged Muslims to vote for Hollande; in 2017, they had called all Muslims to vote Macron.

When the poor lambda Muslim has the misfortune to answer them with an innocent, “I don’t vote,” the pro-vote imam takes offense and says breathlessly, “Aren’t you ashamed? For us, it is mandatory to vote! We must save the Muslims of France!”

What are we to think of these fancy speeches about the importance of voting?

Not surprisingly, it is a sham.

And yet, many Muslims still fall for it.

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The argument of these charlatans in three lines:

1) “There is this candidate X who has a very hostile policy towards Islam in France.”
2) “This other candidate Y is not perfect, but he sees Islam in a good light (i.e., he tries to seduce the Muslim electorate).”
3) “We must vote for candidate Y to save Islam in France because he is the lesser of two evils.”

Every election, the same pattern is repeated.

One can answer this from a shar`i angle or a purely practical and political angle. I am not a mufti, and I would not allow myself to opine on the hukm of voting here. I will only speak about the pragmatic and logical aspects of this argument.

These charlatans claim to know which candidate will favor the prosperity of Islam in France. But on what criterion do they allow themselves to claim that? Should we judge the candidate according to his social policy? His position concerning Islam? Or perhaps his opinions on geopolitics?

An awkward silence often betrays their ignorance and incompetence when these questions are asked of the pro-voting imams.

In 2012, former French President François Hollande had set his election campaign on tolerance and inclusion. He opposed the outgoing president – Nicolas Sarkozy – who had a firm policy on immigration. On paper, Hollande seemed to be a “pro-Muslim” candidate. In reality, he legalized marriage and adoption for homosexuals. He started French interventions in Mali, killing countless Muslims.

In 2017, Macron seemed to be a better candidate than Marine Le Pen, who was openly anti-Islam. And yet, Macron favored military intervention in the Middle East while Le Pen was for a non-interventionist foreign policy. Regarding the treatment of Islam in France, Macron’s government has done more to combat Islam than any of his predecessors.

Is it possible that the so-called “pro-Muslim” candidates are, in fact, the most Islamophobic?

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These pro-voting Muslim hucksters randomly call on believers to vote without real expertise in order to make themselves look good in front of the political class. They have no qualms about waving Islamic symbols such as “Ummah” to make the average Muslim feel guilty for not getting to the ballot box.

What would our brothers in the Middle East say if they knew that somewhere in France an imam on his minbar is calling for the vote of a politician who wants to drop bombs on their heads?

Isn’t it the real lesser evil to have a president who may impose rigid Islamophobic and anti-immigration policies domestically, but does not bomb Muslims in Muslim countries? It seems like, whatever the choice, Muslims lose.

But let’s not be fooled. The final word in this story is that elections are a distraction and that the trajectory of France is already determined by powers that do not require electoral votes. Presidents come and go, but the deep administration of a nation stays regardless. Let’s keep our hands out of this dirty mess.

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In France, the ruling establishment made a coup against what little autonomy the Islamic religious institutions in the country had, so that the nonMuslim rulers can now impose a total state monopoly control over all teaching and management of Islam in the country, like how that big superpower country in the far East has also done, which lets nonMuslim rulers dictate what imams, khutbahs and medresa teaching should be.
In that far east country this means all imams (the ones who are still left remaining and not in re-education vocational training centers) are all now forced to preach sоcialism, the national constitution and the president’s speeches in jummah khutba instead of Quran/sunnah, and they are forced to display the national flag and red slogan banners of the ruling party, and they must display the president’s personality cult-related books in the bookshelf.

In France, I predict that the French version of this state monopoly control over all mosques will lead to the following ; All the mosques will be forced to mix up men and women in the same solah-prayer rows with both male and female imams, they will be forced to integrate bare-headed women into these same prayer these prayer rows while banning burka/niqab. Then they will start to aggressively push LGBT sodomism in the khutba and mosques must host and officiate gay weddings and put up rainbow banners inside.

Finally, they will likely be forced to preach blasphemy acceptance and maybe even the imam must display Charlie Hebdo cartoons in the khutba and plaster them all over the mosque walls alongside rainbow flags. All those who oppose these new “French moderate Islam” or “republican values Islam” will be cancelled as “radical extremists, misogynist, homophobes (etc.)” and “national security threats and Da3esh supporters” for refusing to support and show Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

From France, everything I described here may spread to the rest of the western world. This is why I’m calling on Muslims there to prepare for this early, and boycott the official mosques there and instead just try to hold informal unlicensed prayer gatherings in some people’s private homes and basements, like what Christians in that far east country have been trying underground for decades with their “house churches”. Then what may happen is that the authorities will start closing the former official mosques from lack of attendance, and the former mesajid end up getting purchased by all sorts of people and converted into anything, including apartments, markets, bars, and nightclubs. There are already some former mesajid in that far eastern country who suffered this fate and are now shops and bars.


PS I forgot to mention there is also a chance that they may also start forcing the mosques and imams in the west to halalize and promote inside the psuedo-mesjid many things such as alcohol, pork, gambling, interest, women’s ultra-revealing clothes in public, all kinds of Zinaa, praying solah and Azaan in local language, and replacing solah bowing routine with religious song and dance worship like pentecostal churches. So start preparing for this gloomy future and boycotting these Muslim-flavored woke temples. Any Muslim man can become his own makeshift DIY imam at home, no need for state-approved professional qualifications to be imam.


Isn’t it the real lesser evil to have a president who may impose rigid Islamophobic and anti-immigration policies domestically, but does not bоmb Muslims in Muslim countries?

No its not. As long as France is part of NАTO (or OTAN as they call it) they won’t stop participating in assaults in the middle east and Africa regardless of Right wing or left wing president, especially with the khawarij “attacks” inside France always conveniently providing them with excuses to launch and maintain their foreign adventures. The lesser of the evils for France Muslims at this time is either hijra to leave France, or if that’s not possible then at least domestic hijra to villages in the French countryside whose villages are dying out so could do with replenishing with new Muslim settlers.