Is Julian Assange a Terrorist?

Freedom of press only exists in the United States if the press doesn’t report anything that conflicts with the interests of the military industrial complex. Therefore, for Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, there cannot be any freedom of press.

And for exposing war crimes committed in Afghanistan and Iraq, Assange may now be extradited to face “justice” in the United States.

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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange can be extradited from the UK to the US, the High Court has ruled. The US won its appeal against a January UK court ruling that he could not be extradited due to concerns over his mental health.

Mr. Assange is wanted in the US over the publication of thousands of classified documents in 2010 and 2011. 

Assange has been labeled as a global threat by war hawks and overzealous warmongers. Republic Leader Mitch McConnell goes so far as to labeled Assange as a “high-tech terrorist” and acknowledges that the information dump by WikiLeaks had done “enormous damage” to the United State’s image and it’s standing with international allies.

Okay; what were in these documents that was so damning? It turns out that Assange’s WikiLeaks was responsible for shedding light to numerous war crimes that were committed and swept under the rug in Afghanistan and Iraq in an official capacity. One of these included the mowing down of over a dozen innocent Iraqis (including children) in 2007. And it doesn’t stop there.


…These 391,000 reports document the war and occupation of Iraq from 2004-2009 through accounts written by American soldiers showing that the US decided to ignore cases of torture by Iraqi authorities on civilians.

…The U.S. was forced to withdraw from Iraq in 2011, in part due to scandals associated with Blackwater mercenaries escaping accountability for crimes in Iraq, and in particular one cable detailing the summary execution of 10 Iraqi civilians, including four women and five children — by U.S. soldiers and a subsequent airstrike to cover up the evidence.

Mitch McConnell is right; only a true terrorist would prevent other state-sanctioned terrorists from being held accountable for terrorism done on foreign soil. How could anyone look at it differently?

This is exactly why Assange needs to be extradited to the United States. Because the U.S. courts is where the real justice is at. Just ask 1st Lt. Clint Lorance who was given a presidential pardon by Donald Trump after murdering three innocent Afghan men for no reason.

Despite Lorance’s own unit testifying against him in court for giving illegal orders to fire at Afghan civilians, Lorance received a hefty 20 year sentence, served a few years and eventually walked away free after Trump’s pardon.

What a true American war hero!

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But does Assange, the guy trying to stop heroes like Lt. Lorance, deserve the same leniency? Fortunately for him, the Biden administration is feeling rather sympathetic and may let him off easy.


Mr Assange faces an 18-count indictment from the US government, accusing him of conspiring to hack into US military databases to acquire sensitive secret information relating to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars

If convicted in the US, Mr Assange, 50, faces a possible penalty of up to 175 years in jail, his lawyers have said. However the US government said the sentence was more likely to be between four and six years.

A measly 175 years for exposing war crimes on the Iraqi people? That’s a sweet deal. And Assange doesn’t have to worry about the U.S. winking when it says that he’ll probably only serve 4-6 years.

Edward Snowden, another whistleblower like Assange, also faces extradition and a lenient 30 year prison sentence for exposing domestic and international NSA surveillance programs that were black budgeted (kept secret for clandestine operations) leading to widespread condemnation.

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Documents leaked to the Washington Post in mid-August suggested the NSA breaks US privacy laws hundreds of times every year.

…The [files] allegedly detailed “an extraordinary range” of spying methods used to intercept messages, including bugs, specialised antennae and wire taps.

These two terrorists, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, should consider themselves lucky that the U.S. is in such a forgiving mood in light of their transgressions against the authoritarian state.

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There was another similar whistle-blower called Bradley Manning (an accomplice of Assange) who was originally sentenced to 35 years. However why did they suddenly “commute” his sentence and give him a presidential pardon and release? Because he agreed to get baptized into the Sodomist-Tranny religion and become a hero role model of the de facto official religion of LGBT, in exchange for his full freedom and forgiveness for past.

Manning is something like the LGBT deen’s version of Khalid bin Waleed or Omar bin Khattab (worst enemy of the nation converted into the great role model and hero of the nation, who is granted amnesty and forgiveness of all past crimes in exchange for ideological defection).

Similarly, if they are winking that Assаnge will get “only 4 years” (which he has already served in pre-trial custody), there may well be a similar Manning-style defection deal waiting in the pipeline. Assange may agree to “come out” as Gay and Marry a boyfriend man, or get transgender surgery, or otherwise become an hardcore LGBT activist and social justice warrior against traditional Conservative values/culture, in exchange for his prompt legal pardon, amnesty and full freedom.

On the other hand, Snоwden may not be interested in such a deal of “become LGBT/sodomist in exchange for pardon, amnesty and freedom”, or he may have better morals and integrity, which is why he chose to remain in homophobic Russia. In some Muslim countries they have an official policy of early release from prison in exchange for memorizing Quran. In the west they could already be unofficially running a policy of pardon or early release from prison in exchange for converting to sodomism.

Ercan Er

Maybe they should be thankful that they weren’t sentenced for capital punishment. Since US have no sense of value of life they could very well be killed.

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