A Glimpse of Christian Barbarity in History

Despite being dealt with from time to time, quite efficiently and effectively, one of the allegations against Islam and Muslims in a broader sphere, is that Islam is barbaric.

In order to put things into perspective, let us take a glimpse into how Christians had massacred and butchered in the holy and blessed lands, with the blessings of the Pope and encouragement of priests.

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The Crusaders had begun their first march towards Syria in 1096. They had captured great cities like Edessa and Antioch within two years and they had also taken control of Jerusalem. It was not long before the Crusaders took major parts of Palestine, the coast of Syria, Tortosa, Acre, and Sidon. The Crusaders had put on such a show of savagery that Christian authors are ashamed to confess it, but they can never deny it.

After the fall of Jerusalem, the massacre that followed, as described by Encyclopedia Britannica, is presented hereunder,

‘So terrible, it is said was the carnage which followed that the horses of the Crusaders who rode up to the mosque of Omar were knee-deep in the stream of blood. Infants were seized by their feet and dashed against the walls or whirled over the battlements, while the Jews were all burnt alive in the synagogue.

On the next day, the horrors of that which had preceded it were deliberately repeated on a larger scale. Tancred had given a guarantee of safety to 300 captives. In spite of his indignant protest, these were all brought out and killed; and a massacre followed in which the bodies of men, women, and children were hacked and hewn until their fragments lay tossed together in heaps. The work of slaughter ended; the streets of the city were washed by Saracen prisoners.’[1]

This horrific text, sourced from a non-Muslim reference, is clear to one and all regarding the inhumane and barbaric nature of the Christian Crusaders. Whilst the objective of the Crusades might have been ‘to recover Christian lands from Muslim rule’, what crime did the babies commit? Why were Jews burnt alive?

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We hope that this will open the eyes of the ignorant, remove the blinkers from the biased and create a better understanding of who spread their ways by bloody genocide. It was not the Muslims.


Source: Saviours of Islamic Spirit, White Thread Press, pp. 203-204

  1. Encyclopedia Brittanica, vol.6 p.627 [‘Crusades’]
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Muhammad Abdul Malik

Debate David Wood, Apostate prophet, Harris Sultan, Armin Navabi and Ali Rizvi one more Time.


Ah yes turn the other cheek, and Saladin came in and basically said Go Home!

different sides of the same coin

And these alt right white nationalists who point out the crimes of the Zionists think they are better than the Jews, yet they do the same things the Zionists did, at the same time these people support Bashar al Assad and Iran (whose religion was invented by the Jew Abdullah ibn Saba), while pretending to care about muslims in the region.

It just shows you that both the Christians, Jews, Alt right and Zionists are all different sides of the same coin.

Senosuke Noara

In the iberian peninsula and Sicily the same thing happened, people often don’t know that the crusades were not only in the Levant, but also in north Africa, Sicily and the iberian peninsula.


Yeah it’s a pretty unknown story but still a part of the history that Will forever be there

Senosuke Noara

It is well known in spain and portugal for example, they teach it in schools. For the few extremist nationalists it’s a pride and for the average people a thing of history like the roman conquest.