Use This One Weird Trick to Reform Islam

Oh no! Quick! Is there any way we can reform Islam in order to make this girl's boo-boo go away???!!

Every single reform to Islam that the West pushes is accompanied with a crying woman or girl.

They want Muslims to abolish Islamic governance. They parade Muslim women activists who cry about being imprisoned by the religious authorities.

They want Muslims to abolish the hadd for zina. They show videos of crying zani women.

They want Muslims to abolish the hadd for blasphemy. They non-stop talk about Asia Bibi.

They want Muslims to abolish male guardianship. They trot out the crying women who claim they were abused.

They want Muslims to abolish the fiqh around divorce (triple talaq, etc.). They bring out the crying ex-wives.

They want Muslims to abolish the laws against LGBT. They spread images of sad lesbians all over social media.

And on and on.

Every reform meant to attack and dismantle Islam and undermine Muslim society has to be attached to a sad woman, or better yet, a sad girl.

The Muslim men (i.e., simps) who keep falling for this trick are the biggest enemies of Islam.

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God’s law is above all. It’s an easy principle to understand, and if you don’t understand it then you can’t be a Muslim. Your Islam falls apart without this principle.

This entails that if we see a person getting a hadd punishment, we have to look at what Allah says. If what happens is in conformance with Allah’s word, then it’s justice. If you think that Allah’s law is unjust then you’re not a Muslim. If you think that Islam is a wishy-washy religion that can be reinterpreted away, then it’s better to be honest with everybody and just call yourself a Deist.

Furthermore, there is much more to cry about in a society with many fatherless children and single mothers (which is a result of fornication). Allah knows what’s best for humanity, as he’s The All-knowing and the creator of humanity. We take many of these laws in Islam for granted, and we don’t realize how much harm they protect us from. If you want to know what some of these harms are, analyze the social illnesses in disbelieving nations and see the consequences yourself for things like fornication, alcohol, gambling, etc.

Al-hamdulillah for Al-Islam.

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If you want to corrupt a society or community start with its women. This is a well known strategy.

Women on average tend to be more prone to succumb to emotionalism and social/peer pressure. In short: quintessential social beings. Men on average tend to be loners.

Women’s higher sensitivity to their environment can be both a blessing and a curse. They tend to integrate easier in new environments than men do. This partially might explain why women do much better at school. Their relative ease in being absorbed might also explain why converts tend to be overwhelmingly female.

The negative side of this social maneuverability is that women in general tend to have a weaker moral compass and are less likely to stand on their principals. Which explains their higher propensity to support causes like LGBTQ and feminism once these become trendy and fashionable.

Men tend to have a more ‘fixed’ brain. Once his mind is made up it’s almost impossible to change. Which depending on the circumstances can also be a blessing or a curse. At the bare minimum the typical male brain isn’t accommodating to progressivism. Progressives are aware of this thus the term ‘toxic masculinity’ by which they want to pathologize masculinity.