Why Is It So Difficult to Make the Covid Vaccine Mandatory?

Are you still reluctant to get the vaccine?

Then know that Macron has a very special message for you:

The unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off. And so, we’re going to continue doing so, until the end. That’s the strategy,

I followed this latest controversy around the French president closely and with great attention. In the beginning, I didn’t think that his shocking sentence would have such international coverage. It shows how much the world’s governments are working as a team to vaccinate the whole world population.

I also wondered how the foreign media would translate the French president’s sentence without distorting the original meaning. The word “emmerder” that he employed is used in its ordinary sense to signify that one wants to disturb someone. But its literal meaning is more graphic. It refers to the action of covering something with human dung. Thus, the closest translation – “piss off” – does not accurately convey the force of the French executive’s speech.

Naturally, the day after his interview, the president’s protégés seized the television sets to defend him. According to them, the president said what “90% of French people” feel inside with a “strong statement,” indeed, maybe a bit ” over the board,” but nevertheless, a sentence that is less shocking than the dreadful egotism of the non-vaccinated!

The president’s minions were so busy trying to temper the vulgarity of Macron’s statement that they missed the fundamental issue that is becoming more and more apparent to every honest and sincere citizen: If the unvaccinated are such a problem for the safety of the country, why not make vaccination mandatory?

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Should the Covid Vaccine Be Obligatory?

The answer of the infectiologist Robert Sebbag, when questioned about that matter, sums up well the official discourse on the subject:

Of course, we would all have wanted mandatory vaccination, but how do you want to do it? Compulsory vaccination means punishment; it means that someone paid at the average wage you will make him pay – in Greece, they ask 100 euros per month to people over 60 years old if they are not vaccinated – 100 euros per month you are going to ask that? So the most elegant way, maybe disguised, is nevertheless the vaccine pass.

This discourse doesn’t convince anyone because worldwide, all governments have unscrupulously defended the firing of non-vaccinated people. How can we believe after such actions that they don’t dare attack the wallet of the non-vaccinated with endless fines?

Macron said it himself; there will NEVER be a law requiring vaccination. But he doesn’t say why.

This government is afraid of two things that would come with mandating the vaccines: the legal consequences and the economic consequences.

First, Macron is afraid to appear before the institutional authorities of human rights. As proof, he has classified all his decisions during this crisis as state secrets,  to remain sealed from the public for 50 years. Isn’t it weird to hide state information about a pandemic for such a long period? Maybe Little Emmanuel has some guilt and is trying to put wrongdoing and incompetence out of sight.

Secondly, this government is afraid of economic consequences because there is a law in France that says:

Since the law n° 64-643 of July 1, 1964, the prejudices underwent because of a compulsory vaccination are compensated based on the responsibility without fault, subject to proving the link of causality existing between the vaccination and the damage (Council of State, November 29, 1967).

If mandated vaccinations lead to medical problems long term, the government would have liability.

In addition to these two reasons, Fabien Grech, a French lawyer, brings us additional explanations:

“As long as the vaccines available on French territory are still in phase 3 clinical trial – (until October 27, 2022, for Moderna and May 2, 2023, for Pfizer), they are experimental drugs used in a clinical trial (Directive 2001/20 / CE, April 4, 2001, art. 2, d). The number of vaccines administered does not change this legal qualification. The European Medicines Agency has only issued a marketing authorization ( Marketing Authorization) conditional. The unconditional Marketing Authorization can only occur at the end of clinical trials (EC Regulation n ° 726/2004, March 31, 2004, art. 6). Only to volunteers giving free and informed consent (Art. L. 1122-1-1, Public Health Code; Directive 2001/20 / CE; Nuremberg Code of 1947)

When it comes to potential financial liability due to long term adverse reactions, it seems the State has a lot to lose. The best strategy, then, from Macron’s perspective is to stop short of full legal mandates of the vaccine but simply to make life as miserable as possible for the non-vaccinated.

One thing is for sure, if you are ready to bet your health on this vaccine, Macron and his henchmen are not ready to bet their money on it.

If our leaders are more concerned about the safety of their bank accounts than our safety, why continue to give them the benefit of the doubt? 

At the beginning of the crisis, such comments from a president would have outraged the vast majority of the population. Today, according to a poll conducted by Cnews, only 53% of French people found it revolting. Allah knows best, of course, whether such poll numbers can be trusted.

Things have changed a lot in two years, and probably little will remain the same when it is all said and done.

We are now in 2022: A long and essential year is ahead of us with the toll of the Covid crisis: millions of dead and billions of indoctrinated.

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I’m curious to know whether the Muslim skeptic authors and commenting fans on this blog are against the general idea of ALL vaccinations and immunizations per se, or only against the current crop of corporate vaccines developed by cuffar countries and corporations out of suspicion for the dubious agenda of the current crop of vaccines? Don’t forget that ottoman cаlірhate invented vaccines or inoculation campaigns.

Suppose for example if a country that Muslim skeptic considers truly Islamic (such as Afghаnistan) developed their own covid vaccine by their government health ministry (which is obviously not running on a for-profit motive) and they certified it as halal and tested as safe and free of all haram ingredients like pork extracts, and all their trials show a success rate of over 90% like the current crop of Pfizer vaccines. Then will the Muslim Skeptic and his fans here be willing to take that Islamіst-made vaccine as a better alternative to taking suspicious current crop of cuffar-made for-profit vaccines?

Senosuke Noara

No one here is against all vaccines, we only have concerns and worries about this particular vax that is still in trial phase and being forced on everyone without any government or corporation taking any responsibility for the possible adverse effects.

You can’t compare this vax to the polio vax because the polio vax was not developed in such a short period of time and also because the polio is a sickness that does not “evolve” therefore it’s vaccine is a “evergreen product”. Unlike covid19 and the common flu for example , that are constantly changing and have a lot of variations.

Senosuke Noara



Please scroll to the bottom of this page and see my comment responses to “Sardor”. I have proven with a mountain of undeniable irrefutable evidence the facts truth and reality that there is such thing as hardliner ultra-conservative Oulemaa who make fatwas saying that all vaccinations are haram, and that there is such thing as armed thugs who follow those mullah’s fatwas to murder vaccination workers, including for many years long before covid.


Dear Muslim skeptic and his fans, suppose if YOU became president of the future United States of Islam (AKA the Саlірh or Khаleefa or Emir L-Momineen) or otherwise ruler of a contemporary Muslim country. Will you make laws criminalizing all vaccines and ordering the jailing, whipping or execution (or rather gеnocide) of millions of people in your country (both Muslims and non-Muslims) just for disagreeing with your anti-vaxxer beliefs and instead believing in vaccines and getting vaccines for themselves? Will you criminalize your citizens from travelling abroad to get the vaccine that your government does not make available at home?

I’m not criticizing or condemning you and I’m not entirely disagreeing with your anti-vaxerism, but rather I’m just curious to know what your exact position is regarding this issue. If you oppose the government spreading vaccines for the stated purpose of saving millions of peoples lives, then you should clarify and tell us what your Islamic alternative is to save those millions of lives from the pandemic disease. Maybe those people can be saved with a bit of your Hikma?


As for the Tаlіbаn whom Muslim skeptic seemingly supports enthusiastically, they do not have a unified position regarding vaccines.; Some Таlіban factions, especially in Pakistan tribal areas, swallow and blindly believe all the anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories on social media without question, then based on that they issue fatawa declaring that there is no such thing as a halal good vaccine, and they make violent jіhаd against vaccines including murdering vaccine healthcare workers, which is why Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only two countries in the world where polio is endemic.

On the other hand, some other Таliban factions in Afghanistan (since they are “cosmopolitan” and hold international meetings and attend international conferences) listen to the pro-vaccination organisations and doctors and scientists (including the Muslim doctors), then based on that they make fatawa that vaccination is halal or wajib, then they cooperate with foreign health people like WHO and NGOs to spread vaccines in Afghanistan people.

So as you can see, the big question (of whether vaccines are haram which must be criminalized in Islamic country or halal/fardh/wajib which must be forced on everyone in Islamic country) is totally unresolved including even amongst the black-and-white Таlіbаn, because all the pro-vax and anti-vax information comes from foreign Western cuffar, and Muslims don’t have advanced enough biomedical research capabilities to find out for themselves whether vaccines are good or bad. All that Muslims can do is to helplessly put their trust either one of the two rival cuffar factions (pro-vax vs anti-vax).

Senosuke Noara

The islamic alternative should be the one of following the scientific method and the method that was being implemented world wide up until 2020 when the pandemic started ; or at least all governments should take full responsibility for any adverse effects that can happen if they are forcing everyone to get vaxed. But hey the governments and corporations taking 0 responsibility is very reassuring right?……

One question, have you already taken your 4th vaccine?


you are totally off topic and dont know what MuslimSkeptic team is trying to achieve. I never heard that someone is doing “violent jihad” against vaccines including murdering vaccine healthcare workers, i dont know from where you got that concpiracy theory. the problem here is forcing people to get vaccinated and faking statistics of vaccination(death/life ratio after getting vaccination). you mixing vaccination with religion which has zero relationship. have you ever seen MuslimSkeptic trying to “criminalizing” to get “vaccinated”? all he saying is what other normal people(no matter muslim, atheist,christian or buddhist) saying in the world. speaking of covid19, you not going to do genocide your nation even if you ban vaccine, if not vaccinating people going to genocide nation, then afghans wouldnt exist. from your writing you look like mindless atheist or “modern western muslim”.


Please look up on Google “Pakistan vaccination workers attacked” and you can find plenty of reports of exactly what I’m talking about. Now you have proven that you are a pro-vaccination supporter and not anti-vaxxer.
However the undeniable facts truth and reality is that there are Oulemaa and mullahs (including in the Pashtun areas) who issue fatawa declaring that 100% of ALL vaccines are haram per se and that there is no such thing as a good or halal vaccine, because they blindly believe in every anti-vax conspiracy theory without question. And this is all since long before covid-19.

If you go to the website of Majlisul Ulama South Africa (who are the strictest and most conservative Muslims in the world, since they declare almost everything haram) you can find their full fatwas declaring that 100% of all vaccines are haram and there is no such thing as halal vaccine. They have been insisting that since before covid19. That’s why in Af-Pak there are still many murders and attacks on vaccination workers and the police escorts whom they have to depend on for security because of the ever-present danger of anti-vaxxer militants who refuse to accept that there is such thing as good vaccine.


i haven’t found any article, and you writing many things which looks like atheist conpiracy theories, if you saying something, please attach web site articles which proves your point. You making so many funny arguments, you saying there are many murders on vaccination workers on Afghanistan, while there are no vaccine and no vaccination workers at all.


By the way I forgot to mention that in Nigeria BEFORE COVID the Boko Haram was doing exactly the same thing as the Pashtun militants, by murdering vaccination workers, and polio made a comeback in Nigeria. And in Indonesia before covid their Oulemaa and mullahs declared measles vaccine haram, then the rate of measels skyrocketed in Indonesia. Please Google search all this and you find the reports. It doesn’t help that all vaccines (including beneficial non-covid ones like polio vaccine) are developed and distributed by secular liberal feminist westerners and their allies such as the US, Bill Gates, United Nations and so on. This is a large part of the reason why those Pashtun militants and Boko haram and their mullahs distrust and haramize ALL vaccines per se and insist that all vaccines are western conspiracy which is full of harmful chemicals or haram ingredients or autism or sterilization or whatever.


I am from northern NIGERIA (sokoto state)your Boko Haram polio claim is just stupid…u don’t seem to be appealing to intellect or honesty…it looks like Islam and Daniel are living in ur head rent free


BBC news

Nigeria polio vaccinators shot dead in Kano
8 February 2013

Nigeria is one of only three countries where polio is still endemic

Nine female polio vaccinators have been killed in two shootings at health centres in northern Nigeria, police have told the BBC.

In the first attack in Kano the polio vaccinators were shot dead by gunmen who drove up on a motor tricycle.

Thirty minutes later gunmen targeted a clinic outside Kano city as the vaccinators prepared to start work.

Some Nigerian Muslim leaders have previously opposed polio vaccinations, claiming they could cause infertility.

On Thursday, a controversial Islamic cleric spoke out against the polio vaccination campaign, telling people that new cases of polio were caused by contaminated medicine.

Such opposition is a major reason why Nigeria is one of just three countries where polio is still endemic.

But this is believed to be the first time polio vaccinators have been attacked in the country.

Some Kano residents told the BBC’s Yusuf Yakasai in the city that other people injured in the first attack had been taken to hospital.

A health official confirmed to the BBC that those killed in the second attack in Hotoro were female health workers – there were earlier reports that people waiting at the clinic may have been among those shot.

Witnesses in Hotoro told the BBC gunmen also approached the health centre using a motor tricycle.

Kano banned motorbikes from carrying passengers after a recent attack on the prominent Muslim leader, the emir of Kano.

Analysts believe the attacks may have been the work of the militant Islamist group Boko Haram but it has not yet commented and no group has said it carried out the attack.

The group – whose name translates as “Western education is forbidden” – says it is fighting to overthrow the government and impose Sharia.

It has been blamed for the deaths of some 1,400 people in central and northern Nigeria since 2010.

According to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, there were 121 cases of polio in Nigeria last year, compared to 58 in Pakistan and 37 in Afghanistan.

In the past month, polio workers have also been targeted and killed in Pakistan, where the Taliban have threatened anti-polio efforts – accusing health workers of working as US spies and alleging that the vaccine makes children sterile.

Senosuke Noara

You are making a lot of ignorant assumptions without even knowing that in Islam you can’t punish people for not wanting /or wanting to take a particular medicine or medical treatment in their bodies….
Also what makes you think that we all support the taliban in everything? They resisted an invading force wich is legitimate and that’s the number one factor many were in favor of them, just like the Vietcong in Viet Nam… Or when entire families were being droned during weddings it was all cool for you?

Also what makes you think that among what you called “cuffar corporations” there aren’t muslim scientists working and also developing those vax?


Muslim skeptic is always frequently writing articles on this blog condemning vaccinations, and nowhere does he make any disclaimer saying that he is not anti-vaxxer or that he supports the general idea of vaccines, and nowhere does he mention that he vaccinates his children with the other non-covid vaccines. Nowhere does he claim that vaccinations are halal and not haram per se. He never wrote any article or paragraph supporting vaccination campaigns for other diseases like polio. All of this is giving the impression that Muslim skeptic is against 100% of all vaccinations per se or, that he is one of those Muslims who believe all vaccination is haram per se, because of following the fatawa of hardline mullahs who declare all vaccines haram.

I have seen a comment on this blog by a fan (in the article about the concert in Saudi), saying that literally everything which is haram in Islam must be criminalized by the state in an Islamic country (BTW I don’t agree with this idea). There are mullahs and muftis who issue fatawa declaring that 100% of all vaccines are haram or western conspiracy (since long before covid), and there is no such thing as halal or good vaccine. Imagine if they or people who agree with them come to power ruling over a country. If a religious ruling regime criminalizes something out of the belief that it is haram while the majority of the population does not believe that it is haram or worthy of criminalization, then that means this ruling regime will have to jail, whip, torture and massacre millions of people to try and ban that thing the religious regime believes is haram.


In 2011 US agents staged a fake vaccination campaign in Pakistan as part of their mission to hunt down 0sama ВinLаden. This huge blunder by the Yanks massively destroyed the local Af-Pak population’s confidence in vaccines in general. So now every time a vaccination squad goes there the local mullahs and their blind followers declare based on this bad experience with the Yanks that “ALL vaccination is haram because all vaccinations are part of a western conspiracy to аssаssіnate a Muslim in our land or spread infertility or other health problems in Muslims.

Remember that vaccines are developed and spread by the same people who spread secularism, liberalism, LGBT, feminism (etc).” And with this logic they wage jіhad to kill anyone who spreads any kind of vaccines, including beneficial polio vaccines, partly because of the Yankee’s 2011 mistake of their fake vax campaign. Remember that those people are mostly uneducated and illiterate, and their mullahs never study biomedical sciences, which is why those mullahs find it hard to accept that there is such thing as good vaccines.


what is the relation of vaccinations on Pakistan to the mandatory vaccinations on the west. you are totally off topic.


I can’t post links here. So let me share some news headlines that you can find from simple Google search.

CNN: Pakistan’s anti-vaccination movement leads to string of deadly attacks

The Guardian : Killings of police and polio workers halt Pakistan vaccine drive

DW: Pakistan suspends polio vaccine drive after health worker attacks

Al Jazeera: Pakistani police officer escorting polio vaccine team shot dead
Incident takes number of people killed in attacks on polio vaccination teams and those providing them security since 2012 to 102, according to an Al Jazeera tally.

Al Jazeera: Female polio vaccination workers shot dead in Afghanistan: Report
Gunmen kill three female health workers in eastern city of Jalalabad, government sources tell Reuters news agency.

Science (dot) org Three More Polio Workers Killed in Pakistan
In aftermath of fatal attacks, Pakistani government suspends vaccination campaign (19 DEC 2012)


UN news; Five polio vaccination workers shot dead in Afghanistan; UN condemns ‘brutal’ killings

Unicef statement : UNICEF Denounces Attack on Polio-Vaccination Campaign in Pakistan

NY times : Three Women Working to Vaccinate Children Are Shot Dead in Afghanistan
The health workers were part of the government’s polio vaccine campaign in Jalalabad, a city that has seen numerous attacks on women in recent months.

Al Arabiya news: Pakistani Taliban gunmen attack police guarding polio team, 1 killed

Amnesty International : Afghanistan: Despicable killing of female polio vaccine workers must be investigated

Xinhua net : Policeman guarding anti-polio workers killed in firing in NW Pakistan


Article from Geo News (Pakistani news Channel)
Policeman martyred as gunmen attack polio team in KP’s Tank
By Irfan Burki. December 11, 2021

Police search operation to find suspects underway, says DPO
Gunmen kill cop protecting polio vaccination team.
Attack took place in Tank, Dera Ismail Khan.
Extremist groups often target polio teams and security assigned to protect them.
TANK: Gunmen attacked and killed Saturday a security personnel assigned to protect a polio vaccination team in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Tank, Geo News reported, citing the district health officer.

The incident took place in Tank, Dera Ismail Khan district of KP, when armed men on a motorcycle attacked the polio security team, killing one security official and injuring another.The armed men fled the scene, and a police search operation to find them is underway, DPO Sajjad Ahmed told Geo News.
The body of the martyred security personnel and injured are being shifted to the hospital, the DHO stated.
On the other hand, the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed that its fighters attacked the polio team in Tank.

Not the first time
Extremist groups often target polio teams and security assigned to protect them, claiming the vaccination campaigns are a conspiracy to sterilise children.
In August, constable Dilawar Khan was on his way to polio duty in Dera Ismail Khan when unidentified assailants opened fire on him near the Atal Sharif area of ​​Kalachi Tehsil, killing him on the spot while the accused fled, police had reported. In a second attack in the month of August, a Frontier Reserve Police officer was shot dead by unidentified persons in Peshawar within the limits of the Daudzai police station.

The crippling disease
The WHO deemed Pakistan and Afghanistan as dangerous countries in a recent statement by the Thirtieth Polio IHR Emergency Committee, stating that the two countries have failed to eradicate polio fully and may be responsible for the virus’s global spread.
Pakistan, on the other hand, has made remarkable strides against polio, as the incidence of Wild Polio Virus (WPV1) cases has decreased to zero in the previous ten months, down from 84 reported cases in 2020.
The Committee observed that Pakistan’s primary problem continues to be the ‘persistently overlooked children’ in core reservoirs, as well as dealing with parental refusals and troubling polio vaccination programmes in sensitive areas.


MuslimSkeptic doesnt need to make any disclaimer saying that he is not anti-vaxxer or that he supports the general idea of vaccines, he is being opposite to “mandatory vaccinations”


The News (dot-com) (dot pk)

Attack on polio teams

January 14, 2021, by Editorial

The problem of attacks on polio teams continues in Pakistan. On Tuesday in the Karak district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a policeman escorting a polio vaccination team moving through the district to offer drops to children, was killed by unknown persons who drove past the team on a motorcycle. Following the murder of police officer Junaidullah, the campaign in the Karak area has been stopped at least for one day, as authorities review the security situation and try to find a way to keep polio workers safe. This is not an easy task, given Pakistan’s long history of attacks on polio teams. Since 2012, as many as 70 polio workers have been killed, most of them in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. These include lady health workers who have left their homes to take part in campaigns and deliver the polio vaccine to children.

Pakistan is one of only two countries in the world which is still endemic for polio. The authorities had pledged to try and eradicate the disease this year by bringing the rate down to single digits or even lower. This seems increasingly difficult. The attacks on polio workers show the hostility with which people regard polio teams and the shootings suggest that they are out to do their utmost in order to stop the drops from being offered to children. In the past, the Taliban have carried out such attacks, although this time there has been no claim for the murder of the police officer.

In addition to the killing of the security personnel accompanying polio teams, there have also been refusals by parents to allow their children to be vaccinated sometimes in the wake of fake news. This year, the first campaign of 2021 had begun on January 11. The murder in Karak shows the challenges the polio teams face. The Karak area recorded 15 of the 22 cases noted in KP during 2020, a year that proved to be better in terms of controlling polio compared to 2019 when 147 cases were recorded. There will need to be a rethink on how to safely deliver the drops to children across the country. The national campaign launched this month intended to target 40 million children across the country. It is unclear if this target can be met, given the sense of insecurity and threat posed to polio teams. Security personnel have been targeted before and each attack makes it more difficult to safeguard the future of thousands of Pakistani children who need the vaccine in order to save them from the polio virus which has crippled thousands in the country over the years.


You want to see a fatwa from Islamic scholars that ALL vaccination is haram? Here is one from the website of Majlisul Ulama South Africa.

by Majlisul Ulama 9 January 2021

This British Board of Juhala (Ignoramus) ‘scholars and imams’ fabricated ten questions to which they disgorged baatil rubbish answers in conflict with the Shariah, as well as in conflict with the demand of Aqeedah (Belief). Their narrative exhibits their true motive for peddling the vaccine theory vomited into their mouths by Bill Gates and the Pharma Satanist.

It is clear from their bunkum narrative that there is a hidden, sinister agenda for underlying their advertising stunt – advertising the potion of Iblees. The satanic agenda is to promote the haraam vaccine under Shar’i guise. Hubb-e-Maal (the love for wealth) and Hubb-e-Jaah (the love for cheap name and fame) are clearly the motivating force which has blinded these juhala molvis and imams. Their spiritual blindness has induced them to become agents of Iblees and pedlars of the Pharma Satanists.

In this article we shall, Insha-Allah, briefly respond to the ghutha (rubbish flotsam) with which the gang of U.K. miscreant, bootlicking ‘scholars for dollars’ attempt to misguide the ignorant community of Muslims.

“Question: Is gelatine in vaccines ok?”
Answer: Answering their own fabricated question calculated for promoting haraam satanic vaccines, the Board of Juhala says:
“It should be noted that the currently approved COVID vaccines do not contain gelatine or any animal product.”

Firstly, the question does not pertain to vaccines. So why did this Board of Ignoramuses introduce the vaccine factor? It is not difficult to understand that their shaitaani motive is to peddle the haraam, shaitaani covid vaccine to Muslims. This board of bootlickers is in the employ of its atheist masters who are the manufacturers of the haraam vaccine.

Even if the vaccine does not contain gelatine, it does contain a host of filth, poisons and haraam substances. Furthermore, assuming that the satan’s potion does not contain any haraam ingredients, then too, the poison content and the extremely harmful health consequences render it haraam. In terms of the Shariah, vaccines are not classified as medicine. The principle of Tadaawi bil Haraam (treating sickness with haraam substances) therefore does not apply to vaccines. There is no capital for these bootlickers in this principle which they have mismanipulated in an abortive bid to halaalize the devil’s potion.

Animal gelatine is acquired from haraam animals, primarily from pigs. The argument of metamorphosis employed to halaalize such haraam gelatine is baseless.
This board of agents of Iblees casting light on their hidden agenda states:
“We are working with other organisations to make gelatine-free alternative vaccines for the seasonal flu more readily available, for those who choose to adopt the stricter position.”

This group of moron imams and scholars resembles the carrion and pork halaalizers such as SANHA and MJC. Their objective is the haraam boodle, hence haraam has to be halaalized by hook or by crook. Vaccines are filthy and dangerous poisons. The Shariah does not permit the introduction of poisons, even if of halaal substances, into the body. Vaccines are not permissible preventative measures in terms of the Shariah. The harms of vaccination have been explained and documented in thousands of pages of articles by expert western scientists and medical doctors.