What Muslim Feminists Fail to Understand About Feminism

One of the key lies feminism offers is that if young women don’t pick their careers and independent lifestyles over having kids, they would regret it later in life. However, the truth is not just far more sinister, but the EXACT opposite.

Few things pain and frustrate me more than watching more and more of my Muslim sisters being brainwashed and absorbed into modern feminist ideologies.

Pakistan, among other Muslim countries, has been witnessing a rising wave of feminists whose aim is to destroy the traditional Muslim family. And unfortunately, these feminists are just as oblivious to the dangers posed by these ideologies as their audience.

Writings such as this are starting to become commonplace among the upper class Pakistanis:

In Pakistan, as in many other countries and societies, the most important role women can play is that of the mother. From looking after younger siblings and cousins, to being taught the importance of selflessness, everything a girl is taught is to prepare her for this mother-of-all roles. But now, women are becoming increasingly vocal about the fact that they want autonomy of their lives and bodies.

Can you imagine considering these above-mentioned values as being negative?

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In the warped minds of these feminists, being motherly, caring, and selfless are supposedly what make women ‘weak’. These are ‘bad’ traits that women need to get rid of. If so, then that raises the question: What are the ‘good’ traits they seek?

Mahnoor Sohail, a 23-year-old doctor from Karachi speaks for a number of women when she says, “I decided I did not want children primarily because I did not want to be responsible for another human being. I don’t want to put my life and my dreams on hold just to take care of another person.”

“I just want to live life for myself,” says thirty-five-year old Mariam* from Germany rather bluntly.

A true display of how confused these feminists really are and how little they understand about the tired script they regurgitate can be seen here. A supposed doctor gives the excuse that the reason she didn’t want children is because she doesn’t want to be responsible for another human’s life. How can a doctor — i.e., someone who is responsible for the lives of her patients — think like that?!

Is this cognitive dissonance?

The so-called ‘good’ traits involve being self-centered and selfish to the extreme, putting yourself above all else.

Would you want to be part of a movement that considers these values as positive?

It’s quite ironic how the author of this piece wouldn’t have existed to write it in the first place if her mother had shared these same values.

Motherhood is one of the most vital tasks a woman can perform. Without it, the human race wouldn’t exist.

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And the idea that feminists ingrain into their minds that they will never want children is nothing but a short-lived fantasy. Just take a look at the regret this woman had over her decision:

I had an intern recently, a 21-year-old Oxford graduate, who told me confidently she never wanted kids because it would get in the way of her career. I told her she was mad. While a child-free life looks fun on Facebook, no number of career highs, nights at the theatre, weekends away or adult pleasures can disguise the fact that it feels – there is no other word – empty.

Between today and the end of my life, I hope there are a few more decades. But, as time goes by, the idea of dying without children feels unnatural and sad.

The Motherhood Deniers are terribly excited about their friends. None of whom will be able to wipe their own bottoms in 40 years time, let alone those of their chums. And we all know nephews and nieces are not in the business of dedicating their lives to maiden aunts.

That’s right. Who’s going to take care of these feminists when they’re too old to do it themselves?? Who would love them enough then? The corporation they wasted their lives under? The movements that they ignorantly heeded?

They are blissfully ignorant of the deep depression awaiting them beyond the horizon of their mid-30s. When the realization hits, it’s too late.

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And there are some feminists who think they can have the best of both worlds. These women try to live a life fulfilling their empty desires in their youth and postpone childbirth by having their eggs frozen while they’re still viable.

However, this too is an empty endeavor, as outlined in this article about a woman who chose to finally unfreeze her eggs at the age of 45:

Two eggs failed to survive the thawing process. Three more failed to fertilize. That left six embryos, of which five appeared to be abnormal. The last one was implanted in her uterus. On the morning of March 7, she got the devastating news that it, too, had failed.

Adams was not pregnant, and her chances of carrying her genetic child had just dropped to near zero. She remembers screaming like “a wild animal,” throwing books, papers, her laptop — and collapsing to the ground.

Furthermore, the article states that the chances of successfully having a baby via this method can be as low as 30%. Why even take such a risk in the first place? Imagine the pain this woman went through, waiting for years for a child only to be met with disappointment. Only if she had made having a child her priority, she wouldn’t have missed out on one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can have.

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It’s well-known by now that liberal forces have spent a ton of time and money on Trojan-horsing anti-Islamic, family-disrupting ideologies into Muslim countries. And just like Satan, their infiltration is gradual, with the negative effects often being apparent only after irreversible harm is done. It’s vital that Muslims wake up before that happens.

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Suhuyini Mohammed Amin Imoro

SAAD just sad
I hope we learn from those who have already been hurt by this misguidance.


Whenever a feminist ask “why should I have kids?” Just reply “well, why wouldn’t you?”

All throughout millennia human beings have been producing and having social bonds with their kinship in their lives. It’s the most natural urge and want that anybody has.

Even if one were to take the Evolutionist approach (as a Muslim I don’t, but just using as an example) being married and having your own family is better for individuals as it increases life satisfaction and happiness, lowers crime rates as more criminals are born from single households and prevents your race die out. All of which is what natural selection and utilitarianism preaches for.

Even in their own standards, they are contradicting themselves.


Yes it is true that there are some older women who regret not having children when they were young. But don’t stereotype ALL women as being the same, and don’t ignore or hide the other side of the story.

Because at the same there are also plenty of childfree women and couples who DON’T regret having children at all. Just Google and you will find plenty of articles and websites where they express their relief that they never had children. They are 100% happy with being childfree by choice. Because nowadays having children is extremely difficult with a huge amount of stress, angry arguments when the children start rebelling against their parents’ ways and values, and it is very expensive which is why many women choose to avoid having children. Since the covid pandemic started many parents complain on social media that child rearing has become much more difficult nightmare with the lockdowns and the online schooling at home, preventing the children from being able to go out. Then the childfree people respond to that by saying how relieved they are that they never had children.

Yes I know islam encourages and rewards having children. It’s a good thing as long as it is not coerced or forced on women or couples under threat of beating up and jail like what some ultra-conservative hardliners in the Ummah may be fantasizing about. Allow Muslim couples to have the choice if they want to have children or not, and don’t discriminate against the child free Muslim couples or treat them as inferior.

Please empathise with their plight. Nowadays it is extremely difficult nightmare to have children not only in terms of finance and pandemic stress and worrying about climate change affecting them, but there is also the social cultural ideological fitna when bringing up children (such as the extremely high risk of them getting into drugs or brainwashed into the modernist woke Liberal ideologies), especially if you bring up children in the west where your grown up Muslim children will most likely angrily rebel against your Conservative/orthodox ways, thus causing you great heartbreak. I suggest that this huge social cultural ideological fitna is good enough reason for Muslim couples in the west to avoid having children at all.

Edson dos Reis

Very good article again. However, yet again the authors seem determined to convince themselves and the readers that the women in the article are somehow victims of brainwashing. Rather, they made those decisions consciously and are fully responsible. Nobody should feel any pity for them. They felt independent and strong enough to make those decisions, now let them be independent and strong enough to deal with the consequences.

Stop portaying women as victims instead of human beings with their own wicked thoughts. This problem isn’t going to go away otherwise.