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S Siddiqi

Specifically to religion, liberalism rolled out with the pretentions to piety. Separation of church and state (to protect the church, was the reason given). They were not clear or honest with their agenda. We see the same thing with LGBT. The government has no business in the bedroom, so they claim. It will be a short time before you will be unable to issue marriage certificates if you ‘discriminate’ against same sex marriages.

S Siddiqi

Second, if we look at a recent example of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. I really don’t care where you fall on the political spectrum with respect to support or opposition to that group, but the fact is they were elected in that most liberal of traditions.

They went to Europe and America to foster better relations, and yes, to seek economic aid.

They were refused, and ultimately an illiberal dictator took control with the full blessing and support of the West. This is perfectly in sync with liberal ideals, because they may speak the language of toleration, but cannot tolerate anyone who has actual power and does not agree with their world view.

Again, I don’t care if one supports Sisi or the Brotherhood…what’s to note is the actions of those who selectively push certain values, but act on a much broader set. This is important to understand. The “West” is not being hypocritical. We just don’t fully understand how brutal the underlying ideology can be.