France: Liberal State Forces Muslim Women to Swim with Men

France wants to see your daughters naked.

In a recent interview in the trendy French journal Le Monde, a government member, announced that he was planning a secret deal with AirBnB to make sure that they consistently report to the government any villa that might accommodate women-only bathing.

For some actors, subject to the culture of figures and little familiar with the Muslim religion, the temptation to stereotype is great. We could thus hear a senior official welcoming a future cooperation with Airbnb in order to identify individuals renting villas with swimming pools to organize single-sex swimming pools for women. As much as the reservation of municipal swimming pools for specific audiences for religious reasons is not legal, the organization of private single-sex swimming pools is neither a matter for the State nor for the courts.

To give you a bit of context, Women-Only swimming pools are forbidden in France. This is applied respectively in private and public infrastructure. This prohibition is troubling for many females, especially Muslim women since they are upholding modesty.

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Years ago, a few elected officials tried to organize specific time slots for females in public pools. These politicians quickly were smeared by the media, and the policy of single-sex times for swimming pools has been banned.

This hostility toward any form of segregation between the sexes has led many Muslim women to rent private villas with pools so that they can swim without the male gaze.

This solution is still possible today, but maybe not for long.

Le Monde’s interview trended on Twitter, and soon, the official Twitter account of the government tried to take the article down. A few hours after publishing the article, Le Monde quietly erased the part mentioning the agreement with AirBnB.

To many people, this unexpected leak was beyond belief. How could a government apply such invasive measures despite “sacred human rights”? These oppressions are found in history books and cannot possibly occur in our modern civilized world!

This is gullible.

In the liberal fantasy world, today’s governments would never impose restrictions on people’s free choice unless it is for a very good, very legitimate reason. Everything that comes from such a higher moral order as the liberal state must be for people’s own good.

The reality is that historically, no system of governance has put as much restriction on people as modern Liberal states.

Many factors explain this. Importantly, in traditional premodern societies, human interaction were built on several strata: individual, family, community, society, then the nation.

To maintain order among people, it is enough to apply rules and regulations on a family or community level. This gives enough limitations to maintain order in society and a frame where people can still exercise their individual freedoms to an extent.

Yet, the modern liberal state dissolves families and communities for the sake of consolidating its power as well as liquidating the limits that families and communities place on individuals. Without these familial and communal restrictions, the individual is more free in the sense of pursuing personal desires. But this leads to the inevitable atomization of society and complete control of the liberal state over the individual.

Secondly, Liberalism’s obsession with maximizing individual liberty makes it blind to many other values that are intuitively grounded in human nature, values related to modesty, family, marriage, etc. Even though modesty towards foreign males is instinctive in females, this goes against equality of the sexes because it places a duty upon women to separate themselves from men and vice versa, as well as to cover their bodies. These duties conflict with individual liberty. Therefore, the liberal state attacks modesty as a value and preaches its opposite.

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The very first article of the French Constitution says:

France is an indivisible, secular, democratic, and social Republic. It ensures equality before the law of all citizens without distinction of origin, race, or religion.

It is a core principle of the liberal French republic that the French people are one. We can’t allow any segregation based on sex, gender, race, or religion in that context. This principle isn’t applied to swimming exclusively, but it is found in every sphere of French society. That is why there are no gender-segregated schools in France, and women cannot refuse delivery by a male midwife.

How can this principle be respected when it goes against people’s very human nature?

Complete totalitarian surveillance is the weapon of the liberal state to coerce its people to obey despite their nature. Yes, for such a noble end as liberty and equality, a few isolated souls may have to be deprived of swimming. What’s the problem with that?

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May Allah demolish the perverse dictatorship of France

May Allah gives the Muslims the strength to emigrate or find a way to fight against it.

Right next to Germany (where I am from) but there would be something like this here: I would try to emigrate.


If Satan can create a government it would be liberalism


Or radical Соmmunіsm

Mohammad Talha Ansari

Or Hindutva.
Check out

Abou babar

Perfect article. French is definitely the worst western country to live in as a Muslim.
Muslim there have to wake up and leave for their country of origin


And what if their “country of origin” happens to be in France itself? Not only the white French converts, but also those descendants of 20th century immigrants who are practically indigenous there now by having been settled there for 3 or more generations? This is why I am suggesting to make hijra to the countryside even if within the same country. The grip of the state is far weaker there than the cities. If you can’t buy a house, you can at least buy an RV or caravan or motorhome and park it in a spot in the countryside.


Muslims in other western countries should take note, and do whatever legal means they can, such as lobbying elected officials and maybe protests, to pressure them to not repeat France’s mistakes of “extreme secularism on steroids” in trying to gradually outlaw Islam and conservative Muslim culture piece by piece. Also, maybe Muslims in other western countries such as America should publicly appreciate the much better freedoms they already have (instead of only complaining and saying only bad things about their host country like what Muslim skeptic does) as part of lobbying the officials to not repeat France’s mistakes in their host country. Most importantly, Muslims should make hijra to the countryside where it is much easier to preserve Conservative religious values and lifestyle.


When Muslims in the other western countries are communicating with NonMuslim public officials and activists to persuade them to avoid mutating into secular/liberal/woke fascists like France, the Muslims should preemptively rebuff any potential right-wing scaremongers and clarify that they are NOT trying to make an “Іslаmіst takeover to impose radical sharіа law on everyone in our (NonMuslim western) country” and instead point out the examples of the Amish and Mennonites (in the US) and Haredi communities (in the US and UK), as an example of what Muslims want for Muslims in the west.

Abou Othman Al Faransi

I’m French, the politicians brought it to another level this year (because of the elections) by inviting the muslims “to choose between the coran and La république”.
You’ll not understand the impossibility of individual freedom in France if you don’t understand the difference between Secularisation and Laïcité .

  • Secularism is the atomization of faith (from the group to the individual).
  • Laïcité is the next step, where you put “an institutional distance between religion and the public norm (legislative and social)”. [1]

That’s the reason why we can see a big gap between French republic (also Quebec) and the rest of the secular countries, where you have some individual freedom.

The Laicisation targets a goal to “reduce the social importance of religion” [2]

Make du’a for me and all the Muslims who want to do hijrah, and to Allah I seek protection and to Him we shall return.

[1] Micheline Milot
[2] Jean Beaubérot


You don’t have to relocate abroad to a foreign country because that comes with its own difficulties such as visa. Instead, I suggest you follow the advice of Prophet Muhammed (peace be on him) and make domestic hijra to the countryside within your own homeland, and make your own self-sufficient household or village, growing your own food and preferably living low-tech and off the grid (not having Television, and not dependent on the national electricity grid). In those isolated rural areas the reach and grip of the state is much weaker, so it will be easier to live your conservative Islamic lifestyle there. A good role model are the Amish and Mennonite communities in America, all that Muslims need to do is make an Islamic version of the same thing.

Abou Othman Al Faransi

Few years ago the Laïcs (people who fight in the name of feminin right of their women only and in the name of la Laïcité) were saying (here you can see the linguistic imperialism) :
“They want to impose burkini in our pools”.

No, objectively they just wanted to swim covered.


David wood calls Islam obsessive?

Last edited 10 months ago by Naeem

Of course I’m not happy with what their increasingly woke fascist state are doing, but this article title is a bit misleading. Unless you’re talking about the mandatory swimming lessons that many European schools have, the state is not “Forcing Muslim women to swim with men”. If they ban people from running women-only swimming at private villas with pools, then Muslim women still have the choice to not go there at all in the first place, and instead just give up swimming and stay at home in voluntary self-imposed home isolation lockdown based on Quran 33:33 like the now-largely-forgotten traditional Islamic “purdah nasheen” culture that a few hardline ultra-orthodox mullahs still promote as fardh while swimming is not fardh.

Mahad Shaikh

It’s like your an idiot on purpose and have never really studied Islam under a traditional scholar


Do you want to know what the most “traditional scholars” believe in and preach? The strictest and most Conservative group of Islamic scholars in the world are Majlisul Ulama in South Africa. Islamic scholars cannot get any more “traditional” than them, because they preach that the following things are all 100% haram and worthy of criminalizing under a real Islamic/shаria state;

– photos/videos/TV (idolatry),
– all sports and games, including football and cricket (teshebboh Bill cuffar or imitating infidels)
– all leisure activities and entertainment, including fireworks
– wearing “western” clothes such as suit/tie (imitating infidels)
– clapping (imitating infidels)
– microphones in mosques, and reading jumma khutbah from iPhone or iPad (bid-ah in Ibaadah),
– Quran competitions (capitalist commercialization of Allah’s book)
– eating with knife+fork, and sitting on chair at table (imitating infidels) instead of sitting cross-legged on hot like the Sunnah.
– women driving cars or horses, going to weddings and graveyards, or doing anything other than home lockdown (since it contradicts the purdah nasheen lifestyle based on Quran 33:33),
– Any kind of mixed/co-ed or even female-only institutions outside (including girl’s schools and madrassahs and colleges, and women-only gyms and swimming pools and salons (because they contradict the purdah nasheen lifestyle)
– women “prostituting their voices” by speaking in public such as on radio or YouTube like what Mrs Haqiqatjou did (because women’s haya/aura modesty includes even their normal spoken voices).
– 100% of ALL vaccines for any disease, because apparently ALL vaccines are only harmful.
– many types of modern medical procedures including blood donations/transfusions, husband-wife IVF, and organ transplants.


The French Republic are undeniable proving themselves to be nothing less than the “Secular Taliban”. I wonder why you didn’t also mention that they also recently banned Muslim women/girls from playing sports while wearing the outfit commonly called “sports hijab”?