Canada Proposes Punitive Tax for the Unvaccinated

Muslims should be careful in advocating for Western governmental agendas. Oftentimes, the eventual conclusion of these policies is used to increase the technocratic stranglehold that is already choking society.

Quebec has recently pushed a proposal to tax its unvaccinated population in an unprecedented move to coerce individuals to take the highly experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

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A proposal by Quebec to tax unvaccinated people may be lawful but may also go against the spirit of Canada’s universal public health system, rights and medical experts said on Wednesday.

Danyaal Raza, a doctor and former chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare has this to say:

“I’ve not seen anything like this in Canada before. I’m worried about the precedent it would set…”

And while Dr. Raza expresses some concern regarding the proposal, the reality remains that the federal government may choose to side with this totalitarian approach to pressure vaccinations.

CTV News:

The federal government is unlikely to challenge Quebec’s controversial proposal to apply a tax on the unvaccinated in the province, says former premier Jean Charest.

…Quebec announced the proposal last Tuesday, noting the levy would apply to those without a medical exemption and could be executed as soon as the next several weeks.

What happened to “my body, my choice”? When it comes to abortion, the idea of autonomy over the body is paramount, but when it comes to vaccinations the liberal idea of individualism is thrown out the window for some inexplicable reason.

Further, Canadian officials have been questioning how to decide the tax’s fundamental reasoning to make it more palatable. This includes classifying the levy as a “sin tax.”


A Liberal MP [member of Parliment] who works as a medical doctor says he’s in favour of making unvaccinated Canadians pay some kind of a special tax — and he believes others in his party agree.

“We already have taxes on tobacco. We have taxes on alcohol, which are there for similar reasons because people who consume those products are more likely to end up in the hospital,” said MP Marcus Powlowski

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This type of reasoning used to justify the foundations of the tax places the moral blame on unvaccinated populations and aims to mask the nefarious reasons as to why the government is pushing for these vaccines, mandates, and taxes.

Just consider the logical shortfalls and messages that entail this tax: populations can now be penalized for not taking a substance based on their beliefs. What kind of can of worms does this open?

Ethicist, Phoebe Frieson, elaborates on the possible repercussions.


McGill University biomedical ethicist Phoebe Friesen was concerned the logic of taxing unvaccinated people could be extrapolated to other behaviors…

“If you want to be consistent and logical, you should charge all sorts of people for their hospitalization if it’s based on behavior that they’re ‘responsible’ for,” she said “… And it’s incredibly tricky to figure out what that looks like.”

With this line of logic, the government can punish individuals for most mundane activities and even non-action. Subsequently, these people are considered as harmful elements to society due to insubordination and pressured to fall in line or face being ostracized by society as a whole.

Considering corrupt regulatory bodies, like the FDA, have a history of approving drugs that cause crippling side effects and death, why should the public even trust these government entities?

But even without these taxes, people who chose to forgo the vaccine have already been targeted by world governments financially, socially, and psychologically.


Human rights group Amnesty International urged Italy to change tough anti-COVID restrictions to avoid discrimination against unvaccinated people.

In a recent decree Mario Draghi’s government made vaccination mandatory for everyone over the age of 50 and for use of public transport and a range of other services, one of very few countries to take similar steps

“The government must continue to ensure that the entire population can enjoy its fundamental rights, such as the right to education, work, and medial treatment…

Forget taxation; vaccination status is already prohibiting people from being able to work to provide for their families and having access to basic public services. Because of the acquiescence afforded to world governments to impose global lockdowns, societal enslavement may now be inevitable.

Unfortunately, what’s helping in enabling this dystopian future is the backing of some Muslim leaders that doggedly advocate for the vaccine and lockdowns that prevent Muslims from congregating in Mosques out of irrational fear. And if these endorsements of totalitarian policies continue, what’s stopping these governments from taxing other non-compliant behavior such as refusing to send your children to public schools or refusing to take whatever substance the government deems “beneficial” to society?

Could the government view Islamic schools, masjids, and other institutes as a detriment to the greater society and tax them as well? Lets put taxation aside; if a behavior is considered by the government as a harm to society — such as smoking where prohibited — then authorities are able to use force to put out the cigarette if the offender refuses. Could they then use this new proposal in reverse to forcefully send a population to quarantine camps as is being done in Australia?

The possibilities, scarily enough, are endless.

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So the Western world criticizes and denounces the Tаliban for depriving people of personal liberties, and forcibly intruding into people’s personal private lives to control their lives, not allow people to live according to their own chosen lifestyles, and punish people harshly for doing some small things or not doing some other small things (such as headscarf, music, movies, going to mosque 5x daily), which most people consider trivial because people should have the right to choose to do or avoid these things without fear of punishment.
But it seems that some of these western countries are turning into woke-secular-liberal-feminist versions of the Tаliban, by using harsh punishments or persecution for doing some things (such as homeschooling in some places, or assisting or advising gаys to seek what they call “conversion therapy”, or gender segregation in some places) or for not doing something else (such as vaccines, or believing in sodomist doctrine) which are all things that people should have the personal liberties/free choice to decide for themselves. In particular, France is now the “liberal secularist vaccinist Talibаn.”