Will There Be War Between Morocco and Algeria?

A long time ago, under the reign of the Marinid Kingdom, Morocco and Algeria were parts of the same empire. Sadly, in the old days, both countries split and followed two very different paths (contrary to popular belief, it was long before colonization).

When I first visited Oujda – a Moroccan city located on the Algerian border – I went to the north to go to the beach. We eventually drove alongside the frontier and encountered a beautiful canyon situated between two mountains. In between was a giant pit and an endless fence splitting the horizon. My friend explained that Algeria wanted to differentiate from Morocco, so when Morocco dug the hole, Algeria put a wall. “The only thing these two agreed upon is always to disagree,” he said laughingly.

I have planned to cover news from North Africa on MuslimSkeptic for a long time now, and this can’t be done without explaining the conflict between these two giants.

Last year, Mohammed VI, the King of Morocco, described both states as ‘twin countries.’
These two indeed share many aspects. The dialect is more or less the same, the food has very few differences that only an expert could sense, and the population of both is Arabic and Berber. Paradoxically, from a different angle, they are polar opposites.

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Algeria is a republic, a democracy, it fought to gain its independence, and it was an ally of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Morocco is a Monarchy. It does not claim democracy for itself. It negotiated its independence with the French and was an ally of the Liberal Empire during the Cold War.

Unsurprisingly, their diplomatic relations have been chaotic for a century. It worsened drastically during 2021, and some observers even think this may lead to war in the Maghreb region.

Here’s a brief summary of what happened last year:

December 2020: Morocco and Israel have established diplomatic relations, which has transformed the situation. Why did Morocco recognize Israel? In exchange, Morocco wants the USA to accept its sovereignty over the Sahara, which is considered sacred and vital to the country.

As a result, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

The fact that the United States is assisting Morocco on the Sahara issue is also crucial to Algeria, but Algeria is naturally more concerned about the relations with Israel, given the tension between the two countries.

Mid-July 2021: Morocco’s ambassador to the United Nations, argued for the people of Kabylia’s right to self-determination, which is, of course, a central red line for Algeria, which views its territorial integrity under danger.

End-July 2021: Revelations concerning the Pegasus project, involving Moroccan-Israeli security cooperation, heightened tensions between Algeria and Morocco.

Morocco’s king attempted to calm the tension by defining the relationship between Morocco and Algeria as “twin countries looking at each other.”

On the other hand, the Algerian administration has ruled out the idea of reconciliation.

11th of August, 2021: During a visit to Morocco, the Israeli foreign minister denounced Algeria’s relations with Iran, which understandably exacerbated the situation. Algeria judged that the remark was unacceptable.

Mid-August 2021: When the fires blazed in Kabylia, Algeria accused Morocco of being responsible. Algeria justified its accusation by citing Morocco’s ambassador in the UN.

24th of August, 2021: Algeria decided to end diplomatic relations between Algiers and Rabat. Algeria mentioned Moroccan backing for Kabylia autonomy, Israeli ties, and the potential harm to Algeria, the Pegasus network, and, of course, the Western Sahara issue.

September 2021: Algeria declared that its gas exports to Europe would no longer go through Morocco but rather through another pipeline that would bypass Morocco.
To deescalate the situation, Morocco’s bureau publicly condemned its ambassador to the United Nations, claiming that his words on Kabylia did not represent Morocco.

22nd of September, 2021: Algeria closed its airspace to Moroccan planes.

November 2021: A bomb assault in Mauritania killed three Algerian civilians. Algeria blamed Morocco for the assassination and even mentioned terrorism. Morocco denies responsibility for the murder, and the investigation has yet to identify Morocco as the perpetrator.

23rd of November, 2021: Benny Gantz, Israel’s defense minister, recently traveled to Morocco to sign a security deal. According to the Algerian press, “The Mossad was in Algeria’s harbor,” and Algeria was now within range of Israeli missiles launched from Moroccan territory.

It may be a little bit early to speak about war, but both states are clearly preparing for an eventual political incident. The fact that Morocco and Algeria both invest in the defense budget is not a good sign.

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Moroccan and Algerian people do not want a war, and a start of an armed conflict between the two would be a disaster for the people and the Ummah as a whole. If many avoid the trap of blindly criticizing others, some people unfortunately do fall into blind nationalism and insulting their Muslim brothers on Social Media.

This is a dangerous game that even made the Prophet ﷺ angry:

Jabir b. Abdullah reported that two young men, one from the Muhajirin (emigrants) and the other one from the Angr (helpers) fell into dispute and the Muhajir called his fellow Muhajirin, and the Ansari (the helper) called the Ansar (for help). In the meanwhile, Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) came there and said:

What is this, the proclamation of the days of jahiliya (ignorance)? They said: Allah’s Messenger, there is nothing serious. The two young men fell into dispute and the one struck at the back of the other. Thereupon he (the Holy Prophet) said: Well, a person should help his brother whether he is an oppressor or an oppressed. If he is the oppressor he should prevent him from doing it, for that is his help; and if he is the oppressed he should be helped (against oppression).

We ask Allah to guard us against war and to save the Ummah from afflictions.

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Abou babar

Salamou aleikoum
At this point it would rather be a war from Israel against Algeria as our country have always been unapologetically against Israel and pro Palestinian.

In every Algerian event we can see Palestinian flags floating along side the Algerian one.

Every year, in every Algerian school, the memory of the Palestinian martyrs is celebrated along side the Algerian ones.

The soon to come Palestinian Victory is celebrated along side the algerian one.

When the Palestinian cry, we, Algerians, cry ; when our brothers and sisters there are hurt we are hurt, and the Algerian and our government are unapologetic about it and this is the real problem.

Moroccans and Algerians are brothers.


Moroccans and Algerians are indeed brothers.

We should not let the enemy instigate a war amongst ourselves. They really wish that a war between Morocco and Algeria will break out so that hundreds of thousands of Muslims die.

If anything, Morocco and Algeria should fight together to purge Israeli influence from the area. They should start by charging the enemies within, the main instigators of the war from within. Check for any Israeli ties too.

Israel is Western occupation, it’s not a country. Everyone hates them, and they know it. Let them plot how much they want, but Allah’s plan is above any of their evil.


No, Moroccans and Algerians should not be only so-called brothers who are separated in two separate countries that must be forced to be a Jizia-paying Zimmy to live in each other’s land. Instead of having a country called Morocco, there should be an “Islamrocco”. Instead of having an Algeria, there should be an “Islamgeria”. Instead of supporting Раlеstine, support “Іslаmеstine”. The point that I’m making is that, instead of having many Muslim countries, all Muslim countries should unite into one big country led by a president called the саlірh or khаlееfа, so that there won’t be nationalistic wars anymore between Мuslіm states.

Mohamed Mahamud

It could work
But I don’t think we could agree on who should be caliph.


More importantly than disagreeing with the choice of Khaliefa of Islamistan, the Muslim nation (ummah) will be sharply divided and polarized on ideology and which version of sharia or Islamic law they want as the Islamistan or Islamestine Caliphate’s ruling system. On the one hand we have mostly rural and tribal ultra-conservative hardliners who demand a harsh cruel draconian version of sharia similar to Taliban (let’s call this “Hard sharia”) in which almost everything is made haram and a crime punished by beatings, jail or executions just for many small things for which no punishment is specified in Quran or hadeeth.

On the other hand there will be the mix of cosmopolitan “moderate” practicing Muslims (like me), secular/liberal Muslims and Non-Muslims, who are collectively the dominant demographic and supermajority in the cities, and they will demand either secular rule or a very mild tolerant version of islamic law that I call “soft sharia” which has many Islamic rules but does not have so many harsh cruel draconian social-cultural restrictions like Taliban’s hard sharia. In soft sharia women and NonMuslim Zimmies have far more rights to do far more things than hard sharia. The division and polarization between these two types of Muslims in Islamistan is like the polarization between the two types of Americans in the US (Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans).

If the Khaliefa or Caliph (president of the United States of Islam) tried to forcibly impose only a “one size fits all” version of sharia (either hard sharia or soft sharia) on everyone everywhere nationwide, then this will lead to huge riots and deadly civil war between the different types of Muslims who demand different versions of sharia. This will be by far the biggest challenge facing the United States of Islamistan Caliphate, not just the choice of who will be Mr Khaliefa.


It won’t work, because ruling a huge territory with a central authority only leads to disasters… Even the USA has different states that rule their own affairs autonomously….
Please people, learn about basic economics and you will understand….
Economy is the number one factor that determines whether a nation will succeed or not…


Allahul musta’an
We will remain humiliated until the shariah becomes our slogan and we unite our hearts.
Until then, lets brace our hearts for more heartbreaks


From Pakistan too Morocco we could have one big country. But we have spineless leaders. We are so many yet so weak.

Bill Browder

Let us hope that the Moroccan people can throw off the zionist tyrants who rule over them before they make another blood sacrifice of Muslim lives to please their zionist masters.


Moroccan people are much less oppressed than algerians and other arab countries ruled by secular atheist dictatorships…
The only thing that allows morocco to be in peace is the monarchy.
Why would you want them to suffer the same fate as the syrians??


The strange trend in the so-called “Arab” world (I say so-called Arab world because North Africa are forcibly Arabized non-Arabs who don’t deserve to be called Arabs) is that the Arab and Arabized countries which have a monarchy generally do better overall than the Arab/Arabized countries which are Republics, in terms of both peace, stability and economically. The biggest and most dramatic demonstration of this strange trend is to compare Iraq against GCC Arabia. They are both oil-rich Arab-ruled states, but one is advanced rich first world thriving multicultural prosperous region (largely because of their absolute monarchy), and the other one of poor unstable totally ruined hellhole even years after the US invasion war finished, because their Republic system and attempted democracy cannot hold the country together or keep it sustainably stable. Likewise I’m not undermining or belittling the Rashidun caliphs (Abubecker, Omar, Osman, and Ali, RodiAllahuAnhum who were the greatest Caliphs) but the Arab-led caliphates were richer and had more prosperity and scientific technological advancement under the Abbasid dynasty and dynastic rule of Al-Andalus (Muslim Spain) compared to the non-dynastic Rashidun caliphs era. It seems that there is something about Arabs and Arabized people or their culture and society which makes them only capable of making an advanced thriving prosperous civilization under the rule of an absolute monarchy.


North africa,iberian peninsula and Southern Italy were not forcibly arabized, way before islam there already was a Semitic language being spoken in coastal cities ; ever heard of the Carthaginian empire (descendants of Phoenician colonists)? Many Cities in the mediterranean coasts of the Maghreb(agadir, tangier, etc) , iberian peninsula(cartagena, cádiz) and Sicily were founded by Phoenicians who spoke a semitic language.

Why do you think that Persia did not lose their language despide them becoming muslim? Because they did not had a history of semitic people ruling there ; while the Maghreb had a powerful ancient empieza that was semitic in origin that did almost conquer Rome….
Hanibal the great carthaginian general spoke phoenician…

Phoenician is to the Arabic language or the Aramaic language , what the Spanish language is to Italian….

Abdou Elimam is an algerian linguist, that argues that the “Darija language” (Maghrebian Arabic), was way older than the coming of Islam, and is a legacy from the Phoenicians that made alliances with amazigh, iberian and western mediterranean Islanders tribes and founded an empire that rivaled with the Roman Republic for the control of the western mediterranean area.

This is a example of how Islam was embraced by the masses in north Africa and parts of southern Europe freely, without coercion… Do you know how mountainous the geography in north Africa is? Or even the iberian peninsula? Without local support you can never conquer those lands; even the romans forged alliances with the natives and did never fully control everything with force ; it was all thanks to alliances and trade.

The spread of Islam and the arabic language by the sword is a fallacy


*ancient empire

Be careful

The Moroccans retracted what they had said. Three people dead should not be enough to start a war that could end up in hundreds of thousands of Muslims killed and millions more displaced.

Israel wants their enemies (YOU) to take out themselves. They hate both Morocco and Algeria and want to see them kill each other.

Seriously, both Algeria and Morocco should join together in finding out who’s instigating the war (on both sides) and not be shy to charge instigators with treason if appropriate!

We cannot afford another war in this dire situation that we’re in. Globally, the economy is getting worse, and there is certainly more risk for less developed countries. Be careful, if you don’t value your brothers’ lives from the opposite country, value your own. Don’t let anyone instigate you to destruction.

I’m a nobody to tell anybody what to do, but I hope this serves as a reminder to anyone who’s listening. Because I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know…

just a human

you could say that from the time Israel start approaching morocco with this “relations thing”
and the tension started to increase more

surely this show you that Israel has a hand in this Fitna , they want to split the union of the Muslims

some minority of low IQ people from both sides Fall for this Fitna and they start insulting each other being extremists in their nationalism

but the majority of people in both countries now days they have enough awareness to realize that its a *premade-Trap* made by Israel and France to cause a conflict in the area , but nothing can split the real / the true believers no matter what they do .
النَّبِيِّ صلى الله عليه وسلم قَالَ ‏ “‏ إِنَّ الْمُؤْمِنَ لِلْمُؤْمِنِ كَالْبُنْيَانِ، يَشُدُّ بَعْضُهُ بَعْضًا ‏”‏‏.‏ وَشَبَّكَ أَصَابِعَهُ‏.‏
The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “A faithful believer to a faithful believer is like the bricks of a wall, enforcing each other.” While (saying that) the Prophet (ﷺ) clasped his hands, by interlacing his fingers.


Algerian rulers are dictators and are the cause of what’s happening. Whenever u see a military ruler u see chaos and tyranny.


True, at least that’s the case in arab countries.
Egypt and Syria are a example of that….
Military should focus on the only reason they exist, wich is to protect the civilians and the borders from any harm from hostile foes, not to rule the country and destroy the local economy and torment their own people in unimaginable ways like the syrian or egyptian regimes are doing with their own people…


I’m sorry but the Moroccans don’t seem to mind these israeli relations as the people never condemned their government’s actions. I’m not an Algerian or a Moroccan but I’m an outsider who sees Moroccans rather being proud of their country’s popularity whether it’s featured in a Hollywood movie or in a food programme. Moroccan people don’t have a voice unless it’s for fun or having a good time. Their israeli relation was established long time ago, they just now made it public information. Why do you think people head there the most and not elsewhere in Africa? Surely other African countries have much more to offer than Morocco. But agreeing with israel, providing foreigners a good time ie drugs, prostitution and give a weird version of practising Islam will give that country access to everything. No offence to those dignified Moroccans out there, but your silence is not good either.


People go to Morocco because firstly it’s safe and in a privileged strategic position (20 km away from Europe) with good weather and acceptable infrastructure , the economic policies have created an optimal environment for local businesses to thrive, and to attract foreign investments and the quality of life has improved in the last 20 years (sure it’s not perfect and there is a lot of work to do, but from the place Morocco comes, it’s a huge improvement to the point that a middle class has been created at least before the brutal pandemic lockdowns…).

As for immorality, that is not that widespread like in european countries, and that is what you get when there is no Islamic laws implemented and also when you have liberal lobbyists influencing from France, Spain, etc wich are not that far away. For example george soros has his Ngo’s working there for example…

As for the Moroccans being silent : all moroccan muslims(not most of jewish moroccans) are pro freedom for the palestinians and the liberation of Jerusalem from occupation (many moroccans have paintings of masjid Al-Aqsa in their homes) , they are not that loud because most of them know that their voice doesn’t matter internationally in the geopolitics of a regio thousands of miles away, and they also know that the governments in many arab countries are even worse than the zionists themselves, just look at the syrian experience with their brutal dictatorship or the egyptians with their brutal dictatorship, even the moroccan government doesn’t trust the other arab countries rulers, that’s why they made relations with the zionists decades ago, and it worked well for the Moroccan monarchy to protect themselves from pan-arabist socialists wet dreams of making a coup d’état and bringing turmoil ….
First one should fix his own roof before trying to fix the world…


A major part of the reason why many of the Amazigh Berbers such as Kabyles feel disillusioned with conservative Islam and Sharia and want their own separate country, its because they have been oppresed and persecuted by over a millennium of Arab nationalists trying to forcibly stamp out and destroy their language and culture. What compounds this and make it worse are self-righteous holier-than-though so-called “Islamists” who try to disguise their Arab nationalism and racism against non-Arabs in the guise of Islam and Sharia. So those Berbers start hating Islam because they think Islam is just an Arabic cultural imperialist project to destroy all the world’s cultures and transform everyone into synthetic artificial plastic Arabs.

Yes we know that Arabic is important as the language of Quran and sunnah. However Allah did not send us islam to make a cultural Genocide of non-Arabs and destroy all languages and cultures in the world to transform all people in the world into synthetic plastic Arabs like what Egypt and the whole of North Africa has suffered. This is why I suggest that those disaffected Kabyle people in Algeria must be allowed to have their own “Kabyle Autonomous Region” within Algeria and the future caliphate, similar to how the Kurdistan Autonomous Region works in Iraq, so that they can preserve their ethnic culture and language without being forced to transform into plastic Arabs, and without making a separate independent country, and all while staying within Islamic guidelines and limits. In that way they are given a halal alternative to secular Berber nationalism.


Amazigh berbers are even and often more conservative and followers of the sunnah than the arab speaking population in Morocco, I don’t know from where you get that they “feel disillusioned with conservative Islam and Sharia and want their own separate country”…. You know absolutely nothing about the Maghreb regio, stop talking nonsense.
Morocco is the country where more amazigh population lives, second it’s Algeria ; almost half of the population is a speaker of a amazing language in Morocco.

The only people that have been trying to force the amazigh to leave their language and religion were the French and Spanish colonialists followed by secular pan-arabist socialist dictators in algeria…

Historically the biggest Islamic empires in the Maghreb that exercised huge influence in other parts outside the Maghreb (iberian peninsula and subsaharian lands) were ruled by amazigh dynasties such as the Almoravids or the Almohads for example… It were amazigh dynasties that conquered the arabic speaking andalusians 2 times to “rescue” them from the Christian catholic kingdoms that were attacking them from the north…

Ignorance is not good….


*amazigh language


The fact is that there are such thing as Amazigh-Berber secular nationalists movements in that region who have strong popular support and make big protests because they feel they are being oppresed by having their language and culture suppressed in favour of Arabic Nazism.

And Muslim skeptic himself also admitted this on his blog article “Eric Zemmour: The anti-Islam candidate rises” published on 7th December 2021. I will quote from that article here;
“He is also Kabyle, a Berber ethnic group. Of course, many Kabyle are exemplary Muslims. But it would be foolish to ignore the fact that there are strong Kabyle movements that deeply hate Arabs and Islam and have never got over the conquests of the great commander Tariq Ibn Zyad who invaded North Africa and brought Islam to them.”

The solution I suggested above (let the Kabyles have their own autonomous region within Algeria similar to Iraqi Kurdistan or Catalonia in Spain) its most realistic because they can still preserve their language and ethnic culture in such an autonomous region without having to make an independent country and without having to be forcibly transformed into artificial plastic Arabs who are still treated as inferior by racists among the original real Arabs when they go to Arabian peninsula. And they can still learn classical Arabic as SECOND language (not first) like how Iraqi and Syrian Kurds do.

Algeria and Morocco did absolutely the right thing by recently making Amazigh-Berber a co-official language (because they were under pressure by the secular Berber nationalist protesters). They should go further by getting rid of French to make way for a full-scale revival of the Amazigh-Berber language and culture among the general Maghreb region population (including even Libya and Tunisia) like how the Israeli Jews revived Hebrew from the dead, while still keeping Arabic as co-official and keeping the general population still fluent in Arabic as second language in a Canadian-style super-bilingual setup, and while still staying within Islamic religious, moral and ideological limits.


That’s not true at all, sure there is a very little minority of amazigh that are secular and have “independence ideology”, but they are a very microscopic minority, because I’m telling you that amazigh speaking people are even more religious than the arabic speaking people in morocco (who are also religious in the most part) , again you are speaking nonsense, have you ever meet a “berber” from morocco?? Even in algeria a country ruled by secular socialists for so long is still very religious including their amazigh population….

And in morocco there is no “arabic-nazism”, that was only the case in countries with a history of “pan-arabist socialist” rulers( Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Algeria, etc) , and morocco has always been a monarchy since independence and before the independence…

Eric zemmour is not an algerian, he is a French descendant of Jewish immigrants from French ruled algeria, and during that time “pan-arabist socialism” didn’t exist ; he is a hater of islam because he is a zi-o-n-is-t, he is despised by 99% of amazigh people worldwide, 99% of amazigh are muslims and proud of it.
The hate towards Islam and Muslims from that zemmour stems from zionism, nothing else ; because historically Jewish people have even been saved from the inquisition by the muslim rulers in morocco and the ottoman governors in algeria…

I’m not joking, if you make such claims in real life to a amazigh man, they would feel very offended, since most of them are practicing muslim…

You comparing Kurdistan to Cataluña is so ignorant….. And who are you to decide if the “kabyles” should have an autonomous regio?where do you draw the borders? Don’t you know that there are not 100% homogenous areas? Or that arabic speaking algerians share 100% the same ancestry as their amazigh speaking muslim brothers?

I’m done talking to you here because you really are too ignorant about the Maghreb regio.
Learn and meet people from there and then come and talk.

A Muslim

As an enthusiastic follower of brother Daniel, I have to say I was disappointed by this article being published on Muslimskeptic.com for two major reasons, which I will point out to by way of due Naseeha (advice):

– First, it is inappropriate to refer to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as “the Holy Prophet.” No reference is included for the citation in the article, but nowhere in the authentic sources of Islam would you find such an expression (not claiming that I’ve studied them all). It resembles to the language used by Christians to refer to Jesus (PBUH). In fact, it connotes what the Prophet’s (PBUH) own hadith has come to forbid: “Do not exaggerate in praising me as the Christians praised the son of Mary, for I am only a Slave. So, call me the Slave of Allah and His Messenger.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, no: 3261). And Allah knows best.

– Second, this article is far from being unbiased. If the author really intended to merely “cover news from North Africa” and had concerns for the Ummah as they seem to claim, they would at least have tried to provide a balanced analysis and equally expose both positions. It is true that Morocco has made mistakes, not the least of which is its desperately scandalous estalishment of relations with the Zi.on.ists. But it is also true that it has initiated many attempts for reconciliation, all of which have been rejected by Algeria. There is a lot to say about Algeria’s actions as well, and simply overlooking its hosting and long-standing support of the Polisario Front and its consistent fuelling of the separatist agenda, as if it had nothing to do with the Sahara conflict, makes this article blatantly flawed.


A war between this twoo countries won’t happen firstly because they are not ready for a conventional war despite of them buying weapons from Russia or Usa…

Second the European union won’t allow it because if a war breaks there the European union would be finished for good, because of the refugee crisis that would happen (much worse than the one in syria… Syria prior to the war had 21 million inhabitants ; Morocco and Algeria, each of them surpass the 40 million inhabitants…..).

If the governments of both countries pull the trigger, they would be the biggest brainless people to have ever walked on earth, both countries populations are brothers , hundreds of thousands of families would be affected since moroccans and algerians do marry each other since they are almost the same people, etc….

Pray for peace in the world.