The Harmful Mental Effects of Elon Musk’s Neuralink

Imagine a child and his father. This father is a scientist, and wants his son to clean the dishes. But he cannot get him to do so. Why? Because he’s too lazy to stand.

So, the father invents a pulley-mechanism that hoists the boy up into a standing position. Now, the boy complains that the kitchen is too far and he would rather not walk all the way there. The father ‘fixes’ this issue by building an automated ramp, one that instantly transports him to the kitchen.

The boy complains that he’s too tired to clean the dishes and that he doesn’t want to get his clothes wet. The father, now visibly frustrated, storms off into the basement, this time to design the ultimate invention.

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The next day he goes to his son’s room and shows him a metallic box with a single red button on top of it. He proudly tells his son that upon pressing that button, the dishes would be automatically cleaned. In fact, all the chores for the day including his homework will be carried out by this miracle machine. In response, the boy asks one simple question:

“But Dad, who’s going to press the button?”

Modern technology may seem like a good thing, and to some extent that’s true. However, too much of anything is bad. And Muslims understand this. We know that excess is something we should avoid wherever we can.

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However, humans by nature, are excessive. And when it comes to technology, this excessiveness translates into continuously reducing physical and mental exertion from our everyday lives. Year by year, decade by decade, modern society is finding it ‘easier’ to live.

Want food? Want groceries? Want to go shopping? Want to get medication? Do it all from the comfort of your home at the push of a button. Although, just like the kid in the story, even pushing the button is becoming tiresome. Wouldn’t it be better if we could just will these things to happen, without twitching a single muscle fiber?

Enter Neuralink

Introducing Elon Musk’s Neuralink, which is apparently just around the corner:

Elon Musk has said that Neuralink, his brain-interface technology company, hopes to start implanting its microchips in humans next year.

It is being introduced as a treatment for people with severe spinal cord injuries. However, the company’s intentions to move to a healthier consumer base is no secret.

This technology will allow you to simply control devices with your thoughts. Accessibility will be taken to its extreme. But at what cost?

Surely, this technology won’t help the epidemic of sedentary lifestyles most people today live.

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And what about the mental effects? If we take a stroll across history, human memory was something to behold. In the time of the Prophet ﷺ, poetry was quite popular. The Arabs of that time would memorize thousands of poetic verses simply by listening to them. The Companions would memorize verses of the Qur’an verbatim. Very few of them were literate, and so they relied on their outstanding memory to transmit the Quran and hadith.

Fast-forward to today, and we can barely memorize more than a few phone numbers. Retaining information has become too arduous a task. Why memorize anything anymore when you can just look it up online?

It’s very clear that the age of computers and smartphones has made us dependent on them, not just physically, but mentally as well, to the point that these devices have been nicknamed as our accessory/secondary brains.

Memory problems have gotten so bad that people frequently complain about things like going into the kitchen and forgetting what they were there for. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to recall details about basic everyday things. Why take the time to learn directions when Google maps can just point you in the right direction? Why perform basic arithmetic when a calculator is readily available?

An article published by the American Psychological Association recently found that middle-aged people now are in a mental deficit compared to their historical counterparts. An article relating to this study states:

American adults currently in their 40s, 50s and early 60s have more symptoms of depression and worse memory recall than older Americans did when they were the same age.

How bad do you think this problem will get when using fingers to type is removed from the equation? When you can simply sit back and let this chip control your cognition? What’s going to happen if this chip starts becoming available for children? Forget about their little brains developing then.

Technology, with all its harms, is becoming an increasingly integral part of our lives. But Muslims need to be careful that it doesn’t strip us of the natural abilities, both physical and mental, that Allah has given us.

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Mahmood Said Farah

Well, if they’re already planning implanting microchips into humans, so what else is there to prevent such a heinous an imaginable act ? And we muslims are already in this state helpless. You’ve already said much my dear brother Haqiqatjou , but at this point, when man have everything he could ask for in this world ( Power ) , nobody pays heed to your advice. May Allah bless you.

Bilal Rauf

It’s a path towards becoming a mindless consumer. But we as Muslims know our reward is greater than anything we can find in the dunya.


Data collection and targeted advertisment straight out of and into your brain


And this, my brothers, is why the founding father of our nation Resoolullah Muhammed sollollahualeihiwecellem advised us to relocate to isolated rural areas in the end times, and this is why the main story of Surah 18 (L-Kehef, which Resoolullah advised us to read to prepare for the era of Dajjal) is also about retreating into a rural area (such as a cave). All this ruralization to get away from the religious and/or socio-cultural big fitna that is being easily imposed in the cities.

And ironically, it happens to be Jews and Christians (Amish, Mennonites and Haredi) who are unknowingly following Resoolullah’s ruralization advice and even live low-tech off the grid to escape potential high-tech tyranny like potential future Neuralink imposition (and consequently preserved their traditional Conservative orthodox culture, values and lifestyle), meanwhile our homies (Muslims) are totally neglecting Resoolullah’s ruralization advice and end up having urban children who mostly grow up to become liberals that rebel against their parents’ traditional conservative ways.


I advise everyone to take a lesson from vaccines. Look how they are trying to force or subtly pressure everyone to take their vaccines since the last year and a half. You never know if and/or when they may start trying to force or pressure millions of ordinary people like us to start implanting these kinds of chips into our body, under whatever excuse they may come up with. I predict that Microchips implanted inside bodies will become the next “vaccine” (thing that everyone must have to be politically correct and not discriminated against).

When they manage to get those microchips to have a location tracking feature (which enables the state to be able to track the current location of everyone at any time) then the ruling establishment may use the bogeyman excuse of crime and terrorism to try and encourage, force or pressure everyone to have a chip implanted inside them, because then they can always track down where “criminals and terrorists” (including people with politically incorrect “undesirable views”) are.

So start NOW from this very early stage of Neuralink’s history (before implanted microchips become mandatory), and make public campaigns (including petitions) to pressure and lobby corporations, public officials and governments to publicly promise (and carry out their promise) to NEVER forcibly impose or pressure the general population to have any kind of microchip implanted inside them by coercive force or other kinds of discrimination pressure like what they are doing with vaccines now. Try to utilize “religious exemption” laws RIGHT Now (while they are still valid in place) to secure the legal right to not be forcibly chipped in the future.


They may be marketing this as being a product for paralysed patients. But it’s not hard to realize the fact that military will be pushing to adopt this tech soon so that they can create an army of super-soldiers who are like Iron Man (wearing a body armour smart suit which works and shoots by the soldier’s mind control), maybe so that they can invade and attack Мuslim lands and other countries in the future with this army of Iron Men?