Aung San Suu Kyi Faces Jail Time, But Not for Rohingya Genocide

It’s amusing to see #saveourleader Aung-Sang-Suu-Kyi’s embrace of the West’s cries for democracy not really work out for her.

After winning the Nobel Peace Prize and then basically overseeing the murder of the Rohingya by the brutal Burmese military, she’s been ousted by a military coup and is facing jail time now.

Sure, the charges may be bogus—which is why the media and Antony Blinken are crying—but it’s hard to care when you know the dear leader herself was never so concerned with justice.

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We’ve talked about this before, so no need to harp on it for too long, but the fact that Suu Kyi has much gotten away with murder makes the charges related to incitement and “disturbing public order” as well as “violating coronavirus restrictions” pretty hilarious.

That this is what the Burmese military is focusing on is no surprise. They were complicit in her crimes against our Rohingya brothers and sisters, many of whom are now in Bangladesh and facing an uncertain future.

It’s clear the Burmese military doesn’t care about democracy, but Suu Kyi apparently didn’t really care much about that either. The goal now is just to keep Suu Kyi out of the reach of power.

Bottom line, we’ve all been sold this label, this narrative of “democracy.” It becomes the cries of protestors from Southeast Asia to the Americas to the Arab World. Think about it. Why is Antony Blinken so concerned about a woman who oversaw the slaughter of Muslims? Is it all really in the name of democracy, or is it more a matter of supporting the people who will tow the line?

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With each successive corrupt leader and murderous, secret plan of the West (CIA-supported coups and propping up “democratically elected” presidents who are involved in things like the opium trade), we see how empty these words are and how unfortunate it is that people fall for it. The Rohingya, though, must understand well that these words can be dangerous.

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Could it be that she was silenced by the military regarding the Rohingya Genocide?


Democracy simply means implementing the will of the majority of people. I don’t think AungSanSuuKyi really ever wanted to support any Genocide of Rohingya because I think she is a westernized Liberal type who would have preferred to integrate the Rohingyans as equal Burmese citizens on the condition they convert to the Western Liberal religion to worship the west’s idols of Sodomism, Feminazism and vulgar obscenity Faahisha promotion. That’s why the west was and still is always strongly supporting her even up to this day today.

Instead, what happened was that she found herself unwillingly trapped in a toxic situation with a far-right-wing religious ultra-nationalist or “Buddhistva” majority population who wanted the Rohingyans out. So she deliberately suppressed her Liberal feelings in public so that she can carry on her popularity and job as prime minister, because in the 2010s Burma it is impossible to get the top job of ruling the country without being far-right anti-Rohingya since that is the majority people’s sentiment. So now she is paying the price for selling out her own original Liberal principles for the sake of maintaining national popularity and keeping Power and national ruler job. Maybe its accurate to say that the majority population there are also now paying the price (severe oppression and persecution by army) for supporting the Rohingya Genocide.


The Tatmadaw (Myanmar milіtary) is like a wild beast (such as a lion or tiger or grizzly bear or snake or great white shark or gorilla or crocodile, or maybe even King Kong or Godzilla) which the west (zoo management) thought that they can tame through their hired professional expert zookeeper animal tamer Aung-san Suu-kyi. But this wild beastly animal monster got out of control and broke out of its harness and started biting and mauling its zookeeper tamer who was assigned to tame the beast, and now it has broken out of its enclosure and start going on a wild berserk rampage of attacking people outside the enclosure (ordinary Burmese citizen population) who were trusting the zookeeper to tame the wild creature. Maybe this is an analogy that Muslim skeptic could post as a cartoon in his next collection of Monday memes.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

“But not for Rohingya genocide” because Allah is saving that for His vengeance, perhaps even at the hands of a united Muslim army.