In the Heart of the EU: Massive Protests Against the Vaxx Religion

Brussels, considered the capital of the European Union, has seem some action in the last few days.

Indeed, as per the authorities, tens of thousands protested against the vaxx religion. The true number of people who protested is most likely much higher.

France24 reports:

Authorities estimated that around 50,000 people paraded through the Belgian capital — the largest in a spate of protests in the city over the past months.

Even that low estimate of 50,000 is quite something keeping in mind Brussels’ total population.

Also, considering the vaxx mandate has become a sort of secular religion, any protest against it was obviously meant to be crushed through sheer violence:

Clashes broke out close to the headquarters of the European Union as police used water cannon and tear gas to push back protesters hurling paving stones and firecrackers.

Thankfully, it happened in a “first-world” nation. If the same scenes were repeated in a Muslim-majority country, Western media would have called for military invasion to save the poor unvaxxed women and children.

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But it’s always fascinating how the secular vaxx religion ignites such a harsh response from the authorities, as if they knew that they could enforce all of this circus only through coercion and not through the “democracy” they promote with bombs all over the world.

More specifically, what pushed these protesters towards action are the new restrictions brought by the Omicron variant.

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The news report also stresses the continental character of the protests, as flags from all over the EU were present:

Flags from Poland, the Netherlands, France and Romania could be seen in the crowd.

What has been happening since 2020 has allowed people to wake up to corruption,” said Francesca Fanara, who had travelled from Lille in northern France,

“I have come to march together.”

It’s a health dictatorship,” said Adolfo Barbosa from Portugal.

“It warms the heart to see these people here.”

Isn’t that ironic?

The EU project has long been seen as a political failure because it was unable to assimilate different nations into one civilizational unit.

Yet, now, because the EU has pushed this mandatory vaxx religion, it did accidentally create European unity… unity against the EU itself!

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Also, reading the comments from these protesters, talking about “corruption” and “health dictatorship,” it seems that the belief that the EU is driven mainly by a dark agenda is growing among average Europeans.

They see that the EU isn’t some “dream project” about “political unity,” but something more nefarious. They see this “unity” as nothing more than a weaponized instrument to push liberal social engineering on a continental level.

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Let this be a warning to hardline ultra-conservative Muslims like you Muslim skeptic and his fans; if the people of nonMuslim lands like EU make such a furious popular resistance because they cannot accept such a dictatorship like this which takes away their personal freedoms and individual liberties in the name of what you call a “religion”, then how do you expect your own similar project to succeed in nonMuslim lands like EU (let alone in the cities of the Muslim world where the hardline “nearly everything is haram and punishable crime” ultra-conservative Muslims are the small minority) when your project is far more extensive and more extreme/draconian than what EU tries now?

If you tried with your project that Mr Haqiqatjou outlined in his video “is jіhad only defensive?” (published on June 8th 2020) and in his debate against Apostate prophet at 33:40 in the debate video, the locals of those nonMuslim countries that Mr Haqiqatjou’s proposed expansionist empire will not only protest like here, but rather they will make their own fierce insurrection war against your project, like a what happened in Afghanistan but the other way round. In fact they will feel far more oppresed by this so-called Islamic “evil empire” compared to the restrictions that they feel now under secular/liberal rule.

The vast majority of all those people in all nonMuslim lands and even the majority in the cities of the Muslim world (outside Afghanistan) would rather live under the irritating inconvenient regime of intrusive temporary covid restrictions and mandatory vaccines rather than the much harsher crueller regime of beating up, limb choppings, prison, and executions, JUST for not having long beard or trousers above ankles or going to mosque/jemaa-salah, or just for making or consuming music and movies, or women going out without family man or women not wearing burka or headscarf or women jogging in the park or playing sports or working in male-dominated professions and hobbies, or nonMuslims getting tattoos and having pet dogs and dating and privately drinking alcohol and making their own churches and temple, all as per their established traditional culture and customs. If you try to beat up, torture, chop and kill the majority of the population just for doing these things which are part of their normal daily life, then all that you will do is achieve the opposite of what you claim you want, and drive them to hate Islam and Sharia more and provoke them to make endless nightmare for you through relentless neverending violent rebellions against your “evil empire”.


Well, here we have a secular liberal – who of course cannot take a criticism – and therefore by definition is not liberal. Hypocrisy at its finest.