Study: Children Born During “Pandemic” Have Significantly Higher Developmental Problems

No one could have predicted this.

A growing body of evidence shows that children growing up with lockdowns, masks, and social distancing have significantly higher rates of cognitive and developmental problems than non-“pandemic” baselines.

A 2021 study [PDF Download] shows that the cognitive scores of children born during the “pandemic” were “significantly reduced [by] almost two full standard deviations,” compared to those of children born before the “pandemic” began.

That is a huge change.

But maybe children are being cognitively hindered because the scary covid virus is infected the brains of our beloved little ones.

Actually, no.

The study confirms:

“The environmental changes associated [with the] COVID-19 pandemic [are] significantly and negatively affecting infant and child development.”

It’s not the virus. It is the environmental changes we all experienced in this massive social and psychological control operation known as the “pandemic.”

The researchers note:

“[Our results] seem to suggest that early development is impaired by the environmental conditions brought on by the pandemic.”

It is not difficult to understand how environmental changes could cause developmental problems in children (not to mention psychological problems for teens and adults). This is exactly what many were warning about over the past two years. Forcing the population to lock themselves up and stay away from family and friends was bound to cause significant psychological damage. And children would experience the brunt of that harm.

Multiple robust data points confirm this.

For example, a recent study from the U.S. CDC found that, in 2020, mental health visits skyrocketed by 24 percent among 5- to 11-year-olds and by 31 percent in 12- to 17-year-olds.

You won’t see mainstream media reporting these shocking figures. But the data is all there.

Obviously, human beings need social contact. Babies need it even more. There is a reason solitary confinement is considered torture. Yet this is what people are subjecting themselves to when they comply with government lockdown and social distancing guidelines.

Clearly, some nations have been far more totalitarian in enforcing lockdown torture. But in most of the world, even with lockdown, what has prevented people from mass non-compliance? There weren’t covid police jackboots standing on every corner, in most countries at least. So, is the mental health of your children not worth breaking these evil mandates? Or are you too scared of this “deadly” virus that has been proven again and again to be less fatal than the common flu?

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to Stanford professor of epidemiology, John Ioannidis, explain how covid is one fifth as deadly as the flu.

According to top Stanford epidemiologist, for most people, covid is one fifth as deadly as flu. But if you have co-morbidities, are over 70 years old, and jammed into a nursing home getting no prophylactic treatment, then covid is much more deadly than the flu. And even then, it’s because of massive over-counting of covid deaths. Not my words. Watch the video linked above.

Babies and toddlers need to see faces — of their parents, of their siblings, of their family, of random people in society surrounding them. That is a critical part of their cognitive and emotional development. Yet, lockdowns, masks, and social distancing all block that. You had some of these criminally stupid parents actually put masks on their babies! Some of them refused to hug their children for months! This is all abject child abuse and all these parents should be punished for their stupidity.

They say, compared to modern Western law, the Sharia is an invasive system that seeks to control every aspect of life. But the Sharia doesn’t stop you from hugging your family, nor does it require you to inject experimental drugs into your body in order to travel, go to work, etc. Which system is actually invasive and oppressive?
May 17 is the special day brits will get to hug their families and children!! But is it too soon? Better not to hug your family members ever again just to be safe.
These people weren’t hugging their YOUNG children for months! MONTHS. I’m so angry I feel nauseated.

Please PLEASE listen to the experts and DO NOT HUG YOUR CHILDREN even if you have been vaccinated. If you hug your children that means you want old people to die! I hope the police start cracking down on parents who break the rules.
These people need to be criminally tried, convicted, and hanged.

The most shocking example of psychological control I have come across in my life is this: how many parents actually agreed not to hug their young children for months because the government told them not to. Just imagine the level of psychological rewiring that has to take place in order to stamp out a parent’s overwhelming urge to hold his darling child. For months! If a governmental power, through sheer force of persuasion, can overpower humanity’s most primal parental instincts, then what greater oppression can there be?

Imagine the worst, most brutal totalitarian rulers in history. None of them told parents they couldn’t hug their kids.

How many Muslim parents were stupid enough to follow the cowardly imams who put the stamp of approval on these government mandates and who even had the audacity to call these things “sunnah”? InshaAllah, your Muslim children are not now mentally and emotionally handicapped. But if they are, there is no one to blame but yourself.

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At the beginning of this pandemic I used to support the Lockdowns to save people lives from the disease, and I felt infuriated by the anti-lockdown anti-mask protesters who were mostly religious conservatives (of various faiths) at the beginning of the pandemic. But now it looks like the Lockdowns have ended up as a failed experiment. The quality and quantity of damage caused by this failed experiment of long lockdowns is worse than if a few million extra people died from covid. It would have been a lesser evil if a few million extra people got infected or passed away from covid compared to forcing entire populations into long Lockdowns which cause a far bigger amount of damage on a larger number of people in terms of both mental health, domestic abuse and economically.
“Fitnah (oppression and persecution while still alive) is worse than killing”. (Quran 2:217)


“They say, compared to modern Western law, the Sharia is an invasive system that seeks to control every aspect of life. But the Sharia doesn’t stop you from hugging your family, nor does it require you to inject experimental drugs into your body in order to travel, go to work, etc. Which system is actually invasive and oppressive?”

So basically, what these woke modernist regimes have been doing is basically a “covid taliban”, by unfairly and unnecessarily intruding in the population’s private lives to control and dictate their private lives, but in the name of something other than Islam or sharia.