The United Nations on “Brave” Afghan Women

What do you picture when you hear the word “brave”?

To Sam Mort, UNICEF’s Chief of Communications in Afghanistan, her idea of “brave” is Afghan women.

And initially, most would be inclined to agree when she states that “…I see a bravery in Afghanistan’s girls and women that I haven’t seen anywhere else…” After all, having to endure wars against two superpowers back to back with nothing but faith in Allah (SWT) is a testament to their courage.

But the reason why she views them as brave is where the agreement ends.

United Nations:

Afghanistan has long been one of the worst places on earth to be a child and in recent months, it’s become a much darker place so it’s important that the eyes and ears of the world remain focused on the most vulnerable and how best to help them.

UNICEF works with a lot of young people and, since I arrived in Afghanistan a year ago, I have been struck by their energy, optimism, and determination to forge forward, particularly in their desire for education. It’s not easy, especially for young women who in their desire to learn and seek new opportunities confront daily threats, hardships and challenges.

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It’s odd, Mort’s admiration of Afghan women seems to stem from their willingness to accept Western norms in a classroom when she should actually admire them for surviving a concerted effort to invade their land.

She should also understand that the Afghanistan crisis that makes it “one of the worst places on earth…” is caused by Western decimation and not the Taliban’s stance on education for women.

How does she account for the fact that over half the population of Afghanistan had plunged below the poverty line by 2016 and is only continuing to rise due to the United States withholding Afghanistan’s wealth? Could it have anything to do with the “War on Terror” against Afghanistan being the longest war in American history?

Or does she actually believe that the dire state of affairs in Afghanistan is actually because the Taliban refuses to let women pursue liberal arts degrees amid a governmental power transfer? Perhaps the best way to define bravery is by first figuring out what cowardice is.

The Intercept:

The U.S. launched more than 13,000 drone strikes in Afghanistan between 2015 and 2020, killing up to 10,000 people

Afghanistan soon became the beta test site for high-tech drone warfare, leading to countless civilian casualties and deep resentment among the Afghan people, who felt helpless against the unseen threat circling overhead.

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It’s hard to discern what’s more spineless: The imperial West or the fringe Afghani women that believe it’s okay to continue the secularization that has ravaged their country into starvation.

Say, for the sake of argument, that the UN has a genuine concern for the sanctity of Afghan life. Why does it feel the need to intertwine two unrelated issues: the existential humanitarian crisis and the temporary hiatus of schooling?

The United Nations:

Following an announcement by the Taliban that boys could return to secondary school — while making no reference to a return date for girls in secondary school — anxiety and uncertainty stalk the one million girls affected by this omission.

…“UNICEF stayed in Afghanistan because that is what we do. We’re here before, during and after an emergency and, at the moment, around half the country is in desperate need of humanitarian aid, including 10 million children.

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Isn’t it disturbing for the article to somehow attribute the anxiety and uncertainty that Afghan women are facing because they can’t attend school, when in reality, they might not even be alive to take their final exams because of the humanitarian crisis going on?

If these “humanitarian” organizations really cared, they would do their utmost to draw attention to the humanitarian crises rather than the educational policies set by the Taliban.

The BBC has recently compiled a top 100 list of influential women. Many of them are the type of “brave” Afghani women that Mort admires.


After working for the government at the presidential palace for a number of years, in various capacities, Razia Barakzai found herself without a job once the Taliban took power in Afghanistan.

Since then, she has been actively involved in marches in Kabul, where countless women have demanded the right to work and receive an education.

“The educated and young of the country – especially the brave, warrior women of Afghanistan – one day will be the flag-bearers of freedom. I see this every day through the demonstrations in the streets.” – Razia Barakzai

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Barakzai is the type of person you’d never want to come across! The level of selfish arrogance and disregard for communal priorities warrants a strong physiological response involving the forceful expulsion of stomach contents.

Protesting just for the sake of protesting doesn’t make you brave. It makes you a public nuisance that hinders and jeopardizes society. These are the type of unhinged feminists that the West as a whole relies on to subvert Islam and Muslim society as a whole.

Despite all this, Mort does admittedly lose sleep over Afghanistan’s plight but again for the completely wrong reasons.

The United Nations:

So, what keeps me awake at night? It is the unfulfilled potential of young people, particularly young women, that is difficult.”

At least you’ll be awake with a full stomach and a fireplace beside you to keep you warm, Mort. What keeps Afghanistan awake is starvation, malnutrition, disease — not lack of “education” as defined by liberal secularists. What good is that “education,” by the way, if it produces insensitive, pro-nation-building stooges like you, Mort?

But like their perseverance against the United States and Soviet Union, Afghanistan will brave through this challenge as well. Inshallah.

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In sha Allah they will. And the less secular nonsense they are brainwashed with, the more hope there is that these brave women will produce a nation of stalwarts who can help rescue the world from the iron-hearted shackles of feminism.

Say no to Zina

The liberal world order that these war criminals want to push into the East is a poison that is killing the West. That’s due to human nature and the sexual preferences of both genders, but more so the female gender.

In the West, the control of who gets to reproduce, and who doesn’t has been left almost entirely to women. Women are hypergamous by nature, which mean that they look for the best possible mate that they can possibly get. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It only becomes a problem when left unchecked. In the absence of a moral compass, or a legal or financial incentive to stay faithful, it’s easy for many women to jump to a new mate if they find them more attractive than the current one. In fact, leaving their current partner is what’s many times financially incentivized through state policies. What does that do to stable relationships? This lack of care for marriage and stability has lead to an epidemic of single motherhood in the West, and this is to the detriment of the children and consequently to society itself.

Furthermore, Western women are choosing men who do not value commitment, and again do not have the incentive to do so. If you’re a man among the top 10% in terms of attractiveness, and you lack the moral compass, why would you settle for one, or even a couple of women when you have 100s of younger, more beautiful women waiting in line? This again leads to single motherhood and absent fathers.

All of society is pushing young girls towards this path in life. Every educational institution have gender mixing (with very few exceptions not worth mentioning). Laws are proposed to remove the rights of parents to protect their daughters from dysfunctional relationships, that may occur even at a young age, and children can be taken (kidnapped) if the parents to do not comply (that’s liberalism for you). Social media is filled with material that’s purposefully pushed to promote such a lifestyle. Movies and music, similarly so. Women are socialized to enter the workforce to make the state more money (taxes), and corporations as well who benefit from the biggest consumers in society (women). Meanwhile, they are in a mixed setting where they receive tons of male attention during their youth, and many times irrespective of them already having a partner or not. This attention for many women is like a drug, but not one that fries their neural receptors, but their sense of worth. Yes queen! Why should you stay with that man? You are worth way more than that! You should totally go for ____. The inflated sense of worth in Western women is clearly apparent when looking at the statistics. Western women consider 80% of men to be below average in terms of attractiveness[1] (much worse that what men generally perceive of women).

Contraception and abortion clinics are readily available, and many of these women never have children. But a lot of women that do end up with a child, end up raising it without the father. The fact that women are most likely to initiate a divorce suggests that the single motherhood epidemic cannot be blamed solely on men, to the contrary, women seem to have a great role in this dysfunction themselves.

There is a lot to say about all the problems that arise from sexual immorality in the West. The point is, this is what the criminals at the UN want to export. And now they’re crying tears of blood because God saved Afghanistan from them and they lost the war. Let them hang themselves.



The author is claiming in this article that the United Nations cares ONLY about trying to make Afghan secular/liberal/feminist and doesn’t care about the starvation problem at all. However this press release from the UN itself proves the author of this article wrong. The UN may be calling on Taliban to try and be less conservative, but they are not making it a mandatory condition to get the humanitarian aid (only Western countries such as US are). The UN chief himself is calling for countries to stop imposing the social/cultural conditions to release money to Afghanistan.

‘We cannot abandon the people of Afghanistan’ Guterres tells Security Council
The World Food Programme is distributing food to vulnerable familes during the harsh winter in Kabul, Afghanistan.

26 January 2022

With Afghanistan “hanging by a thread” six months after the Taliban takeover, the world cannot abandon the country now – for the sake of its people and overall global security, UN Secretary-General António Guterres told the Security Council on Wednesday.
“At this moment, we need the global community – and this Council – to put their hands on the wheel of progress, provide resources, and prevent Afghanistan from spiraling any further,” he said.
Mr. Guterres also outlined action for the de facto rulers of the country, the Taliban, calling on the fundamentalists to expand opportunity and security for Afghans, uphold human rights, and demonstrate real commitment to be part of the international community.

A moral responsibility
The Secretary-General said Afghanistan has long been unfairly used as a platform for political agendas, geopolitical advantage, ideological dominance, brutal conflicts and terrorism.
“As a matter of moral responsibility – and regional and global security and prosperity – we cannot abandon the people of Afghanistan.”
Afghans need peace, hope, and help, and they need it now, he said.
The country’s economy is collapsing amid another brutal winter, and daily life has become “a frozen hell”. Over half of all citizens are facing extreme levels of hunger, and some families have been forced to sell their babies so they can buy food.

Meanwhile, sanctions and mistrust by the global banking system have frozen nearly $9 billion in central bank assets, and vital systems are starved of much-needed funds.
As the economy spirals downward, human rights are also losing ground. The UN chief highlighted the situation of women and girls, who are once again shut out of offices and classrooms. He also appealed for the release of women activists who were arrested or abducted recently.
Mr. Guterres reminded the Council that earlier this month, the UN launched a more than $4.4 billion appeal for Afghanistan to keep the food, education and economic systems from collapsing.
He urged countries to suspend rules and conditions that constrict both the Afghan economy and lifesaving humanitarian operations.

Accountability for cash
“At this moment of maximum need, these rules must be seriously reviewed,” he said, emphasizing the need to pay public service salaries. He also welcomed the Council’s recent adoption of a humanitarian exemption to the UN sanctions regime for Afghanistan.
The Secretary-General underscored the need to “jump-start” the Afghan economy through increased liquidity, including by freeing-up frozen currency reserves and through cash injections.
“Our team in Afghanistan stands ready to work with Member States and others to establish accountable systems to ensure that funds go to the Afghan people most in need, and are not diverted,” he said.

New plan for Afghanistan
The UN has kept its commitment to remain in Afghanistan to deliver support, alongside aid partners, reaching some 18 million people last year.
On Wednesday, the UN team in the country launched the One-UN Transitional Engagement Framework (TEF), a $3.6 billion plan to save lives and sustain health, education and other essential services throughout 2022.
Special Representative Deborah Lyons, head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said this investment aims to reverse the steady increase in poverty, while ensuring critical donor funds are not diverted or misused.

Excerpt from another article on UN website.

UN chief: ‘We are in a race against time to help the Afghan people’
© UNICEF/Sayed Bidel
13 January 2022

The UN chief also pointed to rules and conditions that prevent money from being used to save lives and the economy, arguing that they shouldbe suspended.
“International funding should be allowed to pay the salaries of public-sector workers, and to help Afghan institutions deliver healthcare, education and other vital services”, he said.

‘Creative arrangements’
Mr. Guterres also welcomed the Security Council’s adoption of a humanitarian exception to the sanctions regime for the country, back in December.
He believes the decision provides financial institutions and commercial actors with legal assurances to engage with humanitarian operators, without fear of breaching sanctions. To avoid economic collapse, the Secretary-General believes that the function of Afghanistan’s Central Bank must be preserved.


UN is just a pet pig of its master ( colonial white supramists)


Your claim is understandable with an institution like the international criminal court which is why lots of African countries left it. However it is not true with the overall UN organization, because otherwise they wouldn’t have the enemies of the west such as Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Venezuela still being part of the UN for all this time of many decades. Unlike the ICC which is so blatantly biased towards the white west whose war criminals they never try, the UN is actually a product or sum of its members. That’s also why when the western countries at the UN collectively make a resolution such as promoting LGBT sodomism or condemning Chiina over Uiyghoor, another large group of countries can make their own counter-resolution, so that the overall UN doesn’t have a unified official position regarding such controversial contentious disputed things.


Your beloved taliban, whom you obsessively support and refuse to criticize or acknowledge anything bad about (as if they are perfect or free from mistakes), are openly doing the following things;

– Openly allying with the far eastern superpower and thus indirectly supporting the Uiyghoor Genocide and see facto ban of Islam in that country.
– Flooding the rest of the world with harmful hard drugs (they can’t even hide it anymore), and you have the audacity to criticize western politicians (such as British parliamentarians) for using drugs when those drugs almost certainly came from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and would have been taxed by IEA officials.
– Supporting haram nationalism to keep the Muslim nation (ummah) divided into many countries, instead of demanding or at least promoting the idea of national reunification of all Muslim countries into one big country, AKA the “United States of Islam” or “Islamistan”.
– indirectly Supporting the massacre of thousands of innocent civilians of 9.11.2001 by hosting and being allied to its accused perpetrator AQ instead of treating them as khawarij who are combatted, like how they treat ISIS. If 911 was really false flag (I’m not necessarily against that theory) then why don’t it’s accused perpetrator AQ issue public statement to condemn it and declare it to be false flag? They don’t do that, which means they accept responsibility for it or think it’s a good thing.
– Going against the will of against the will of the majority of locals in some local areas such as parts of Kabul and Bamyan where the locals are predominantly “moderate” Muslims, to forcibly and brutally impose a harsh cruel draconian system of unnecessarily haramizing and criminalizing so many things under threat of beating up or jail, despite Quran and hadeeth not declaring those things as haram or not specifying punishments for them.
– All that in addition to the reported violations of the amnesty promises to carry out extrajudicial murders of former Afghan regime troops and officials, the well-documented torture of Afghan journalists for covering the women protests or not giving favorable pro-IEA reporting, and the thuggish behavior of many of their undisciplined low-level fighters who arbitrarily harass and beat up people on the streets for doing things which the thugs are culturally culture.

Because taliban fought so long and hard for decades to defeat two superpowers, the world now reluctantly concedes Afghanistan to taliban. No one is interested in trying to overthrow taliban from their throne anymore, and everyone concedes they are there to stay. So fine, let them have Afghanistan as their playground to do whatever they want there, since they earned their right to rule over it through the biggest ever and most spectacular epic demonstration of “trial by combat”. But don’t dare try to make a new expansionist empire which aims to export Talibanism or Talibanization to the rest of the world, to try and forcibly shove the harsh cruel draconian “nearly everything is haram and therefore crime” ideology down the throats of everyone else in everywhere in the rest of the entire world. But that’s exactly what ISIS/Daesh tried to do, and that’s exactly what Daniel Haqiqatjou was demanding in his YouTube video “is jihaad only defensive” (published on June 8th, 2020) and in his YouTube debate with “Apostate prophet” at 33:40 timestamp on the hours-long debate video on his channel.

If the US/west had to resort to all the barbaric violence and attacks for the sake of trying to convert Afghans to their secular-liberal-feminist woke ideology, then how are you any better if you demand to make a new ISIS 2.0 or expansionist empire which tries to conquer and annex the rest of the world to try and force your hardline ideology on the rest of the world against the will of 80% to 99% of the locals there? If the west had to be so barbaric to try and force their woke ideology on the Afghans against the will of the majority of Afghans, then your proposed expansionist empire or ISIS 2.0 would have to be even more barbaric than US/NATO and make more genocides, tortures and massacres just to try and force your “nearly everything is haram and punishable crime” on the rest of the world who overwhelmingly do not want it. This is in addition to your evil empire of khawarij fighters trying to ANNEX all the lands of the rest of the world, which will drive the locals to make even more furious resistance (like a reverse version of the Taliban) while the US never annexed Afghanistan or Iraq as their 51st state.

Here are some undeniable facts that you can’t deny ;

– Nowhere in the Quran or hadeeth does Allah SWT or Resoolullah SAWS ever demand to beat up, jail or execute people for things such as; women driving or going out without family man, not wearing burka or not covering head, men not having long beard and trousers above ankles, making or consuming music or movies, or not always attending masjid or jemaat prayers. “There is no coercion in religion” (Quran 2:256).
– western countries may promote feminism, however they still respect the right of women to CHOOSE to reject feminism and careers, in favor of traditional gender roles. The living proof of that are Mrs Haqiqatjou (Umm Khalid, one of the authors of this blog), and the women of communities like the Amish, Mennonites and Haredi, and the perfectly legal “TradWives” movement which even the normally feminist BBC promoted in a video report.
– In the west, women are not beaten up or jailed for rejecting feminism/careers and choosing to become full-time housewife and stay-at-home mother. But over there in IEA, women who want to do most careers or hobbies are unfairly and forcibly denied, despite the Quran and hadeeth not saying that women should those careers and hobbies are haram or crime-worthy.

I believe it is too late now to save Afghanistan from the nightmare of Talibanism, but inshallah it is not too late to save the rest of the world from the same nightmare. The Liberal-extremist woke west seems to think they can eliminate or destroy Talibanism and eradicate it from earth through war or sanctions, but I don’t think it can be destroyed, but instead it can only be contained like covid-19. So inshallah hopefully Muslims of the future Islamistan Caliphate or “United States of Islam” (a “moderate” caliphate run by “moderate” Muslims) should work hard to make sure that Talibanism will remain quarantined and confined to only within Afghanistan and a few limited areas (mostly rural and tribal autonomous regions) outside Afghanistan, and make sure it will not metastasize to the cities outside Afghanistan where at least 80%-99% of locals are the typical urban mix of “moderate” Muslims, secular/liberal Muslims and NonMuslims who overwhelmingly reject Talibanism. Islam and Sharia do NOT demand Talibanization brutally forced everywhere in the world. I’m not demanding the abolition of Talibanism in Afghanistan like what the woke west is hopelessly trying to do with sanctions, but rather what I’m supporting now is making sure that Talibanism won’t be exported or metastasized to infect everywhere else (especially cities) outside Afghanistan.


Lot of liberals are promoting is about women losing jobs no one is talking about starvation at all u can check all media outlets why only women are these western pigs concerned about why not men as if they aren’t humans secondly I wanted to mention their are reports that these talibanis have a mixture of tribal laws which undermines women rights given in Islam I heard they claim penalty for theft is cutting hands and feet while penalty is for robbery (i.e if someone steals more than quater gold coin or equal to ) and it’s cutting hands these punishments might seem harsh but because of these punishments crime is committed very less take singapore for example . During Ottomans time i think punishment for adultery was given only 3 or times this clearly shows how the harsh punishment reduces crime by fear


Listen Bro, I SUPPORT the penalties that are directly mentioned in Quran and hadeeth for the crimes (such as murder, stealing, rape, child molestation, kidnapping) that even the most secular liberal people want criminalized, so I’m not a woke secular liberal who is demanding anything in conflict with Islam. In fact, high-crime regions like Latin America and South Africa could do with a bit of Hudood to bring down their Neverending crime/gangster nightmare.
However what I and the majority of urban Muslims outside Afghanistan will fiercely oppose is the forced imposition of the rural and tribal culture of places like Helmand and FATA being forcibly imposed brutally on the people of the cities outside Afghanistan in the name of so-called Islam and Sharia. Including their hardliner criminalization of all music, movies, and smaller haram things or things which are taboo in conservative Muslim culture but which Quran and hadeeth don’t specifically demand punishment for it (such as women driving or going out alone or working in many jobs or doing many hobbies, or singing or doing non-vulgar folk dance, or not wearing burka or covering hair, or men being clean Shaven or not always going for mosque or jemaat prayers, or people socializing with opposite gender friends in cafes or dating without the quadruple confession of fornication). For these things it is enough “Amr Bill Maaroof wa Nehia Anill Munker” to just discourage these things and politely advice people to avoid doing them but without criminalising or punishing anyone for doing it, the same way how governments do with cigarette smoking with their anti-smoking adverts and billboards everywhere. That’s what I call “soft sharia” (which would be more acceptable and tolerable to the urban population) as compared to Taliban’s “hard sharia” which is an unbearable torture nightmare for the urban population outside Afghanistan.


You’re mistaken or lying. Check the media outlets,, literally ALL of them are talking about the starving (I even quoted the UN here announcing their billions in aid to help staving Afghans, long before you wrote your lying comment which claimed no liberals are talking about starvation), in addition to liberals talking about the unnecessary harsh social restrictions that we hope will inshallah not be exported to everywhere outside Afghanistan.


By the way you mentioned Singapore as an example of a society with very low crime rate because they have harsh punishment like caning and death penalty for crimes that physically harm others. Very good job Singapore, I fully agree with them on that. However, Singapore does NOT impose the excessive “this is haram, that is haram, nearly everything is haram” social cultural restrictions (including the rights of women and religious minorities, and freedom of leisure and entertainment such as movies and music) that Afghanistan does so harshly and cruelly. That’s my beef with the drug-dealing pro-cоmmie IEA regime and anyone like Muslim skeptic and his fans who blindly support it or are apologetic to it with such biased reporting in favor of IEA.


Typo correction : thuggish behavior of many of their undisciplined low-level fighters who arbitrarily harass and beat up urban people on the streets for doing things which the thugs find offensive from their rural tribal culture point of view. For example women driving, or going out alone, or not wearing burka, one man who was just jogging outside in “Western clothes” like T-shirt and shorts, one English teacher woman who was accused of being a spy or working for the Americans or promoting cuffar culture just because she teaches the “cuffar language”. It’s not all made up fake news like you may accuse me of. Actually I have fatwas from some salafi and deobandi Oulemaa claiming that many of these things are haram (including girls schools and women driving, which Afghan Taliban top leaders don’t openly admit they want to haramize or ban to avoid worsening their reputation, but their lower-ranking thugs are already informally harassing people for it). There was one folk musician Fawad Andarabi who was brutally shot dead last year, and in 2016 Pakistani taliban murdered Sufi singer Amjad Sabri in broad daylight in Karachi, all because they think they have the right to attack or murder others for doing something which they think is haram.

Last edited 1 year ago by Baz

Because Afghanistan economy has been dependent on foreign aid for the last 2 decades (much or most of the aid coming from the US), the $9.5 billion that America froze is NOT money which belongs to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Actually it is money that the US allocated to be sent to the previous Afghan republic as economic aid, which is why it is in the US to begin with. So instead of IEA begging for money like a homeless tramp from the same US/west that they were so proudly fighting against, and instead of sending that $9.5B directly to line the IEA pockets, that money should be spent by the international donors to buy food and medicine which is then directly distributed by international aid workers to the needy people in Afghanistan, without IEA directly handling any of the money themselves.

If IEA are allowed to directly take all the $9.5B as cash in hand, then they could either swallow it in corruption, or use it to buy more weapons (much of which may end up in the hands of AQ-origin khawarij who terrorize the rest of the world), or copy their eastern commie superpower brothers by buying its totalitarian 1984 Orwellian surveillance tech and making a new beefed up totalitarian police state where they spy into everyone’s private personal lives to try and brutally control and dictate people’s private personal lives. Following in the footsteps of their eastern friend, IEA could even use the released $9.5B money to make their own “vocational training schools” (with barbed wire perimeter fences and watchtowers) where millions of Afghans who are found guilty of not being sufficiently orthodox or conservative or pious enough in their personal private lives are forcibly sent there for “re-education” which involves a lot of severe beatings, intensive self-criticism sessions, forced to chant IEA slogans millions of times, having children being taken away from “too liberal” parents and sent to orphanage, and being prevented from contacting family members for many years. Like what that eastern country is doing, but ideologically the other way round.

For example, an Afghan fails to wake up for Fajr on time at 4am to go to the nearest mosque which is 5 km away, or he fails to trim his mustache to the required maximum length of 5mm (sunnah to trim mustache), or his trousers fall 1 cm below his ankles, or his Nokia phone blurts out the classical Nokia ringtone, or he fails to read the required daily 1 juz of Quran. So the IEA smart surveillance tech (which they bought from their eastern neighbor country) detects any of these violations and automatically sends e-report to IEA smart HQ. Then the IEA police soon raid and violently arrest him and drag him away to their vocational school for re-education, and suddenly he is separated forever from his family who don’t even know if he is alive or dead.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

“Why does it feel the need to intertwine two unrelated issues: the existential humanitarian crisis and the temporary hiatus of schooling?”
“9/11 was bad and Iraq needs to be invaded.” Ring a bell?