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Zaid Shakir doesn’t understand that these educated career women tend to extremely overestimate their marriage market value. They mistakenly think that men look at and select the way women look at and select a spouse.

Women primarily look at social status and earning ability. Men primarily look at beauty and youth. Just because education and career is important for women in men doesn’t mean it is comparably important to men in women.

Career women tend to be older…and with an inflated view of self. This causes them to reject men they realistically qualify for. And it causes a lot of frustration.

These women think that a 35-year old male doctor is of the same value as a 35-year old female doctor. From a mating and marriage point of view this is completely false. The male in this scenario is in his absolute prime. A 35-year old female is at least 10+ years past her prime.

These women could easily marry if they’d adjust their expectations.


Allah SWT created women such that they’re able to conceive by their early teens. And created men such that they’re able to impregnate by their mid teens. Hikmah baligha.

In the old days, marrying soon after reaching such age created stronger societies. The delays we see today for both men and women are causing a spectrum of evil in societies, per the prophet’s (PBUH) hadeeth: “takun fitnatun fil Ardi wa fasadon a’reed.”

Areed: wide.

Even a woman who’s not career oriented but is not obedient, her marriage will suffer. Again, as the prophet (PBUH) informed us, obedience is of utmost importance.

A ‘strong independent’ woman will never invoke strong desire in her husband to protect and care for her.


A ship can’t have 2 captains, 2 captains in a ship are recipe for mutinies and ultimately the sinking of the ship.
The “ship” being the family…