How the French Government Spreads Its V-xx Propaganda

The medical stranglehold is tightening in France as the government officially announces the replacement of the health pass by a vaccination pass.

The health pass allowed access to public places provided that people present a negative antigenic or PCR test of fewer than 24 hours. The vaccination pass, however, repeals this possibility, leaving only two options: vaccination or natural immunity.

At the same time, a new law will be presented to the parliament to establish a fine of 1000 euros for those who use a false vaccine pass.

These new policies seek to pressure the opponents of the vaccine, who, because of their “incivility,” threaten the nation’s welfare.

Ironically, at the same time, France is experiencing record-breaking COVID cases since the beginning of the “pandemic.” The ineffectiveness of governmental measures and medical institutions’ guidelines further undermine the vaccine mandates.

It has been a complicated month. Cornered by both the Omicron virus and the Macron virus, the anti-vaxers needed more than ever a warning to wake them up from their carelessness.

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That’s when a hero showed up.

France’s Hero

This guy’s name is Francis. Francis is a nice guy. According to the famous French television channel BFMTV, Francis was anti-vaxx, but the poor guy caught the covid and ended up at the hospital. Stunned by his traumatic experience, he has repented from his past anti-vaxx beliefs and wants to warn us of the terrible fate that awaits us if we don’t go and inject this new elixir into our arms very quickly.

Unfortunately for the government, the internet never forgets. It did not take long for internet sleuths to find an old video of Francis, from July 2021, encouraging people to go and get vaxxed.

Movs World:

Francis Palombi’s call for vaccination, presented as a “repentant unvaccinated”, while he had always been publicly in favor, aroused incomprehension and suspicion.

So what to think of Palombi? What to think of this strange man, a member of Emmanuel Macron’s political party, who is presented on all the public channels as this great convert from anti-vaxxism to the vaxx religion? Was he part of the vaxx religion the whole time?

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Here is the funny answer from the French radio station France Culture. Beware, the cringe is high:

Francis Palombi embodies a new character, a marranian of the antivax: in secret he was against, but in public he never varied, he was always for it, like those Stalinists who in public were always for it, but in private preferred to stay in the 6th district of Paris.

The comparison between the French government and the USSR is interesting in many ways. Is it a slip of the tongue?

We are faced with two choices, either the government lied by invented a character out of thin air to get us to vaccinate. Or government officials are openly telling us that we have to get vaccinated when they don’t believe in it themselves and don’t do it, in which case they are liars.

Either way, these officials are liars.

As with every scandal, the media will go silent, and soon people will forget about it.

Meanwhile, in the offices of the White House, in the conference rooms of the Elysée, and on the benches of the House of Lords, other Francis Palombis are hiding in the shadows of this rigged system.

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