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The United States of America, which is the Khilafah of the Amreeky Ummah currently under the leadership of Emir-L-Caaphireen Abu Sayyad Yusuf Ba’dein Al-Delawari (Hunter’s dad Joseph Biden the Delawarean), has granted safe haven to the Muslim skeptic and lets him live safely in his home in America without torturing him in a dungeon or taking away his children or making other sanctions on him, even despite him always denouncing his own host country (biting the hand which feeds him) and its ruling ideologies and majority population (liberals) who support it, without showing any gratitude whatsoever for his host country.


The IEA are being tolerant or lenient to the foreign journalists like this one and Yvonne Ridley, because they want to make a good reputation for themselves. But they’re not being so tolerant or lenient to male or female Afghan journalists, who get beaten up or forced to flee abroad in fear and are not allowed to freely express their own ideological views including their views that not everything has to be so haram and crime. Meanwhile hardline vultra-orthodox Muslims like Muslim skeptic and HizbuTahreer’s US branch are able to publicly ramble on promoting hardcore brutal sharia and khilafa from right inside the territory of their host country America whom they insult and denounce (and refuse to acknowledge anything good about) without ever getting beaten up or jailed or tortured for it. This shows you who has the real overall moral upper ground here and who has less double standards. Also that NZ journalist is reportedly pregnant outside marriage, which means IEA seem to have made a good decision to tolerate Zinaa for NonMuslims (since it is part of their culture and customs and the Islamic hudood punishment for Zinaa is supposed to be for Muslims instead of imposing it on nonMuslims who don’t believe in it). The IEA is irrational in some things but more level-headed and rational than its big admiring fan Muslim skeptic in some other things.

Zaid Diaz

You sound like an Orthodox Serb Chetnik coming from Republika Srpska. If you are a man with balls, tell everyone that you’re a member of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Your comments on this post reveals everything. Why do you simp for Afghan-Serb femiNazi journalists who are a bunch of liars, you Chetnik? All of them were under Ashraf Ghani’s payroll, d’you even know that? There are Afghan female journalists doing videos on Taliban activities, have they been kicked out of the country? Oh no, at least they’re not Serbs like you.


Excuse me, I AM 100% SUNNI MUSLIM, watch your mouth Tecfeary! If you don’t retract your slander, then either me or you is a Caaphir according to Islamic rules of Tecfear (declaring someone Caaphir). You don’t know what my nationality is… it’s definitely not eastern European! Although I sympathize with oppresed Bosnian and like you I’m against Serb fascists. Actually I’ll tell you what nationality I consider myself… I am MUSLIM by nationality! My country is Islamistan! I’m not simping for anyone here except islam! But rather the only simp on this blog is Mr Muslim skeptic and his unquestioning blind fans (like maybe you?) who are simping for the drug-dealing C0mmie-allied haram nationalist IEA! How do you know they are all paid agents? Do you really think that 100% of ALL Afghans in the big cities like Kabul (who have a lot of exposure to foreign culture and values) are all ultra-conservative hardliners like the rural-origin taliban? NO, the fact is that a significant proportion of them are what many would call “moderate Muslims”, who refuse to believe in the “nearly everything is haram and crime” IEA ideology! I have seen fatwas by deobandi Oulemaa that literally everything is haram for women except domestic gender roles, full-time mom and wearing burka and private religious worship at home. Some of those fatwas make even Muslim skeptic and IEA look like woke westernized liberal feminists in comparison. It looks like most of nearly all of the IEA ground troops (other than their “relatively moderate” leaders who have lived abroad) support this view that everything is haram for women. That’s why they tried to criminalize almost everything for women. And the fact is that in the cities there are such thing as women and men who refuse to agree with the “everything is haram” ideology and refuse to bow down to the draconian system being shoved down their throats, that’s why they resist through popular protesting and journalism. Even if some of them may be paid foreign agents, that doesn’t mean there are no real genuine dissenters who are protesting because they genuinely disagree with the IEA ideology. Blaming such legitimate dissent on “foreigners paying” is a classical tactic used by many or all autocratic regimes to try and delegitimize genuine legitimate dissent.


I just watched the video and I’m shocked beyond words. Mr Muslim Skeptic has the audacity to invoke the Salafi-Deobandi theory of “all music is haram per se” to denounce Muslims like Saudi, and now he himself is using background MUSIC in his own video! And that too in a video where he shows his favorite druggie regime in a positive sympathetic light for refusing to enforce its own sharia! The same Muslim skeptic and IEA who support forcing all the Islamic moral punishments on NonMuslims are now suddenly silent and not enthusiastically calling for her to be beaten up 100 times! Why the double standards!
La Howla Wala Quwwata Illa BiLlah!

By the way I believe IEA made the right decision to not beat up her and boyfriend 100 times. Having romantic and consensual sexual relations is obviously haram and unacceptable for us Muslims, and there are fatwas from Islamic Oulemaa scholars the the hudood for Zinaa is supposed to be for Muslims rather than forcing it on NonMuslims when they don’t believe in our halal/haram values to begin with, and that kind of relations outside marriage is a part of their normal established culture and customs. We should not force our Islamic values, culture and lifestyle on them in our Muslim lands, and in return we want them to reciprocate by allowing the minority Muslims in their lands to be able to legally live a conservative orthodox lifestyle and preach our values to our own community (like how the Amish, Haredi and Mennonites do) without being persecuted in the name of so-called countering extremism/terrorism.