Want to Get Married? The Odds Are Increasingly Against You

For US women born in the 1940 and 1950’s, about 60% were married by the time they were 20 years old.

For women born in the 1990s and thereafter, only around 10% will be married by age 20. More alarmingly, it is projected that close to 50% of them will never marry at all. And these are conservative projections. Probably the situation is more dire. (Data is from National Survey of Family Growth)

The trends are the same throughout the Western world. The Muslim world seems to be desperate to catch up.

Are you unmarried and under 40? Do you have dreams of getting married? Of having a stable happy married life with children?

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the odds are stacked against you. And it’s only getting worse.

What is causing such a consistent trend over the past 80 years?

There are many more factors than I cannot summarize in a post. But all those factors are in some way related to increased individual rights and freedoms granted by liberalism.

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The reason that in virtually all societies historically, the majority of women were married by 25 was human biology. The biological drive to reproduce, to have children, but also the biological importance of family institutions as the building blocks of wider society.

Those institutions, like marriage, like parenthood, like maintaining an extended family, place duties on people. Duties require sacrifice, they’re not fun, they reduce your individual freedom. Liberalism says that this is a bad thing.

Why should you sacrifice your fun for the sake of marriage? Why should you put your dreams on hold for children? Why should you take a pay cut so you can work fewer hours so that you can take care of your aging parents?

Liberalism says, you shouldn’t. Furthermore, technology is invented to “solve” the “problems” that biology creates. Women have a biological need for children but that will interrupt their career or educational ambitions? Well, they can freeze their eggs when they are young and use a sperm bank. And so on.

Liberalism is destroying the human race.

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“There are many more factors than I cannot summarize in a post. But all those factors are in some way related to increased individual rights and freedoms granted by liberalism.”

The prime reason is western women’s economic independence – mainly caused by redistributive policy and other schemes that favor women over men. And consequently male’s relative socioeconomic status decline.

Women’s delayed marriage in pursuit of education and career encouraged a culture of fornication – between hitting puberty and first marriage there’s nearly a gap of twenty years. This used to be a full generation. These years are also the years in with your sexual needs and fertility are at their peak.

A culture is either based on fornication or marriage…it can’t be both. Once fornication is normalized marriage becomes obsolete. It losses meaning from all angles, both spiritually and practically…and for men economically and financially as well.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

The western system makes people unmarriageable. It makes men economically unattractive (except a small elite) and women’s loose sexual past makes them a liability. It destroyes what we value most in each other: male’s provisioning and women’s chastity.


It’s a win win situation for the governments.

Thanks to the incorporation of women to the workforce :

1)Both sexes are taxed (much more money and wealth to government).
2)Children are indoctrinated by the secular governments(education system) because both parents are working and have no time (wich brings more problems and finally can potentially lead to family breakup)

Side effects?
1)Huge increase of Illegitimacy and haram.
2)Much less families and hence less children and hence much more old people (Decreasing population = demographic suicide).
3)More poverty because families are breaking and that makes people 100% dependent on the “daddy government”.

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It’s not only both sexes but also the daycare facility and its employees (mostly poorly paid minority women) who get taxed. Instead of taxing one party, now they are taxing four parties.

Pushing women into the workforce has strengtened the negotiation position of the employer which has resulted in stagnant wages.

It has also pushed inflation. By providing every adult with an independent income demand for goods and services has artificially been increased.

It has also caused the concentration of wealth into the hands of relatively few “power couples”. What you have now is basically a few families claiming all the well paid high status jobs in the economy.

Another interesting negative side effect is that particularly highly intelligent women do not procreate in this type of environment. This has resulted in decreasing IQ scores. IQ is largely genetic.

Overtaxing the populace has resultated in poor work ethic. People see no point in working hard when the government takes an increasingly larger share.

To say it bluntly: the current western way of doing business produces sluts and slacker bums.

These are only a few of the negative effects there are many more.


There is another important factor that brother Haqiqatjou failed to mention here ; there are lots of young people (especially Muslims including Muslim men) who want to get married but cannot do so because life is getting too difficult and expensive and there are not enough jobs, so therefore we cannot afford to carry out the Islamic duty of providing for a wife (which means we can’t get married) even if we want to. Then there is demographic decline in some countries like China which happens because raising children became too much of an expensive burden, which makes it difficult for them to have children even if they want to.


The Chinese have never been wealthier. It’s not poverty that is keeping them from having children. It’s their mindset and the one-child policy that has created a certain type of culture. Having more than one child is simply something many Chinese aren’t accustomed to anymore. In fact the poorest people are often the people with the most children….including in China. The rich also reproduce. It’s the middle group that isn’t. They see children as a burden on their way to riches.