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Can I get the template of this video without the subs


This does happen also in Norway.
It is known among polish people and also others from eastern Europe ; that the Nordic countries have a social system that takes away your children, only for suspecting at school that you are not a good parent according to the teachers…
That’s one reason that some eastern europeans prefer going to places like the uk rather than the Nordic countries.

Another thing to note, is that the Nordic countries are very liberal (at least Sweden).

Wee Jim

One they missed:
Mother guilty of ‘war crimes’ after son becomes child soldier in Syria
A Swedish woman has been found guilty of war crimes for failing to prevent her 12-year-old son from becoming a child soldier in Syria, where he was killed in the civil war, Reuters reported on Friday.
The woman has denied the charges.

Wee Jim

“She, in her capacity as protection guarantor, omitted to prevent her son Joan, 12-15 years, from being recruited by unknown accomplices and used as child soldier on behalf of IS [Daesh] in the armed conflict in Syria,” it said in the verdict.
The 49-year-old woman, a Swede who returned from Syria in 2020, is the first person known to have been charged in Sweden with aiding the recruitment of her own minor son as a child soldier.
The boy, born in 2001, died in 2017.