Artificial Wombs Are a Technological Nightmare Waiting to Happen

There are many avenues where feminism, liberalism, and transhumanism meet.

In fact, it is often the case while talking about certain topics that the three become indistinguishable from each other.

And the latest in those topics is the idea of this man-made horror:

After Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk warned on Tuesday that society “should be much more worried about population collapse,” Musk’s fellow tech leaders came up with one solution for declining birth rates.

“We should be investing in technology that makes having kids much faster/easier/cheaper/more accessible… Synthetic wombs, etc,” proposed Sahil Lavingia, the founder of digital product trading platform Gumroad.

That’s right, synthetic wombs. The term itself sounds ominous, like something straight out of a sci-fi horror flick.

Imagine using words like faster, cheaper, etc., to denote human birth. How it reduces the idea of a human life to a mere manufactured product. But that’s the future billionaire transhumanists like Musk are vying for. And while thankfully there is a lot of opposition to it, there are also people, including some liberal Muslims, who are on board with this notion.
According to liberalism, the ultimate value of anything is tied to maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain in the material sense.

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Liberalism is a materialist philosophy, of course, and is predicated on the assumption that the only thing in existence is the empirical world. Everything is quarks and other subatomic particles, and everything that happens is a result of these material interactions. And humans who arose due to random evolution processes are just an insignificant part of this meaningless reality. At least, that’s the story.

When someone sees the world through such a nihilistic lens, then they become vulnerable to the whispers of Shaytan pushing him to pursue every physical desires. And when someone only thinks selfishly of their own desires, then they lose sight of truly important values. Values such as community, family, motherhood, the afterlife, etc. These values aren’t valuable to the liberal materialist in part because these things aren’t empirically quantifiable to him.

It’s this kind of thinking that leads to tweets such as the one made by the co-founder of Ethereum in response to Musk on this topic:

Disparities in economic success between men and women are far larger once marriage+children enter the picture. Synthetic wombs would remove the high burden of pregnancy, significantly reducing the inequality.

Yes, left to their own devices, this is the outcome feminists will opt for.

One of the more important things liberal feminist Muslims need to understand is this: These people don’t see anything wrong with this option. These people will willingly bring an end to motherhood if it means closing the wage gap. And the utter idiocy of that line of thinking can only surface when the underlying fundamental ideology of the person is like the one described above.

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This kind of thinking may be very reminiscent of an atheistic mind, which is why a lot of liberals are atheists. What Muslim liberals fail to understand is that to fully embrace liberal ideologies, they would have to leave Islam. Because only an atheistic liberal can truly say things like ‘gender is a social construct’. This is why liberalism has no place in Islam, plain and simple.

The dropping fertility rates Elon Musk referred to are also just a by-product of feminism. Ardent feminist organizations brainwashed women into opting for careers over family, which led to a concerning drop in birth rates. So, in that sense, they brought about a decline in motherhood. Now, the same feminists are offering artificial wombs as a solution to the problem that they themselves created.

Why this solution though? Because feminism desires the death of community and family, and the triumph of industrialism. And the only way to keep rapidly manufacturing corporate slaves while also preventing women from being mothers and having families is to have artificial wombs do it from them. And then what? Do you really think that’s where it ends?

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If they are willing enough to birth a baby away from its mother, then you can be dead sure they’ll raise it separately too. Raise it in an institution where it will be “educated” into becoming another liberal materialist drone.

Is this the kind of future Muslims want?

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Bilal Rauf

The future looks quite dystopian.


The artificial wombs for humans are extremely unlikely to ever happen for the same reason why cloning humans has never yet happened (at least as far as the world is aware) even though the technology for human cloning is already available.
While it may be morally objectionable for humans, artificial wombs may be beneficial and not so unethical if this is applied for farmed animals which produce animal products like meat food, milk and skin/hide/fur.