Offensive French Documentary: Is Muslim Outrage Justified?

Islamophobia is going too fast for me.

At the beginning of last week, I discovered that the senate voted for a bill that forbids the hijab in sports competitions. As I was about to write an article on the subject, the French TV channel M6 released a report on Islamism in France. This release provoked great controversy on the internet.

Panicked by the situation, one of our readers sent us a message for help. He asked us to warn the world about what our French brothers and sisters are experiencing.

Before I even had time to write my draft, the Prime Minister announced closing an online French Islamic institute. On TV, the media said that this site is separatist “because it encourages Muslims to marry pious women.”

Here is the summary of a week of islamophobia in the land of enlightenment… How can we keep the pace when the politicians go faster than the journalists?

Islamistan Crime Story: Inside a Typical French Documentary

What is the content of this infamous documentary “Forbidden Zone” or “Restricted Zone” which created a scrum in the French press?

The documentary has been criticized for its dubious ethics, e.g., false investigations, hidden camera interviews, unfulfilled promises of reporting.

The report begins by discussing Roubaix, the poorest city in France. There, M6 paints a picture of a horror film. In the stores, they sell faceless dolls and books that call for the stoning of adulterers. In the restaurants, there are booths so that veiled women can eat hidden from male looks.

To top it all off, the city’s school support association secretly teaches Quran and Islamic education. From the age of two, the children memorize surahs. The association in question receives state aid, thanks to which it survives. Despite being obviously aware of this, still, the mayor refuses to answer the journalists’ questions.

Faceless Dolls for Sale! Hurry up before all are sold out.

Next, the report shows the famous city of Marseille, where a private school is being scrutinized by the CLIR (Unit for the Fight Against Islamism and Community Withdrawal), a group in charge of auditing schools and making sure they comply with the values of the republic. 

One fly in the ointment: The girls in the school are veiled from six. In the classrooms, boys and girls are separated. The inspector explains that this way of teaching is not illegal but “unusual.”

“Forbidden zone” pushes the investigation further and discovers that the institution hides a clandestine school for students who are on waiting lists in other schools. Outraged, the team denounces the school to the prefect, who hastens to open an investigation, and the establishment risks being closed.

Breaking News: Young Islamist females are reported to be wearing Hijab in French schools!

A few kilometers away, the focus is now on the Ghuraba mosque. The government closed this mosque, but it continues to open its doors despite repeated fines. Faced with this incivility, the police can do nothing.

We are then shown the daily life of French intelligence services. They track an individual suspected of radicalization. “For a single person, we need a team of ten people,” they tell us. Too bad for the M6 TV channel, the tracking does not seem to have shown any attempt of a terrorist attack.

The program then turns to the city of Lyon, where Lilia Bouziane, a veiled law student, explains the ordeal she undergoes for having to wear the hijab. Lilia wants to become a lawyer, but the bar association forbids lawyers to wear a religious symbol. They are mandated to be neutral while practicing their profession.

The friends of Lilia, hair uncovered, explain that wearing the hijab is a choice. According to them, it is necessary to respect individual freedoms, and it is shocking to see that their friend will not be able to make the profession she wants. 

Later on, in other programs, Lilia will comment on her moment in “Forbidden Zone.” The program team had lied. They told her they wanted to make a documentary portrait of two hours on her person. In the end, she appeared 10 minutes in a long anti-Islam documentary. She even confessed that she had invited the team of M6 to a pizza party in which she had invited non-Muslim friends. She wanted to show how tolerant Muslims are. She wanted everyone to know that Islam is peace and love.

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The documentary closes in the French capital, Paris.

In a university, students hide under the stairs to make salah. Although of Muslim origin, a professor of the university, Youssef Chihab, comments on these images, shocked. 

These acts have nothing to do with Islam and must be fought,” he declares, “these students practice a ‘clandestine Islam’ and they are considering that the time of the prayer is superior to the time of life.” According to him, “They can pray at home in their private sphere.”

Youssef Chihab added: “To see a 20-year-old woman wearing the very negation of her femininity, I find it very, very alarming and shocking. Now it’s even more disturbing because it’s no longer the constraint of the father, the brother, the neighborhood that makes her wear it, but they tell you, “sir, it’s from my initiative that I wear it.”

This scene is followed by a portrait of a well-known imam of French Islam: Hassen Chalghoumi, who claims that because of his positions on Israel, the Republic, and Salafism, he has had his life threatened and must live under judicial supervision. 

A few years ago, he suffered an alleged assassination attempt. In 2019, another French preacher Rachid El Jay, formerly Abou Houdeyfa, was shot in his mosque. It must be that Rachid is not entitled to the same preferential treatment as Hassen. While both appear in the documentary, the first is protected by the state. The second is treated as a radical “salafist.” Rachid still does not have the right to protection, despite attending a special course to obtain a State license required to be an Imam. 

The republican imam, Hassen Chalghoumi, a French government ally, calmly sits around a shisha.

This is, in short, the image of Muslims that has made the poor French people tremble with fear.

Are French Muslims Too Sensitive?

Strangely, I do not share the feeling of outrage that my Muslim brothers and sisters in France feel at this documentary.

Let me say first that I agree on a few things. 

The generalizations and methods of the show are crude. Yet, I am surprised by people’s reactions. It is nothing new. We see these kinds of absurd reports all the time, and we are used to it. We are desensitized.

I should emphasize that hasty generalization is not the issue here. On radio, the extreme right-wing Zionist, Elisabeth Lévy, reminds us that these behaviors are rare but do exist. The M6 report, giving government figures, estimates that the number of Muslims involved in such “extreme” activities is less than 100,000.

This type of supposed “extremism” was portray as endemic by the documentary, but the TV team cheated a little through dishonest cutting. They carefully selected what suited their agenda, as most media has done for 20 years.

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The problem I have with the global reaction of the Muslims in France is that it is initiated by a feeling of embarrassment, almost of disavowal. They don’t want the French non-Muslims to think that most Muslims are as described in the report, so they denounce the fraudulent methods and remind them that this picture does not represent true Islam.

I am afraid that this report describes the reality of the community in France. Muslims often defy the oppressive authoritarian French laws to practice the very basics of their religion. Should we be more outraged at Muslim resistance or at the authoritarian nature of secularism in France?

Should we apologize for wearing the veil? For praying on time? For not giving dolls with human-facial-likeness to our children? For not allowing unrestricted gender mixing?

There is only one real scandal within this documentary: They paint liberal Islam and true Islam with the same brush. They portray actual deviant practices as if they are expressions of true Islam. 

This strategy blurs the lines between orthodoxy and heterodoxy, which can only further confuse Muslims and non-Muslims alike about Islam. 

They also seek to move the boundaries of what society considers acceptable Islam.

We are getting dangerously close to the day when the only way to practice Islam will be to secretly take our veil from under our pillow and silently catch up on the five prayers we couldn’t do at work.

It is time for French Muslims to consider doing Hijra, but that is a subject for another article.

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Bill Browder

I am neither French nor Muslim, but I couldn’t agree more.

The traitors, these enemies of the human race like Chalghoumi, they say that we should endorse the crimes of the zionist entity against Palestinians, who are for the most part Muslim. No Muslim would say this. No French patriot would say this. No human would say this. They try to trick vulnerable followers. Disgusting.
If it’s extreme to be morally righteous, that’s just too bad.


By copying similar tactics to the cоmmies in that far eastern superpower country which is openly allied to IEA, France have become nothing less than a secular version of the Taliban, i.e. The “Secularic Emirate of Faransistan” currently led by their Emir-L-Cafirine El-Manal Muqrin Al-Parisi, the Khaliepha of the Fransi Ummah.

Zaid Diaz

Hello again, nephew of Aleksandar Vučić!


Hello again, nephew of Aboo Becker L-Bugsdaddy!


Priority for Muslims in France to do hijra

1- try to settle in Muslim country
2- The impoverished Island of Mayotte (off east coast of Africa) which is leftover of colonialism and is now the only Muslim-majority and NonWhite-majority state of the French republic. That demographic by itself makes it much easier to be practicing Muslim there in Mayotte.
3- another nonmuslim land with less extreme secularism.
4- rural countryside of France itself where the grip of the state is weaker than cities.


When catholic monarchy banned Islam in Spain in their inquisition, some Oulemaa issued the “Oran fatwa” which permits Muslims remaining in Spain to secretly practice Islam while openly publicly pretending to be Christian, including worshipping in mass, eating pork and drinking alcohol and cursing Resoolullah PBUH (while loving him in the heart) just to avoid getting persecuted. Maybe it is time to revive that Oran Fatwa and apply it to secular fascist France? In addition to IEA-ally Сhіna?

Efim S.V.

Baz your in all the comments, a true “moderate” Muslim I see

Yummy potato’s

Are u an weird muslim brother or just some kaffir trolling? Ur comments be “off”.


As a french muslim woman I totaly agree with your analysis, infortunatly frech muslims always try to show that Islam is “tolerant” and “kind” and it has nothing to do with islamisme and this is a big mistake because the french gouvernement defines islamisme the way islam should be practiced nothing more, for them praying five time a day at the mosque it’s problematic, wearing jilbab it is problematic….etc in fact french gouvernement don’t accept the real islam