US Wants “Swift End” to the Freedom Envoy: Muslims Get Deja Vu

Does the West practice what it preaches on the so-called freedom they advocate ad nauseum?

Canada, since the COVID-19 pandemic, has been an international leader in employing crippling COVID-19 mandates and restrictions on its population.

In the face of further draconian restrictions, an envoy of truckers (called the “Freedom Convoy”) and other disillusioned Canadians have decided to fight back by blocking important economic routes between Canada and the US.

RT News:

Truckers protesting Covid-19 restrictions in Canada, which require them to be fully vaccinated or undergo quarantine every time they cross the US border, have blockaded the Ambassador Bridge which connects Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan – creating heavy economic losses and angering officials on both sides of the border.

Don’t these truckers have a right to be free of experimental vaccines and being forced to quarantine for trying to provide for their families?

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According to Canada and the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the answer is, no.

The White House has reportedly called on the Canadian government to employ “federal powers” to shut down trucker Covid-19 protests in Ottawa and elsewhere, offering the “full support” of the US Department of Homeland Security.

The American government has a tradition of meddling in other countries and exacerbating their problems. It’s one of the military-industrial complex’s favorite pastimes. What right does the United States have to shut down relatively peaceful protests by encouraging Canada to employ “federal powers”?

Using “federal powers” is just a nice way of saying “Use your overwhelming military to force these truckers to capitulate. We don’t care how you do it — preferably with violence — just get it done!”

In a statement to the CBC, the White House claimed US officials had been “engaged around the clock” to bring the protest “to a swift end.”

Why is the White House so worried about these truckers?

It might have something to do with similar protests being sparked in other parts of the world and threatening the global acquiescence to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Guardian:

Despite an order not to enter Paris, motorists protesting against Covid-19 restrictions are converging on the French capital from cities across France, inspired by the horn-blaring demonstrations taking place in Canada.

…The motorists’ protest follows waves of demonstrations over France’s vaccine pass rules – which require people to show proof of inoculation against Covid to enter bars, restaurants, cinemas and other public spaces.

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Is it any wonder that the United States is working “around the clock” to figure out how to stop these truckers from inspiring effective global pushback against the COVID-19 mania?

Maybe after these sets of protests, the French could focus on the inexplicable and rabid hatred their government has towards Muslims? That might be asking too much too soon. Baby steps, I suppose.

With much class, the Canadian government, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, attempts to pigeonhole these truckers as neo-Nazis to shape a pro-government narrative and to misrepresent the sensible demands of the protesters.

RT News:

…the so-called ‘Freedom Convoy’ blocked the Ambassador Bridge – the busiest route connecting Canada to the US…demonstrators have now vowed not to leave Ottawa until all Covid restrictions are lifted.

…“This is a story of a country that got through this pandemic by being united – and a few people shouting and waving swastikas does not define who Canadians are,” the prime minister told lawmakers during an emergency debate.

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Imagine your own president painting you as an egregious swastika-waving extremist when all you ask is to be able to live a normal life free of ridiculous curfews, mandatory quarantines, and suspect injections.

Dehumanizing the other side — like what’s being done to the Freedom Convoy — is a common tactic used by governments to minimize critical thinking and brainwash its population into accepting wholesale slaughter and atrocities.

David Livingstone Smith, professor of philosophy at the University of New England, describes this oft-used tactic that should give Muslims deja vu.


“When people dehumanize others, they actually conceive of them as subhuman creatures,” says Smith. Only then can the process “liberate aggression and exclude the target of aggression from the moral community.”

…And that dramatic dehumanization made it possible for great atrocities to take place.

Muslims, especially, should be able to identify these tactics with ease as the Ummah has been a victim of perpetual dehumanization by the West.

Whether it be the Islamophobic political climate after 9/11 or the never-ending military intervention in Muslim countries to destabilize them, dehumanization has been an important precursor to atrocities in the Muslim world.

Considering this, Muslims shouldn’t be led to believe Prime Minister Trudeau’s slanderous claims. The Freedom Convoy aren’t neo-Nazis that want to revive the Third Reich. They, like the rest of the world, have had enough of the globalist plot to subject humankind to a dystopia run by the the world’s elites.

And that, according to the United States, warrants their “swift end.”

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Covid restrictions are great for me tho😁😂. Evryone has to cover face and reduce free mixing.
Only issue is vaccine


All kinds of Talibanization (harsh cruel draconian restrictions brutally forced on populations against their will) are not good, including the Liberal covid/vaccine Taliban, France’s secular Taliban, and the Islamic-flavored Talibanization cloaked in the name of sheriea in parts of the Muslim world at various eras in the last 5 decades. Apart from maintaining basic law and order (such as preventing murder, robbing, raping, arson, riots etc.), let populations live under their preferred freedoms.


When I said let populations live according to their preferred levels of freedoms, yes I also include those hardline ultra-conservative puritanical Muslims who believe in “this is haram, that’s haram, almost everything is haram and so must be criminalized under true sharia”. They should be allowed to have their own autonomous enclave regions or bantustans where they have local freedom to enforce their own strict hard cruel version of sharia where they haramize and criminalize almost everything.


But at same time they must return favor by not trying to force hard sharia in other areas (such as big cities outside Afghan) where populations are less conservative and prefer either secular rule or less strict less harsh less restrictive version of islamic law that I call “soft sharia” where music/movies are legal, women are supported to do most things beyond domestic roles, and many smaller haram things are officially discouraged by the state without criminalizing like how smoking is treated

Mohammad Talha Ansari

The villainization and demonization of Muslim and Islamic words is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to associate Islam and Muslims with the negative, the evil, the bad, the restrictive, the un-freedom. Think Pavlov’s dogs.
Stop associating Muslim words and Islamic words with the negative ideas. This includes Aurangzeb, Tana Shah, Taliban, Sharia and the biggest of all: JIHAD.
JIHAD was hijacked by Western agent provocateurs expressly to demonize Muslims and Islam.


Nothing wrong with the general ideas that are mentioned in Quran/hadeeth such as Sheriiea, G-had, etc. Since they are in our scriptures so are part of our Deen therefore we can’t deny it. However, the likes of Ta1i-BANG, IS/Da3esh, Timur, Ottomans, Umayyads, and Aurangzeb are all humans/people who came after Resoolullah PBUH and Sohaba/Seleph, so they are not perfect or free from mistakes. So don’t pretend that those people are 100% perfect error-free followers of the true Islam/sheriiea/G-had.