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There is an interesting (old) article on Zaytuna by the NYT. Gives a lot of insight about the mindset. The article is called ‘A Muslim College Mixes Subjects to Achieve an American Feel’.
At times it is outright disturbing. Like this passage:

““I believe the liberal arts are key to understanding Islam,” Mr. Abouabdalla said, as he began to sip his tea. Reading scripture alone, he suggested, could lead to closed-mindedness, fear, violence.”


Also this passage:

 “The majority of the money is from the U.S. And a lot of donors are secular. For them it’s important that Islam be seen as an academic endeavor, not just this mullah mind-set.”


Or this:

“After 9/11, Ms. Lateef felt less religious than ever. “I was like, ‘Why would God do this, put me in such a position? Is it because I’m American?’” Now, she said, she believes that the two identities are definitely compatible.

“The beautiful part of Zaytuna College is that Muslim is not Middle Eastern,” she said. “Being Muslim is whatever you want it to be.””


Islam is neither East nor West but being Muslim doesn’t mean you can be a lapdog for Jewish supremacists or an LGBQT supporter.


Islam is both secular and temporal yet political and very spiritual at the same time so the donors are partly right.


The issue with these politically engaged figures is that they intentionally use ambiguous language so people can’t pin them down on controversial stuff – they always have a way out. They also, by doing this, attempt to satisfy all parties – both religious and secular.

The problem with being unclear and unprecise is that it confuses the general public…and steers them in the wrong direction.

Even atheist liberals are realzing LGBT is bad

Considering how nuts and evil the LGBT has become, with this evil sex cult now grooming kids to be gay in school and children’s media, why can’t these people see how evil it is? Even atheist kuffar are realizing that this LGBT movement is bad and going too far, how can muslims not see it?